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Marriage Calculator focuses on providing a broad, predictive compatibility forecast of your marital life, about your spouse, the bond you'll share, highs and lows and much more based on planetary positions. You'll get to know the reasons for all this along with what factors will prove to be fatal in marital life as per Vedic astrology. As per Vedic astrology, there is one Yoga, which is known as Sreenath Yoga, which gives rise of fortune after the Marriage. Sreenath Yoga is formed when the 7th Lord is exalted in the 10th and the 9th House. This yoga demands union of two people-like Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi, which triggers a successful raja yoga post marriage. Vedic astrology and marriage horoscope is indeed a complicated mesh of different charts. The system is dictated by the movements of the planets. It certainly provides some assurance about the future in this unpredictable world of ours. For free marriage prediction of how a person is or how their life might turn out, the main birth chart is used. Vedic astrology compatibility reading, vedic astrology marriage reading, vedic astrology sample reading, spouse and marriage, gun milan, compatibility. Vedic Astrology is such a deep subject and science that you can literally predict anything and use your own logic, experiment, dig from the ancient texts, and predict the future. One of the amazing things that Vedic Astrology can predict is your spouse and what name your spouse will have.

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Vedic astrology and marriage horoscope is indeed a complicated mesh of different charts. The system is dictated by the movements of the planets. It certainly provides some assurance about the future in this unpredictable world of ours.

For free marriage prediction of how a person is or how their life might turn out, the main birth chart is used. This includes major insights into aspects like money, marriage, and career of an individual. However, there are more detailed points about predictions which are covered by the main divisional charts that govern your marriage horoscope.

Specifically, for issues related to marriage, questions of “when I will get married” and predictions on “how my better half would be”, we usually look at the Navamsa chart. Similarly, if you want to find out how you well you would do in the professional world, you should have your Dasamsa closely examined.

How does it work?

The first key to understanding predictions from Dharmamsa is to know that the 7th house and the Lord matter here – in both the Rashi and Navamsa. What we want will be in the Rashi but what we actually end up with will be on Navamsa. The seventh house is actually the one stop predictor of all things physical and carnal, which is not just restricted to marriage.

For example, Arudha Pada will tell us about all short-term physical relations one may have had, while Darapada will shed light on the kind of people one associate with usually. These houses are important to examine when trying to predict what anyone’s spouse will be like.

We have made a list of some things that are easy to predict about spousal nature from Navamsa. This list will answer your basic questions like“when I will get married”. Read on and let us know in comments if you have any questions:

How To Predict Spouse In Astrology

Musical Taste and Family Background

Say the Sun is in the 7th house, it would mean that your future better half likes music and maybe plays some kind of instrument. They may also think too much of their own selves. A strong and traditional family is also often the case.

Physical Appearance

If the Moon is strong in the 7th house, you are likely to be blessed with a good looking spouse who may also be very sensual.

Volatile Nature and Bodily Strength/Built

If the god Mars is in the 7th house, spouses are likely to be quick to lose temper and aggressive. There are also predictions of the spouse being physically strong but of a slim build.

Light Heartedness and Intellect

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When Mercury is in the 7th house, it is predicted that the spouse will be light-hearted and quick to laugh. Your soon-to-be partner will also love to read but may not fulfill your physical needs.

Beauty and Brains

Jupiter in the 7th house is always good news. It means that your partner is likely to be highly educated and good-looking, and deeply religious or at least spiritual.

Highly Tasteful

If your spouse has Venus in the 7th house, it means that they will be extremely beautiful and also a connoisseur of all things fine – food, luxury, music, art.

Mature and Loyal

In the case of Saturn, it usually shows that your potential partner will not be very interested in pleasing you but will be dutiful and diligent. It can also mean that there can be a big age gap between the husband and wife.

Past Affairs

If Saturn happens to be in the 7th house in conjunction with Darapada, it is likely that the individual in question was once in a relationship with someone much above their age. That would mean that they expect that their potential partner is resourceful yet mature.

Dream Partner

If the Moon is in the 7th house and associated with the Darapada, it denotes that individual wants someone of a more sensitive and emotional nature.

Future Spouse

Even if there is a kind of person someone wants, what they will really get is determined by the 7th house in Dharmamsa and the Navamsa sign of the 7th God.

Free Vedic Astrology Report

Thus, the Navamsa Chart can tell you a lot about a person and their spouses. You can use this to predict what a to-be partner wants from their life and relations. We hope it helps you in getting a better idea of the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.