Gem Stones are precious and semi-precious stones for each planet (graha). Each planet vibrates and transfers its energy to its gem. Gems are prescibed to a person, as per their horoscope, for betterment.

The Navaratnas/Navratnas are the sacred nine gemstones as per Vedic texts and Indian Astrology that have a profound impact on human life. These Navratnas are linked to the nine planets also referred to as the Navagrahas and are recommended after the detailed study of the Kundali/ Indian Horoscope.

The Gemstone remedies offered through astrology can channelize the zodiac energy. Incapability in handling zodiac energy is the major cause of illness or unfavorable aspects of life. We are here to suggest and provide the best solutions for problems through wearing natural gem and crystals. Zodiac stones are the gemstones used in astrology, which are worn on the body either in the form of a ring or as a pendant on the neck. These gemstones are being used in Vedic astrology from the time immemorial, as a tool for remedial measures to solve the problems related to physical, mental and mundane aspects of a person’s life. Gomeda (Rahu’s gemstone) should be worn on a Wednesday, Cat’s eye (Ketu’s stone) should be worn on Thursdays. The mantra of the planetary deity should be chanted 108 times and the ring should then be worn. Astrological Gemstones. By Dennis Flaherty. The lore of gemstones and their energetic and healing powers come to us from many, varied sources. One of the oldest, if not in fact the oldest codified branch of gemstone knowledge comes to us from Vedic Astrology, the astrology of ancient India, reputed to be over 5,000 years old. Venus is the planet of love according to Vedic Astrology. It also overlords creativity, fine arts, beauty, gemstones, jewelry, luxury, romance, marriage, the reproductive system, opulence, and refinement of the senses. Corresponding Astrological Gemstone: Diamond.

Vedic Astrology Stones

Recommendation of correct gemstones by Vedic Astrology is an ancient art practiced and revered since eons and bring about magical changes in individual lives.

The Navaratnas/Navratnas/Nine Gems as per Vedic Texts and Hindu Astrology

Vedic Astrology Stones

List of the Navaratnas as per Hindu Astrology/ Navratnas as per Vedic Astrology

  1. Ruby
  2. Natural Pearl
  3. Red Coral
  4. Emerald
  5. Yellow Sapphire
  6. Diamond
  7. Blue Sapphire
  8. Hessonite
  9. Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

Navaratnas/Navratna/Nine Gems- a Basic Introduction and their planetary powers.

Ancient Vedic scriptures and teachings have mentioned RATNAS or gems as one of the 6 pathways to alter the negative karmic life map and remove obstacles and emerge in life with the feeling of happiness and fulfilment.

The Vedic gems are also believed to of a therapeutic value. The Garuda Purana and Agni Purana have discussed the Science of Gemology and characteristics of Gemstones that bring about auspicious changes in life.

The Brihat Samhita has also discussed the healing properties of the various gems. And in many ancient cultures too gemstones have always been believed to have metaphysical powers.

Every sign of the zodiac is ruled by a planet and every planet has an associated gemstone, which in turn has the powers to harness the power of the cosmic rays associated with that particular planet and elevate a individual’s emotional, mental and materials status. Even the days of the week are associated with planets.

The gems are also allocated with metals to be set in to give the best results of the planets. Even the fingers in which to wear a gem have been stated!

The Navaratnas – A Pictorial representation:


Sun is said to be the king of planets and the soul of the Zodiac, and rules the sign of Leo. The gem of Sun is Natural Ruby and the metal is Gold. The day associated with Sun is Sunday. The ruby is also called as Padamarag and Manikya.


Moon is the planet that rules the mind and the psyche. The Moon also rules emotions. Moon rules the sign of Cancer. The gem of Moon is a Natural Pearl and the metal is Silver. The day associated with the Moon is Monday. It is also called as Muktha.


Mars considered as the strength of the Zodiac and rules the courage and initiative in an individual. Mars rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio in the horoscope. The gem of Mars is a Red Coral and the metal is Silver or Gold and the day is Tuesday. It is also called a Praval or Moonga.


Mercury is the intellect, communication and humour of the Zodiac and rules the speech in an individual. Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo in the horoscope. The gem is Natural Emerald and the metal is Silver or Gold and the day is Wednesday. It is also called as Markat and Panna.


Jupiter is concerned with all knowledge. Jupiter rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces of the zodiac. The gem is Natural Yellow Sapphire and the metal is Gold. The day of Jupiter is Thursday. It is also known as Pushyarag and Pukhraj.


Venus is the planet of beauty and luxury. Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra of the Zodiac. The gem of Venus is the Natural Diamond and the metal is Gold. The day of Venus is Friday. It is also known as Vajra and Heera.

Vedic astrology stones


Saturn is known as the Karmic planet. The signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by this Karmic planet. The gem of Saturn is the Natural Blue Sapphire and the metal is Silver and sometimes gold. The day of Saturn is Saturday. It is also called as Neelam.

Rahu and Ketu are not actual planets but the nodes of the Moon. Rahu is the North node and Ketu is the South node. Hence they are not allotted any signs of the Zodiac. But Vedic scriptures have stated that “SHANI VAT RAHU, KUJ VAT KETU”, meaning that Ketu is like Mars and Rahu is like Saturn.


Rahu is considered a Karmic planet, is the north node and is represented by the upper half of the Snake. The gem of Rahu is Natural Hessonite and the metal is Silver. The day of Rahu is Saturday. It is also called as Gomedh.

Vedic astrology chart


Ketu is also considered to have Karmic influences and is the South node and is represented by the lower half of the snake. The gem of Ketu is Natural Cat’s Eye and the metal is Silver. The day of Ketu is Tuesday. It is also called as Vaidurya/Lehsunia.

The Navagraha Mandala and the sacred arrangement of the Nine Gems/ Navratnas

In today’s commerce driven world there is a blatant abuse of this powerful science. Jewelers are randomly selling Navaratna Ring, Navaratna Bracelets, Navaratna Bangles without following the proper system of arrangement of the sacred Gems and using generally flawed discarded waste from precious gemstones which are treated and enhanced.

The Navaratnas as a single talisman (all nine gems as per sacred arrangement) in a pendant, bangle, bracelet, ring is one of the most potent, powerful talisman capable of bringing many positive changes.

Arrangement of the Nine Planets/ Navagrahas as per the Navagraha Mandala!

The Navaratna Arrangement

Picture Credit: The Planetary Gemologists Association-Thailand

For the Navaratnas to be effective each Gem must be natural, free from treatment, and Jyotish Quality. To know more about Jyotish Quality Gems please click here.

Introduction to the Navaratnas, their metals and Planets in a Tabular form

PlanetSignsDay of the WeekMetalPrimary GemSeconday GemFinger
SunLeoSundayGoldRubyRed GarnetRing
MoonCancerMondaySilverNatural PearlMoonstoneRing/little
MarsAries and ScorpioTuesdayGold/SilverRed coralRing
MercuryGemini and VirgoWednesdayGold/SilverNatural EmeraldPeridotLittle
JupiterSagittarius and PiscesThursdayGoldNatural Yellow SapphireHeliodor, Golden TopazIndex
VenusTaurus and LibraFridayGoldNatural DiamondWhite Sapphire, White TopazRing
SaturnAquarius and CapricornSaturdaySilver/GoldNatural Blue SapphireIolite, AmethystMiddle
KetuTuesdaySilverCat’s eyeMiddle

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology or Jyotish is the 'Science of Light', an ancient astrological discipline that originated 3,000 years ago during the Vedic civilization. The 'Rishis',the 'seers' or high priests of the Vedas, cognized through transcendental visions, the connection between the celestial bodiesof our solar system and the human body.
The motion of the planets and their positions inrelation to each other, acts upon us throughout our lifetime, just as the lunar phases pushand pull the oceans and the seas.
According to the Vedic science of astrology, the planets and all the stars in ouruniverse represent certain energies, and, in fact,do emit magnetic and electric fields.Vedic astrology held that each planet gives out its own, cosmic color,generating a particular energy and influence that propagates throughout thecosmos. The transmission of these colored rays through space, accompanied by theenergy-giving properties of heat, magnetism and electricity, have an influenceon the life of every living creature.

'Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande'

'We, as microcosm, are just areflection of the outer macrocosm.'

Zodiac most compatible signs. Sep 16, 2020 According to Semos, astrological compatibility isn't strictly a yes or no type of thing. 'Certain combinations of zodiac signs tend to get along more easily than others naturally, but there are. Bringing you original daily horoscopes and in-depth astrology information since 1996. The internet's favorite astrology website. By Astrologer Michael Thiessen. Sun Sign Compatibility. There’s a lot more to your relationship than just Sun Signs. However, the following compatibility readings are useful nevertheless as a starting point for exploring astrological compatibility. Sep 04, 2019 Laid back and chilled out, Taurus is most compatible with four signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. Especially well-suited to Cancer, the Earth and Water combination make for a harmonious.

Vedic Astrology Stones Signs

The location of the various planetsduring a person's birth, can be mapped scientifically through an astrological horoscope. According to it, certain planets will be well positioned, some will be unfavorableand some willgive mixed results. Every person's life is therefore, the result of this cosmic design, this planetary arrangement seen in the sky at the time of our birth, which originatesand result by activities and actionsduring our previous lives.
Vedic astrology opines that karma is not eternal and can be changed. There are several ways tobalance or enhance our planetary karma.
Itsmethods include meditation (the greatest balancing method), physical postures (yoga), medicine (Ayurveda), wearing of gemstones, color therapy, prayers, rituals, herbs,food, architecture (Sthapatya Veda).

Vedic astrology deals withseven visible planets and two invisible ones: the SUN, MOON, MARS, MERCURY, JUPITER, VENUS, and SATURN, along with the two lunar nodes, RAHU (ascending lunar node) and KETU (descending lunar node). These nodes are the two intersectingpoints of the solar and lunar planes as seen from the earth.
Nine astrological gemstones are associated with theseplanets.
Associated with the Sun is theRUBY,with the Moon is thePEARL,with Mars is the REDCORAL, with Mercury theEMERALD,with Jupiter is the YELLOWSAPPHIRE, withVenus is theDIAMOND,with Saturn theBLUESAPPHIRE, withRahu the HESSONITE GARNET,and with Ketu is the CAT'SEYE CHRYSOBERYL. Associated with the nine planets are also the days of theweek, different parts of the human body and different metals.

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Someone might thinkthat this correlation between the planets and its correspondent gems has no scientificvalidation and it is perhaps the result of blind superstition and religious belief. However, there is a scientific truth behind Planetary Gemology.
The specificstudies on this matter has shown that the cosmic color spectrums emanated by the differentplanets, are similar to the color spectrums of the correspondent gems.
The cosmic energy ofthe planet is reflected on the human body through the gem and creates an effect byabsorption and reflection of the rays and vibrations. The gem acts as a filter andproduces good or evil effect, depending on the need of the body.
Like the crystals used in radio technology are the fundamental constituents oftransmitting, receiving and transforming invisible energy into sound, thus thecrystalline structure of gemstones attract and condense the cosmic, planetaryenergies that rain from sky to earth and transform them for use by the humanphysiology.
By keeping the proper gemstones in touch with the body, profound and significant changes can take place overtime.
To conclude, now more than any other period inhistory, where the knowledge and technology of natural gemstones has reached a peak, adivine, cognitive science is again made available to anyone to fulfill mankind’s dream oflifefree from problems and negativity.
Natural, very effective and magnificent gemstones thatdemand no will power or effort whatsoever, are available now to transform our livesradically.

Vedic Astrology Stones

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