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In Vedic Astrology Rose Quartz is a stone associated with the Sun, and the Sun is the planet that stands for the ego in a higher conscious sense, the inner SELF, Atman. Wearing gemstones that relate to the planet Sun will therefore help you strengthen your sense of self, reconnecting with your inner being, bring about self-love and enhance self-esteem. Crystal Healing with Ayurvedic Gems. Vedic astrology (Jyotish), however, has the unique claim to have been established by illumined sages of self-realization whose intuitive rationale appears to be the oldest record of this cosmic science.

Gemstones and vedic astrology

Since ancient times, the Vedic culture has linked certain precious stones with the energy that certain planets transmit to us. Therefore, according to Vedic astrology, using a certain type of stone can help to reinforce the energy of a planet. In that way, one can take better advantage of what that planet has to offer us, which will be related to our particular astrological chart.

In fact, the use of stones, is one of the “remedies” most recommended in astrology (to learn about other “astrological remedies”, you can read this post). In India, where astrology is a part of daily life, it is common to see many people on the street using one of the 9 stones recommended in astrology. It is a tradition that is also alive in places like Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Nepal.


The purest the stone, the more energy it will transmit to the body. To be able to get the energy of the stone, it is important that the stone is in direct contact with the skin, and also that it is used on the appropriate finger. Yourtango astrology. To choose the most suitable stone for you and use it with all the appropriate recommendations, it is necessary that you ask for advice from an astrologist.

Vedic Astrology Stones Images

Not all stones are for everyone

Since each planet is associated with a particular gemstone, not all gemstones or semiprecious stones bring positive energy to everyone. If according to your astrological chart a certain planet is positive for you, using the stone related to it can reinforce that positive energy. For example, you can use stones that help improve your health or concentrate your mind.

But if, on the contrary, in your chart a planet is associated with problems in different areas of your life, using that stone can increase those problems. You may unintendedly, for example, increase the obstacles in your life. For example, I once heard of a person who was going to travel and took with him many rings with different precious stones that he was planning to sell. To avoid paying taxes at the airport, he wore several rings on each finger so that he wouldn’t have to declare that he had a lot of value in his luggage. During the two days that he was traveling (he had a few layovers), he had problems at the airport, he lost flights and the two computers he had with him broke.

The precious stones that belong to each planet

  • Sun: Ruby
  • Luna: Pearl
  • Mercury: Esmeralda
  • Venus: Diamond
  • Mars: Coral
  • Jupiter: Yellow sapphire
  • Saturn: Blue sapphire
  • Rahu: Hesonite
  • Ketu: Cat’s Eye

Vedic Astrology Stones And Stones

The next time you buy some pendant, necklace, rings or earrings make sure they are the right stone for you. If you do not know what it is, you can order your vedic astrology reading, which includes this type of specific recommendations.

Vedic Astrology Signs

The following rituals should be followed while wearing gemstones as per Astrology:

Vedic Astrology Stones Sign

  • The ring with the gemstone on it should be kept immersed in fresh milk (milk that was not used before and is not boiled) overnight. Avoid pasteurized milk that we get in the packets for daily consumption instead, try to get cow’s milk from a milkman.
  • The ring should be worn in the first hour after the sunrise.
  • It should be worn on the day of the week belonging to the planet, e.g. Ruby should be worn on Sunday, Neelam on Saturday and so on.
  • Gomeda (Rahu’s gemstone) should be worn on a Wednesday, Cat’s eye (Ketu’s stone) should be worn on Thursdays.
  • The mantra of the planetary deity should be chanted 108 times and the ring should then be worn.