This retreat material will be put up in the learning center as soon possible after each class. Copy of your Personal Vedic Astrology Chart. Vedic astrology is a huge field. There are many different types of charts that are used in the determination of probable life events. I began studying Vedic Astrology around 2000, coinciding with my introduction to Kriya Yoga Meditation. Since then, I have had the oppportunity to write The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology series, work with thousands of clients, and train many astrological professionals. It is a great joy to be able to offer these teachings to you, the.

Covid, Karma, and the Road Ahead: An Astrological Perspective


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Since ancient times, many great yogis and saints have made the vast & beautiful Himalayan Mountains their home. Away from the complexities and overwork of modern civilization, these Great Ones have devoted their lives exclusively to the search for the Eternal Verity that forms the foundation of the universe at all levels. And so these mountains remind me that in my own search for Divine Realization, others have gone before me. And having succeeded in their Quest, they have left universal teachings for all of us not only in the message of their own lives but in the form of the texts and teachings that they have transmitted to disciples. It is these teachings (an example is the Bhagavad Gita) that come from those who have actually gone to the Summit of human aspirations that inspire me so much. These teachings are at the same time both sublime and practical. And it is my sincere hope to share information, inspiration, and practical application in two main areas: the study of Sanskrit (“language of the Gods” & the Science of Vibration) and Jyotisha (also known loosely as Vedic Astrology) which is the path of Light.

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Already know your Vietnamese Zodiac sign? Select from one of the signs below: Year of the rat. Year of the buffalo. Year of the tiger. Year of the cat. Year of the dragon. Year of the snake. Year of the horse. Year of the goat. Year of the monkey. Year of the rooster. This is one of the most different features between China and Vietnam zodiac culture. For Chinese, ox is considered extremely important in their agriculture life. Moreover, Chinese climate is more suitable for ox to fully function their ability. For Vietnamese, a buffalo is the greatest asset of a commoner, and even for a village mayor, his. Related superstitions in Vietnamese Zodiac Age compatibility. Compatible animals, or compatible ages, are a big part in Vietnamese Zodiac theories. Age compatibility is used in explaining the dynamics of relationships and to consider whether it is worth investing in. Vietnamese horoscope compatibility.



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Vedic Astrology Study Material