Because of the difference in the zodiacs between the Western and Vedic system your Sun sign will more than likely change. Vedic atrology uses the sidereal zodiac based on the constellations. Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac based on the seasons of the year.

To see the true sidereal astrology dates of your Sun Sign see the list below. Keep in mind these dates are based on the midpoints between constellations, so if your birth date is withing three days of another sign consider yourself a blend of both signs. Aries (Apr 21 - May 12) Taurus: (May 13. The ascendant sign is the most important sign in your Vedic chart. In Western astrology, the sun sign is most important with the rising sign augmenting it as the individual personality or the face others see. Why are Indian zodiac signs different? Because Indians deduct 23 degrees from the visible position of a constellation,it translates into. Mar 01, 2020 The following chart shows the approximate dates for the Vedic Sun signs as of 2020-2021. To know for sure your Vedic Sun sign, especially if your birthday falls at the border of a sign, it would be preferable to have your natal chart drawn up based on your exact date, time and place of birth. 2020 Pisces: March 12th - April 12th. Moon Sign Mesham Rishabha Mithuna Karkata Simha Kanni Thulam Vrishikam Dhanus Maharam Kumbham Meenam Sun Sign Aries 21 Mar – 20 Apr Taurus 21 Apr – 21 May Gemini 22 May – 21 Jun Cancer 22 Jun – 22 Jul Leo 23 Jul – 23 Aug Virgo 24 Aug – 22 Sep Libra 23 Sep. Vedic Sun Signs. The Sun represents the soul and the soul takes birth in a human form usually for a purpose ascertained by the law of karma. The apparent motion of the Sun creates the zodiac and the 12 signs. Each sign has an Aditya governing it and there are totally 12 in number. They are the sons of Sage Kashyapa and the divine mother Aditi.

SignVedic astrology sun sign dates 2019

The twelve signs of the zodiac are ruled by the four elements. In a repeating sequence though the zodiac they are: fire, earth, air and water.

Put briefly, Fire initiates, earth consolidates, air communicates and water feels.

Each element is important, and balance comes when all are working in harmony.

Vedic astrology sun sign dates 2019

In a birth chart all the planets and the rising sign and midheaven are assessed by their element. What astrological sign is most compatible with libra. There is often a focus on two elements.

Vedic Astrology Sun Sign Dates

We can find balance by being in relationships with a person with the elements we lack, or by working with the qualities ouselves.

If we are low in one element we can over-compensate. For example:-

  • Low in fire can be over dramatic; life always seems like a rollercoaster.
  • Low in earth there is a real need for physical security. The person has to own possessions and places high value on them.
  • Low in air there is a tendency to talk too much, everything is over analysed and there is a constant mental chatter going on.
  • Low in water tends to be over emotional, rather than processing their feelings they are overwhelmed by them.

Vedic Astrology Star Sign Dates

In Vedic System the signs are also classified by element as the doshas of Dharma, (fire, purpose) Artha (earth, material, money) Kama (air, desire, relationships) and Moksha (water, enlightenment).