Vedic Astrology SyllabusMa vedic astrology syllabus
Certification for completion of the course is given after testing to see that the student has understood the information presented. Testing is conducted through prashna. When a student has completed studies to their satisfaction and prayed and meditated on the course material, they may email [email protected] requesting to be tested for certification. The prashna chart created from the moment that email arrives will be interpreted to ascertain whether the student is qualified for certification. If the student is not yet ready, specific instructions will be given to that student so that they may further prepare themselves for re-testing in the same manner. In the case that the prashna chart is blocked, the student will be recommended remedies to carry out on their own before retesting in the same manner. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate of completion of the Ayurvedic Astrology course from the Soma Matha. For assistance preparing for testing, see the section on advanced study opportunities below.
Students may also opt to audit the course, in which case testing is not required, but certificate of completion will not be given.
Advanced study opportunities are available for students who have successfully completed this course for Jyotisha internship with Swamiji. This is especially useful for students who desire more one on one guidance and assistance learning to put the concepts of the course into action in their own practice. For uniquely qualified individuals, opportunities are also available to study to conduct puja remedies. In addition to the free email support provided with the course, it is also possible for an additional fee to arrange one-on-one time talking to Swamiji about the course material in order to deepen one's understanding.
Payment for the course is due upon enrollment, though it may be possible under certain circumstances to arrange a payment plan. If any student cannot afford the fees for this class, please contact us. Though we do need to cover the expenses of running our center through this and other teachings and activities, our intention is not to make this spiritual knowledge unavailable to sincere and qualified students. It may be possible to qualify for our work exchange program or even limited scholarship opportunities. If inquiring about financial aid, please email [email protected] and give us a little background info including why you want to take the course, your profession, the reasons you have trouble to afford the fees, and what you plan to do with the knowledge from the course.

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Vedic Astrology Basics. The basics that are necessary to learn DNA astrology will be focused in the Vedic astrology basic course. The main objective of Vedic astrology basic course is to make you prepare for DNA astrology course. Course Syllabus. DIPLOMA IN ASTROLOGY (DIA): SYLLABUS MODULE 1. This module will introduce students to the very basics of Astrology. Starting from Mangalacharan (Prayer), it will cover scientific applications, Indian overview, Five pillars of Astrology, Malefic Constellations, etc.



Auspicious BeginningYoutube astrology videos.

1. The Creation

3. Planetary Characters & Description

4. Zodiacal Signs
5. Planetary Positions in Signs

9. Aspects of the signs
28. Planetary Aspects

26. Effects of Non-Luminous Bodies

13. Judgments of houses
14. Effects of the 1st house
15. Effects of the 2nd house
16. Effects of the 3rd house
17. Effects of the 4th house
18. Effects of the 5th house
19. Effects of the 6th house
20. Effects of the 7th house
21. Effects of the 8th house
22. Effects of the 9th house
23. Effects of the 10th house
24. Effects of the 11th house
25. Effects of the 12th house
27. Effects of the bhāva lords

6. Special Ascendants

10. Birth Circumstances

11. Evils at birth
12. Antidotes for evils

2. Incarnations of Viṣṇu

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