Venus retrograde vedic astrology. An important aspect to be taken into consideration regarding “Sun sign” (The Western Astrology) and ‘Moon Sign (Vedic Astrology), the latter is important and more accurate than Sun Sign, because Moon represents the mind and the emotions, whereas the Sun represents soul, which cannot be touched or predicted. Taurus Horoscope 2021 The year 2021 begins with plenty of luck and success across all areas of your life. But Mercury in Capricorn loves to play havoc with your ability to get going, and you may be off to a bit of a lazy start and find yourself struggling to concentrate. Committing to regular meditation will certainly help you along. Astrology+ Premium Birth Chart Love Compatibility Monthly Premium Horoscope 2021 Horoscope 2021 Love Tarot 2021 Tarot Reading 2021 Vedic Horoscope 2021 Chinese Horoscope Yes/No Tarot Love Score Natal Moon Report 2021 Numerology Forecast Career Report Chakra Tarot Karma Love Report Karma Report 12-Month Transits Love Tarot and more.

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The year 2020 Aries Horoscope predicts that this year will be full of struggle and hard work for you and your relationship with your friends and family will improve during this year. You may start a new work in January or February but it will not.. More

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Planet Movements Summary 2021
From this summary you can see that in the predictive year ahead:
Rahu (the North Node) is transiting through Vedic Taurus from 23.9.2020, until he enters Vedic Aries on 12th April 2022.
Ketu (the South Node) is transiting through Vedic Scorpio from 23rd September 2020, until he enters Vedic Libra 12th April 2022.
Saturn transits Vedic Capricorn from 24.1.2020, until he enters Aquarius on 17.1.2023.
Jupiterentered Vedic Capricorn on 30th March 2020.
But Jupiter actually dropped back into Vedic Sagittarius from 29th June 2020 to 20th November 2020, when he re-entered Capricorn.
Jupiter transits Capricorn until he enters Aquarius on 6th April 2021.
Jupiter transits in Aquarius 6.4.21 to 14.9.21, when due to his Retrograde, he re-enters Capricorn.
Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn 18.10.2021
Jupiter re-enters Aquarius 20.11.21
Jupiter enters Pisces 13.4.2022.
See: Jupiter Transit troubles from 2019 to 2021 but Spiritual Opportunities
Mars is transiting through the following Signs:
Through Pisces until 16.8.2020.
Mars enters Vedic Aries on 16.8.2020.
Mars turns Retrograde at 4 Aries on 10.9.2020, re-entering Pisces on 4.10.2020.
Mars transits in Pisces from 4.10.2020 to 24.12.2020, when he re-enters Vedic Aries.
Mars transits Vedic Aries again from 24.12.2020 until 22.2.2021.
Mars transits Vedic Taurus from 22.2.2021 until he enters Gemini on 14.4.2021, entering Cancer on 3.6.2021.
Uranus starts 2020 at 8 Aries, and starts 2021 at 12 Aries (Ashwini).
Uranus entered Aries 1.4.2017.
Uranus enters Taurus on 1.6.2024.
Uranus last transited Aries from 6.4.1933 to 31.5.1940: The period of Hitler's rise to power and his starting World War 2.
Neptune starts 2020 at 22 Aquarius (PurvaBhadra) and starts 2021 at 24 Aquarius (PurvaBhadra).
Neptune enters Pisces on 18.4.2022.
Pluto starts 2020 at 28 Sagittarius (UttaraAshadha) and starts 2021 at 0 deg 04 mins Capricorn (UttaraAshadha).
Pluto in the heavens is closing on the position that Pluto occupied on the day the USA was formed, 6 deg Capricorn. The first exact hit is April 2023.
Chiron starts 2020 at 8 Vedic Pisces and starts 2021 at 11 Pisces. Chiron starts 2022 at 14 deg Pisces.
New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipses and Western Tropical Zodiac Sign/Degree Summary for 2021:
Eclipses Summary for 2021:
13.1.21 New Moon Eclipse
26.5.21 Full Moon Eclipse
10.6.21 New Moon Eclipse
19.11.21 Full Moon Eclipse
4.12.21 New Moon Eclipse
In 2021 Mercury’s Retrograde cycles are as follows:
January 31st to February 21st (Shadow period from January 15th to March 13th).
May 29th to June 22nd (Shadow period from May 14th to July 7th).
September 27th to October 23rd (Shadow period from September 6th to November 2nd).
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