Astrological Gemstone Reading Using and wearing Gemstones to help balance and align the planets indications in astrology charts is an ancient practice preserved within the Vedic astrological techniques and practice. Wearing specific stones is considered a type of remedy for placements of planets which indicate the challenges in life. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Vedic Astrology Wheel


Please feel free to use any of the wheels you see here.

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Also please note that there are some Vedic charts here as well. However I am not a Vedic Astrologer, these ideas were given to me by 2 different people and 2 different styles for charts.

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What astrological sign is january 5th. Thumbnails, click to enlarge

Blank chart

Free Vedic Astrology Report

Blank Chart Color wheel

Blank Purple Chart

Mint Green Blank Chart

Blank chart with Aspects

Blank Aspects wheel

Blank with Data and Worksheet 2 sided front and back

Blank with data and Worksheet 2 sided front and back

Local Space Chart

Vedic Chart (permission granted to print and use)

Vedic Chart (permission granted to print and use)

feng shui wheel

Blank Chart

360 Degree Wheel

Blank Neptune (permission granted to print for personal use)

Blank Galaxy (permission granted to print for personal use)

Oceans Floor (permission granted to print for personal use)

Blank Galaxy Winter (permission granted to print for personal use)


Blank Red Galaxy (permission granted to print for personal use)

SUCCESS CYCLE WHEEL , Personal yearly Successful times

Print Wheel one and two and overlay them for the 52 day success cycle wheel.

Astrologer Carol Willis has a book out on this. Here is a link to an article she wrote, based on information I made this Success Cycle chart for easier tracking of successful times .

This is used mainly for Solar Returns and locating best times.

This is the bottom wheel

This is the top wheel

The first cycle of your year (ruled by the Sun) is good for pushing forward with new plans, vitality, image, confidence, and new beginnings.

The 2nd cycle (ruled by the Moon) finds you pensive and intuitive, moody, strongly affected by family dynamics, and seeking your own brand of emotional security.

The 3rd cycle (ruled by Mars) is good for physical action and constructive projects, promotions.

In the 4th cycle (ruled by Mercury), you are intuitive and receive spiritual inspiration, are very open and sensitive now, so protect the nervous system and stay away from chaotic influences.

In the 5th cycle (ruled by Jupiter), you are lucky and may take honors; this is an excellent time to promote yourself. It can be a prosperity cycle.

The 6th cycle (ruled by Venus) is ideal for vacations and socializing, appreciating the beauty of life.

The 7th cycle (ruled by Saturn) is for rest and regeneration, releasing the old and making plans for your new year, reflection, solitude, simplifying, and a wealth of inspiration.

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