Without training, no. Vedic astrology is a yoga science that takes years to master. Traditional Vedic astrologers in India study, then apprentice, under a guru for years and perform many specific spiritual practices to purify their intuitive skills. Asceticism/Sanyas/Sanyasi yoga in a Vedic Astrology. By tamiljothidamtips On Apr 13, 2015. Asceticism or Sanyas yoga in a horoscope. A sanyasi is a person who dedicates his entire life towards spiritual pursuits; he develops a state of dispassion and detachment from material life. He renounces all worldly thoughts and desires,. EYE ON SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY: THE VIMSHAMSHA (D-20) AND THE BLOCKS TO SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE Still enjoying my spiritual retreat and enjoying deep knowledge of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and still thinking about how this shows up astrologically in people’s charts. There is a special divisional chart, D-20 which is called worship but is often about spiritual practice PATANJALI’S YOGA SUTRAS.

Yoga means “link,” or “connection.” In the spiritual sense yoga refers to the revival of the individual soul’s relationship with the Supreme Lord Krishna. In the horoscope or astrological sense, it refers to a combination of influences in the horoscope. For example, if Jupiter and the Moon are connected with each other in some way, that is a yoga. As previously stated, the influence of the lords is the most important factor in assessing a chart. Similarly, the combined influence of certain lords create the most important yogas in a chart.

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For example, if the lord of the Fu’st house and the lord of the eighth house are together (conjunct) or are both aspecting a particular house, that is an important yoga. There are benefic and malefic yogas, of course. We shall start by naming the most benefic yogas, namely the Raja-yogas.

Raja-Yogas Raja means “king” and yoga means “connection.” A Raja-yoga or kingly combination creates great power wherever this yoga influences a chart. A Raja-yoga is caused when the lord of a quadrant (first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses) is connected to the lord of a trine (first, fifth and ninth houses). If the lord of a quadrant and the lord of a trine are conjunct in a particular house or if they aspect a particular house simultaneously, a Raja-yoga is caused. This gives great potency to the house that they tenant or aspect. If a Raja-yoga is connected to the first house, it will indicate a particularly handsome-looking person, or an important person, or a pleasing personality.

If a Raja-yoga is connected with the second house, they may make much money or enjoy a large family. If a Raja-yoga is connected to the third house, they will be talented in writing or self-expression or have an influential voice. You must know what each house of the chart represents; and when a Raja- yoga influences that house, it is likely that the person will enjoy good luck in the areas of life that that house represents. The best Raja-yoga is when the lords of the ninth and tenth house exchange signs; that is, the lord of the tenth in the ninth house, and the lord of the ninth in the tenth house. This indicates great success in the profession and the power to lead others. If the lords of the ninth and the tenth are combined or conjunct in a particular house, that is also very fortunate. Similarly, if the lords of any quadrant or trine are connected, Raja-yoga results.

Raja-yogas are most powerful when the lords of the first, fifth, ninth and tenth are involved. The lords of the fourth and seventh are of secondary importance in creating Raja-yoga. Next I will describe sortie important benefic yogas that are not quite on the level of Raja-yogas. Benefic Yogas Shubhakartari Yoga. This is caused when benefic planets surround a particular house or planet in the horoscope. For example, if Mercury is in the twelfth house, Venus is in the first house, and Jupiter is in the second house, the ascendant is surrounded by benefic planets, thus strengthening the ascendant, thus indicating an attractive or charismatic personality.

Another instance would be Venus in the sixth house and Mercury in the eighth house. The seventh house in this instance is surrounded by good planets or involved in Shubhakanari yoga. This may indicate good marital karma, or a personality who will have a good effect on other people. Shubha-yoga can also be caused within one house. For example, if Jupiter is in the ninth house at 15 degrees, with Venus in the same house at 5 degrees. and Mercury is in the same house at 25 degrees, Subhaltartari yoga is caused. In this case, Jupiter is fortified, being surrounded by good planets; and thus the person will have good fortune under the categories ruled by Jupiter, like good finances, good children, religious nature, etc. Obhayachari Yoga. If the Sun is surrounded by benefic planets, a Shubha-yoga is formed, which is called Obhayachari yoga. The person will have enthusiasm, a strong and effulgent appearance, will be appreciated by many and endowed with leadership qualities.

Dhurdhura Yoga: If the Moon is surrounded by good planets, a benefic yoga called Dhurdhura is formed. The person will have a strong mind, will be sensitive and concemed about the welfare of others, and will be blessed with the good things of the world. Gajakesari yoga: If Jupiter is in a quadrant from the Moon, this will be a generous person, occupying an important position and usually endowed with a spiritual mind.

Adhi yoga: Benefic planets in the sixth, seventh and eighth houses from the Moon. An affluent life with popularity, and good health and character may be expected. Arnala yoga. Benefic planets in the tenth house from the Moon or the ascendant. Widespread reputation, success in the profession, good character and charitable deeds may be expected.

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The Five Yogas for Great Enjoyment (Pancha Mahapurusa Yogas)

1. Hamsa Yoga. Jupiter in a quadrant in its own sign or exaltation sign creates Hamsa-yoga. Hamsa means “swan,” and this yoga indicates a very benefic, godly character. If Jupiter is in the first, fourth, seventh or tenth house in its own sign Sagittarius or Pisces or in its exaltation sign Cancer, this yoga is manifest. The person may be wealthy, educated or involved in righteous deeds, depending on which house Jupiter is in. If there is Hamsa-yoga, predict good luck under the categories niled by the house that it is in. For example, if Hamsa-yoga is present in the fourth house the person will own property, will have a good heart, a good education and good friends. This understanding should be applied to all yogas or to reading a chart in general. If there are good influences on a particular house, the things represents by that house will flourish in life. For example, if the person has good planets influencing the second house or benetic yogas connected with the second house, they may enjoy family life or good earnings or will be philosophically inclined.

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2. Malavya yoga. This is caused by Venus being in its own sign or exaltation sign in a quadrant (the first, founh. seventh or tenth house). This endows a person with strong senses, material opulence, sexual pleasures and talent as a teacher or artist. 3. Bhadra yoga. This is caused by Mercury being in a quadrant in its own sign or exaltation sign. This indicates intellectual or literary achievements. The person will be friendly, well-dressed. talented in communications and helpful to his or her relatives.

4. Ruchaka yoga. This is caused by Mars being in a quadrant in its own sign or exaltation sign. This indicates a person of much energy. They will have a martial spirit or leadership qualities. They may rule over property and have success in competition, athletics, agriculture, or any of the categories ruled by Mars.

5. Sasi yoga. This is caused by Satum being in a quadrant in its own sign or exaltation sign. This will be a very productive person who can enjoy good longevity, who can influence the lives of many people, or who will be written in the pages of history. There may be a tendency towards eaming by low class methods. There are many more benefic yogas, even hundreds of them. I refer the reader to Dr. B.V. Raman’s book “Three Hundred Important Combinations” for further research. However, if the horoscope does not have benefic planets in prominent places like the quadrants and trines and if the horoscope has none of the yogas mentioned above, it is unlikely that any of the other yogas which you may become familiar with will have much effect.

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These yogas are caused when two planets exchange houses. For example, if Mercury is in the Sun’s sign, Leo, and the Sun is in Mercury’s Sign, Virgo. then the Sun and Mercury are involved in Parivarthana Yoga. These yogas can be benefic, mediocre or malefic according to whether the planets involved are strong, mediocre or malefic, and especially according to which houses the planets involved in the yoga are lords of. Vedic astrology symbols. That is, if both planets are lords of good houses (say, Mercury is lord of the fifth house and Sun is lord of the fourth house) then the yoga is benefic and it will promote the affairs of the houses ruled by the planets, as well as promoting the affairs ruled by the planets themselves.