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Astrologyis a science dealing with its spiritual aspect, it also involves mathematicsand Astronomy, vedic astrology (Jyotish) is part of Vedic knowledge, thecollected verbal wisdom handed down to us by the great sages, the seers of theVedas.
Jyotish in Sanskrit is derived from 'Jyoti', which mean 'light'and 'Ish', which mean 'God'. Thus, Jyotishmeans 'Light of God'. It is a science, which studies the affairs ofterrestrial living, which are influenced by the movements of the planets, in aphilosophical and institutive way. It is also called the 'Eye of theVeda Purusha' or 'the wisdom of the heavens'.

An authoritative primer to Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, this book draws on the author's extensive study of the tradition. Andrew Mason explains in detail the practical applications of Jyotish, introduces the planets, signs and houses, as well as the many rich and highly entertaining mythologies of the system with an explanation of how to interpret them. Vedic Nadi Astrology And Career. 2 edition This edition was published in June 1, 1999 by Sterling Publishers Pvt.Ltd,India. ID Numbers Open Library. Dec 09, 2020 Difference between Nadi Astrology and Vedic Astrology. The main point of difference between Vedic and Nadi astrology is how the predictions are made. Vedic astrology uses mathematics. In Vedic astrology, the zodiac forms the reference point for denoting the position of any star or planet. As it encircles the earth, it is comprised of 360-degrees.

History of Vedic Astrology

History of VedicAstrology has its root in the Vedas of Hindu that are the oldest scriptures inthe world library. Veda is derived from the root 'Vid', whichmeans, 'to know'. The Veda teaches how to achieve purity ofheart, getting rid of impurities. The Vedas, believed to have been written downover a period of about ten to twenty thousand years ago. There are the 'four'Samhita (collections) that we call the 'Vedas'.
Rigveda: The earliest of these, is composed of about 1,000 hymnsaddressed to various deities, and mostly arranged to serve the needs of thepriestly families who were the custodians of this sacred literature.
Yajurveda : it contains prose formulas applicable to various culticrites, along with verses intended for a similar purpose.
Samaveda: is made up of a selection of verses (drawn almost whollyfrom the Rigveda) that are provided with musical notation and are intended asan aid to the performance of sacred songs.
Atharvanaveda: It deals chiefly with the practical side of life, withman, his protection and security.
The Vedas has 'six' supplements also known as Vedangas or thelimbs of the vedas.

There are six Vedangas:

Apr 21, 2021 Nadi astrology has been receiving much attention from the astrological community, especially after the insightful writings on the subject by the late C.S Patel. Many new books as also articles on the subject keep appearing, each one dealing with either a particular classic or an innovative method of prediction adapted from a specific text. D) According to Vedic Nadi Astrology (VNA) the 2nd house to Saturn decides the type of profession including smoothness or otherwise in the professional field while planets located in the 12th house to Saturn give necessary push or pull in professional success as per the relationship of the respective planets with Saturn.

Shiksha (phonetics), Kalpa (rituals), Vyakarana(grammar), Jyotishya (astronomy), Nirukta (etymology) and Chhandas(metrics).

'Six' branches ofastrology

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1.Jataka (Predictive astrology or Natal Astrology)
2. Gola (Astronomy related to spherical movements)
3. Prashna (Queries at a given time or 'Horary Astrology')
4. Nimitta (Omens and their interpretation)
5. Muhurta (Electional Astrology/selecting an auspicious time)
6. Ganita (Astronomical calculations).


Theeffects of a person's actions that determine their fate in this life and thenext incarnation.

Vedic Nadi Astrology And Career Pdf Download

'Janani Janma Soukyanam
Vardhani Kula Sampadam
Pathavi Poorva Punyanam
Likyathe Janma Patrika'

Your karma or fortuneis determined by a predestined cosmic design. You are a soul incarnating in abody at a very specific time and place, and your life is a reflection of thegrater whole into which you are born just as flowers bloom at certain times, sayduring spring time, when all conditions are perfectly suitable. So is the casewith our births on this planets.
Astrology is merely the medium of indicating the karmas (destinies) which has alink with the past life and also with the future. The karmas are woven in thehoroscope so as to indicate the balance of karmas that the native is carryingas well as his task in this life.
Our powerful life karma is charted by the natal horoscope. A good Astrologercan see which areas of life may be strong, joyful and flowing, and which may beweak, problematic or blocked. A highly developed Astrologer may offer possibleremedies for negative karmas.

Horoscope Reading

Vedicastrology shows on the casting of an astrological chart or horoscope, it is achart of the heavens at the time and place of birth which shows the positionsof the planets and their relation to the new born child. Horoscope forecastingthe understanding of life, the journey of the spirit from past to present life,effects of karma on present life, doshas & remedies and suitable gem stonesas per your characteristics & the analysis of general events in life suchas education, career, source of earning, family life and health etc.

Business and Job Forecast

'You will beable to know the following details after analyzing your birth horoscope chartlike':-


Either job orbusiness, The best time to start new business when & where, Suitable namesor initial letters for the business or organization, Which business (either newbusiness or existing one) suitability for you, Right time to invest in your newbusiness, Which (New business) ones are good for you and which ones to avoid,Increase in quantity of work, What to do for getting profit, Expenditure ingood to purchase land, buildings, and infrastructure etc, Vendors andsuppliers, Risk of getting into mortgage/debt, Timing of freedom frommortgage/debt, Continue with business or not, Business competitions, losses& keen competition, Indicate to your weak and strong areas, Any person is tryingto downfall your career? Success and failure of the business.


Getting properworkers for any organization. Co-operation and selection of employees. Businesslosses from the workers. Believing of workers and good tips on selection ofpersonal assistant.


Partnership is luckyor unlucky to you, Selecting right business and partners, Nature and characterof partners, New partnership venture be profitable for you or not, The completeover all compatibility of partners, General Luck of each and every partner,Partnership is an entity in which partners share with each other profits orlosses of the business., Cheating / fraud in business partnership.


Whenwill I get the job & nature of job? Which kind of job (Government /Private) you get, If there any change in your present occupation, Announcingjob permanent, Getting honour from government or boss, Gain in service or not,When will your working conditions improve? Suspension & reinstatement,Promotion in service, Whether any transfer is indicated, Termination ofservice, If any case suit against working concern and there results.
We can help you to clear your specific questions and doubts regard of careerwith solution and remedies.

Finance & SpeculationForecast -

'You will beable to know the following details after analyzing your birth horoscope chartlike':-
Saving of money, expenditure of money, loss of money(cheating), helping of money,getting gift of money from others, Current status of financial position, willbe possible of earning money or not? Way of earning?, sources of income singleor multiple, What are the assumptions for money in future?, ever be wealthy ornot? If yes then when?, If getting loans from the bank, financialproblems(debts) will be clear or not? If yes then when?, recovering from thedebtor, win to gain huge money from speculation, lotteries, gambling, horseracing, car racing etc., negative timing of financial position in future, harmof life through your money, If speculation is good for you?, suggest whichfields best suited to investment (share, gold, stock, land etc.,) & earnmoney, Buying, holding and selling of stocks, bonds, currencies, real estates.,do you know the best time to invest money in shares & etc., important tipsto financial secure in future, high periods and low periods of income andsuccess.
We can help you to clear your specific questions and doubts regard of fiancéand speculation and Vedic remedies.

Health Forecast -

'You will beable to know the following details after analyzing your birth horoscope chartlike':-
Physical strength and good health in future, Timing of Health-related problem,is disease curable or incurable & if there is any major illness? Thedisease recovery gradually or suddenly, When there is recovery from illness,about doctor whether suitable or not, Present circumstances indicated badhealth, any disease develops internally in your body, any accident occur infuture, Undergo a surgery? Depression or suicidal tendencies, What kind ofmedicine should take?
We can help you to clear your specific questions and doubts regard of healthconditions and effective remedies.

Marriage Forecast -

Vedic Nadi Astrology And Career Pdf 2020

'You will be ableto know the following details after analyzing your horoscope chart like':-
Timing & direction of Marriage , Type of marriage [love or arrange], Yourlife partner nature, color, character, education, professional status &family background, Physical, psychological and intellectual compatibility ,Longevity of husband and wife physical attraction, Happy married life orunhappy , Expectation of child birth, Mutual emotional feelings &understanding, Ups and downs in your married life, Financial position throughoutin your life, Purpose of improving the quality of life by living together,Strength of the relationship and how to maintain, Weakness of the relationshipand how to reduce, Misunderstanding between personal lives, Husband/wifekeeping any illegal relationship, If any problem is there, what kind of problemand their solutions with remedies, Chances of divorce or separation andremarry, Delay in getting marriage, Engagement break, May love bringdisgraceful in community, Are you get marriage or throughout your life inbachelor, Indications of mars effects (Mangalik, Mangal, Kuja, Chevvai dosh).
We can help you to clear your specific questions and doubts regard of marriagelife.

Progeny Forecast -


'You will beable to know the following details after analyzing your birth horoscope chartlike':-
Good time to conceive, Timing of getting children, Getting child of Adoption,Remedies for getting child, Avoid stillbirth of a child, Progeny relatedproblems, Chances of miss carriage, Delay of getting child.
We can help you to clear your specific questions, doubts and also suggest theremedial measures to Progeny.

Children Forecast -

'You will beable to know the following details after analyzing you and your childrenhoroscope chart like':- Your children birth, suggestion of lucky name& letter, nature, mental intellect, education, career, profession, skilland general interest (likes reading, entertainment, sports and music),emotions, preferences, wealth, fame, capabilities, talents, abilities,character, health, Understanding (likes & dislikes; strength &weakness), relationship between the parents, siblings and children, Informationabout each stage (childhood, adulthood and other phases of life), Positive andnegatives aspects of personality, lifespan, getting chances to go to abroad,achievements, marriage, problems, death and their overall performance.Suggestion to remedial measures for any problems of children.
We can help you to clear your specific questions and doubts regard of childrenlife.

Education Forecast -

'You will beable to know the following details after analyzing your birth horoscope chartlike':-
Memory power, interesting in education, learning interest, skill &knowledge, understanding & observing powers , How will be the study ofbasic, higher, graduation stages? What type of subject to take in study foryour career? Suggest the appropriate remedial solutions to improve youreducation conditions, Exams & results, Best period for appearing in thecompetitive exams, Favorable & unfavorable period for education & ableto clear the exam or not, solution to 'Studying so hard but not getting goodresults', How you can get the topper, Getting scholarship, foreign education infuture.
We can help you to clear your specific questions and doubts regard of educationfuture and astrological remedies.

Property and Vehicle Forecast -

'You will beable to know the following details after analyzing your birth horoscope chartlike':- You have any Luck for vehicle or property? If yes when?, Bestperiod for buying or selling property/vehicle, Purchase, Sale, name ofregistration, location, Lucky number, Color, Status, direction, Vasthu,condition of vehicle/ property (land or building), Delay in purchasing orselling of property/vehicle, Through loan or installment or cash &Insurance claim, May you have any luck to buy the property in Commercial orresidential, Building construct on your plot or existing building purchasewhich one is suitable for you, Delay of construction or work-in-progress notcompleted still more years-reason, Any revenue from property, Loose anyproperty in litigation, Partition or sale of property, Get a property orvehicle as a gift, Timing of buying property/vehicle, Purchase a propertyduring this year, Litigation on property, Parental property, New houseluxurious or not, Car be a luxury model or an economy model, Change ofresidence or vehicle, if Vehicle is stolen When can you get it back,etc.
We can help you to clear your specific questions, doubts and also suggest theremedial measures.

Travel Forecast -

'Youwill be able to know the following details after analyzing your birth horoscopechart like':-
Luck for foreign travel, Favorable time for travel, Good time for applyingpassport & visa? If any problem occur in future?, Purpose of traveling foreducation, service, business, marriage, pilgrimage, sports, competition,cultural, political, tourism, opportunities, medical treatment. , Period oftravel (long / short trip), Living foreign country or mother land, Will visithome country again, Die on a foreign land.
We can help you to clear your specific questions, doubts and also suggest theremedial measures for travelling.

Vedic Nadi Astrology And Career Pdf