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While Western astrology is certainly more popular than Vedic astrology in North America and Europe, there is a general consensus that Vedic astrology is more accurate. There are a few reasons for this. As we mentioned, Vedic astrology accounts for the Earth’s “wobble”, the impact of which has added up over time. Western Astrology is relatively new as compared to Vedic Astrology, as the latter has been practiced since thousands of years, having written documents in the Vedas as well. The major difference between Vedic and Western astrology is that one uses the fixed zodiac while the other uses movable zodiac to decide the starting point of the zodiac. Despite all the difference mentioned above. The meaning of different planets, signs, and houses is similar in both Western and Vedic astrology e.g. Sun is the father, the soul, and Moon is the mother, and the mind as per both Western and Vedic astrology. The same goes for houses and signs. Western Astrology: Western astrology is a system of prediction of future events in the life of an individual based upon tropical zodiac. Characteristics of Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology: Base: Vedic Astrology: Vedic astrology is cosmic astrology. Western Astrology: Western astrology is sun based. Other Names: Vedic Astrology: Vedic. I recently got a birth chart for the Vedic astrology and it seemed to describe me better than the Western birth chart did. My sun, moon, and mars were still the same, though my ascendant and venus were different. In the Western I had Virgo rising and venus in Aquarius, while it was Leo rising and venus in Capricorn in the Vedic one. I've read descriptions for both and the latter seems to.

Knowing what your future holds ahead is good sometimes, and the availability of online astrology apps and web services has made it easier to determine your astrological compatibilities and horoscope.

If you are a believer in astrology, you would have already downloaded several apps to map your birth chart. But, did you know that all these apps are based on western astrology? Yes, most of these apps follow the western horoscope calculations.

However, Western astrology is not the only type. We are talking about Vedic astrology. So, what is Vedic astrology, and how does it differ from Western astrology? Read on to see…

Vedic Astrology is related to the Sanskrit word “Jyotisa”. The mention of Jyotisa first appeared in the Rigveda which is the most ancient scripture of the Indian society. What astrological sign is compatible with pisces sagittarius. “Jyotisa” refers to a heavenly body.

With time, Vedic astrology has evolved a lot but it does carry the ancient traditions and along with it, several myths of the ancient Indian culture. For many, it is still a part of their lifestyle and people find it difficult to proceed without seeing their daily horoscope.

Vedic charts are used to finalize the “muhurta” or “the right time” for all sorts of auspicious occasions including marriage, engagement, opening ceremonies, etc.

In total, there are 12 signs in Vedic astrology. Even Western astrology represents 12 zodiac signs and the resemblance of all the characteristics are almost the same in both, however, the difference lies in the dates. If you know your zodiac sign according to Western astrology you are going to be amused by what you find in the Vedic astrological chart. For instance, if you were an Aquarius, your daily Aquarius horoscope will vary in Vedic and western astrology. Take a look at how the Vedic zodiac signs follows:

Vedic Or Western Astrology More Accurate

The origin of western astrology dates back to the Mesopotamian era. At that time, there were deep studies of omen. For instance, the color of the sky, weather, and the movements of animals were taken into consideration.

Rather than planetary movements, these preliminary studies were more related to the moon and eclipses. By the time it was 1000 BCE, the astrological concepts were very popular in the Middle East. You can find some precise illustration of planets on the ceiling of New Kingdom Tombs in Egypt.

Vedic Astrology Calculator

Vedic Or Western Astrology Which Is Better

All these planets were especially linked to one of the gods and goddesses of Mesopotamia. As time passed, astrology was introduced to several other cultures too. And the Hebrews got to know the practice of astrology between 586-539 BC. It was the period of Babylon’s military conquest, which was finalized many years later.

Under the empire of Alexander, the practice of astrology thrived and spread throughout Egypt, Middle East, Asia, and then India. A Babylon priest moved to Greece and founded a school where Greeks could learn all about the basics of astrology. This became an opportunity to mix beliefs, knowledge, and philosophy. This harmonious mixture gave life to Hellenistic astrology.

It is the Hellenistic astrology that proved to be the ultimate foundation of modern Western astrology. Studies have found that it also has a strong bond with Vedic astrology.

As the time of Christ approached, the Romans and Greeks had already codified the zodiac signs. And that is the form of astrology that we recognise today.