In other words, where the Sun actually is at the time of the Spring equinox moves backward through the zodiac. Vedic or sidereal astrology calculated the the Sun at 6 degrees 03 minutes of Pisces at the Spring equinox in 2003. Therefore, the current mathematical difference between the. Calculate your Vedic Astrology Chart, for free! With Vedic Astrologer Mickey McKay. Once I learned the differences between the signs in tropical vs sidereal and then the nakshatras in Vedic astrology, it all resonated so much more. I think a lot of people use tropical characteristics for their sidereal placements and that’s not really how it works. A tropical capricorn and a sidereal capricorn are very different, for example. Calculate your Vedic Astrology Chart, for free! With Vedic Astrologer Mickey McKay.

The ascendant, or the lagna how it is called in vedic astrology, is probably the most important point in a birth chart. It sets the beginning of one’s individual journey. It is crucial to know one’s exact birth time, because the ascendant point moves approximately one degree every three minutes. Imagine that your ascendant is on the cusp of one sign merging into another and you have a wrong birth time that is off by only ten minutes. This circumstance can easily result in a wrong birth chart and can’t be interpreted correctly, because it doesn’t reflect your life anymore.


In case you are used to western astrology, you are probably not familiar with the sidereal zodiac. If you don’t know what the difference between these two zodiacs is, click here to read about it. Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with the sidereal zodiac, but are curious to know which zodiac sign falls on you ascendant, you can message me on Instagram and I will tell you your sidereal ascendant 🙂 If you’re feeling a little more extra, you could purchase a mini birth chart report, which will show you where your planets are positioned in your vedic sidereal birth chart.

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Please note, that the following descriptions may not completely resonate with you due to your personal planetary placements. Debilitated and exalted planets, conjunctions and aspects make every chart unique. If you are curious, how your personal planetary placements influence your life and personality, check out my in-depth personalized birth chart analysis here.

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Vedic Astrology Calculator

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so it’s no wonder that this sign is connected to pioneer spirit. Being the first in everything lights up your spirit. Aries ascendant like to always be on the move. You are strong willed, energetic and straight forward. You are known for your courage and your behavior may be spontaneous and impulsive. Your instinct is to lead and your desire is to win – no matter what situation you are in. The flip side of this ascendant is the short attention span.

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Your parents are stable people who know how to make money. The relationship with your siblings is based on a lot of communication. You attract partners who have a softer personality and like to do everything together but when it comes to their finances, you partner likes to keep secrets. Your mother is very caring and your home is your place of emotional comfort. People with this rising sign often walk quite quickly with their head tilted to the front and the upper body is usually fuller than the lower body. Your stature is is of medium height and you build up muscles quite easily.


People with Taurus ascendant have a balanced and grounded personality and are always striving to make money. Growing up, communication was very important in your family. If you have siblings, they are warm and caring and you feel at home when you are with them. With the Sun ruling your fourth house, you may be more attached to your father than your mother. The decision making in your married life lies with you. You are very busy in your work life, because you always think of securing your family’s life financially, so you may neglect your children.

With Scorpio falling in your seventh house, you attract a spouse who is very emotional and somewhat secretive. You tend to travel quite often, but more for work than for pleasure. Your friends are unusual individuals who may be interested in hobbies, that aren’t mainstream. One of the recognizable traits of this ascendant is endurance and patience. There is almost nothing that can shake up a Taurus ascendant. Your body is of medium height and may be a little heavier. You move with a slow and steady pace. People with this ascendant have usually a thicker neck and broad shoulders.


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You have many interests and want to learn subjects from different fields. People with this ascendant have a joyful personality and are carefree most of the time. You don’t like stagnation and enjoy when change happens very often. The communication with your mother is more important than with any other family member. Your mother plays a very important role in your life. Your partner is philosophical and idealistic due to Jupiter being the ruler of your seventh house. Saturn is ruling your eighth house, which gives longevity.

You may identify with one certain religion, but this doesn’t stop you from studying other religions as well. Your career has something to do with communication with a touch of teaching or bringing wisdom to the masses. This comes from Jupiter ruling your tenth house. It is likely that you even have different professions due to Pisces being a dual sign. Your friends are active and energetic but can also cause quarrels from time to time because of their fiery personality. When it comes to your physique, you have long limbs and especially long hands.

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