The key notes of this conjunction are mind and common sense, a thinking individual, the power of thought, understanding and knowledge and a subjective and personal out look. All things denoted by Mercury get activated towards the creative side particularly in ideas, work and social interaction. Strength of will enforces ideas and decisions. However, actions lack objectivity and impartiality particularly, if the two planets are in exact conjunction within an orbit of l°. But if such a conjunction occurs in the signs of Mercury and other airy signs viz Libra and Aquarius, it denotes high powers of intellect.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus will always be closer to each other. In astronomy also Mercury and Venus are orbiting closely with Sun. When the Sun is in 1st house, Mercury or Venus cannot be in the opposite house. When the Sun and Moon are conjunct, then the new moon occurs. To find the planetary and Lagna positions – Best Jyotish Software. When planets come very near to Sun they get ‘Moudhyam’ (combust). Planets in ‘Moudhyam’ produce very bad effects. Moon within 12, Mars 17, Mercury 14 degrees – 12 degrees when retrograde, Jupiter 11, Venus 9 and Saturn 15 degrees of the Sun are considered to be in Moudhyam. Sun and Mercury conjunction in a natal chart also makes the native polite, popular, rational, sturdy, and physically attractive. Such a person is likely to be in the good books of eminent people and may share a cordial relationship with government officials or politicians. Nevertheless, these natives have a tendency to be fickle-minded.


Mercury under all circumstances can never be more than 28° away from the Sun. The virtues of Mercury viz, good business ability, learning with facility and ease, ambition, wittiness, intuition, intelligence, capability, adaptability etc ., are in evidence where Mercury is more than 8° away from the Sun, especially if ahead. At less than 8° separation the identification of mind and ego hinders the reasoning and judgement unless it occurs in Mercurial and other two airy signs under good aspects. In other words we can say that the creative manifestation of this aspect is directly proportional to the evolution level of an individual.

According to classical authors the native intelligently executes his plans and thus earns name, fame and happiness. There is fxity of purpose and good analytical frame of mind. The native is in the good books of his superiors for having good sub-ordinate qualities. According to Hora Sara, if the Sun and Mercury are together in the 4th or 8th house from the Lagna, the person is equal to a king in qualities and wealth. This conjunction in other houses makes one virtuous.

According to Jataka Parijata, the native becomes a king and over powers his enemies. He becomes famous. His mother is of questionable characters. 42 Planetary Aspects in Astrology According to Garga Hora, if the conjunction occurs in the lst house , the native is wicked, ill reputed, without conveyances, commits sinful acts and forsaken by friends and relatives. In our view this is possible only if the two planets are in an evil sign under the aspect of evil planets , otherwise the native is intelligent, eloquent, well read, long lived and has a sound physique.

If the conjunction occurs in the 4th house in a good sign under good aspects , the native is well built, learned, wealthy and holds a good position and mansion. If the conjunction occurs in the 7th house in a good sign and under good aspects, the wife of the native is a dominating and progressive influence in his life, otherwise the native has an insincere wife and marital unhappiness. He is of thievish and untruthful disposition.

He may be a eunuch without sexual happiness and may meet an unnatural end of life. If the conjunction occurs in the 10th house, the native enjoys lordly status; is intelligent, famous, truthful, grateful and makes good use of his education. If this conjunction occurs in Pisces, the debilitation sign of Mercury, the native should be given careful and gentle training. This conjunction in Scorpio can make one excellent physician or surgeon while in a chart of low evolution level it shows a senseless rogue.

According to the Linga Purana, Mercury is the son of the Moon by his wife Rohini. What house am i in astrology.

Yet in the Vishnu Purana, Brahma Purana, Devi Bhagvata Bhagwat Purana, Harivansha Purana, Padma Purana and Vayu Purana a story is told of the seduction of Brahaspati's (Jupiter's) wife Tara by the Moon - and Buddha is born from her. He is called Saumya, that is, 'Son of Soma [Moon].' From Buddha springs the lunar race. The Moon, being his father, is friendly toward him, but Mercury knows that he is son of the wife of Jupiter and so he is in conflict with the Moon, who seduced his mother.

Mercury is sexless and neutral and is a cold and moist planet. Being a neutral planet it changes according to its placement in a sign and house, and that is why it is said to have a 'mercurial' nature. Because it is nearest to the Sun it is restless, which also makes it quick-changing, fickle, and often retrograde. Mercury sometimes precedes the Sun and sometimes follows it.

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Mercury can be seen in the morning and evening as a shining star and sometimes even during the day because of its power of radiation. Mercury is the smallest planet of our solar system. Being adaptable, it becomes malefic when conjunct with Mars and makes its natives nervous, overly excit-able, and insecure.

Mercury rules education, writers, lecturers, artists, teachers, traders, businessmen, the nervous system, lungs, and intestines. It rules intelligence, speech, self-confidence, humor, wit, astrology, mathematics, and short journeys.

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As a lord of Gemini Mercury has two faces : it gives a double nature and makes one detached and independent as well as an extremist. Its color is the green of a blade of fresh grass.

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Mercury is dominated by the three doshas wind, bile, and mucus, all rajasic. Earth is its element, it is a merchant by nature, shudra by caste, lover of humor and wit, ever green, weak in body constitution, delicate, having mixed feelings. Mercury loves the company of learned people, and is the lord of the direction North.

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The day related to Mercury is Wednesday, while the gemstone related to Mercury is emerald. Mercury rules number 5 in indian numerology.