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Gurugram, Mar 20 (IANS): A massive protest was staged on Saturday by shopkeepers in Sadar Bazar on the first day of a week-long trial aimed at making the city's oldest market vehicle-free and pedestrian friendly.

The protesting shopkeepers, showroom owners, street vendors closed their outlets against the initiative launched by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG).

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The protesting shopkeepers said that without consulting them the civic body had forcefully installed benches and huge pots in front of their shops as part of the trial in Sadar Bazar.

'The MCG said this vehicle-free trial in Sadar Bazar will make the area pedestrian friendly but the authority are themselves encroaching the market lanes by installing benches and huge pots in front of our shops and in between the road,' a protesting shopkeeper told IANS.

The shopkeepers alleged that the civic body did not notice that the market is not only a commercial zone, but there were also some residential areas.

'Hundreds of families are residing in the Sadar Bazar area and the civic authority without counsulting us closed all lanes for vehicles. If someone developed serious health problem how we will be able to tackle such a problem and who will be responsible for any mishap,' another shopkeeper told IANS.

Despite its narrow lanes, Sadar Bazar has a footfall of around 20,000 people during weekends and congestion has become its hallmark.

The market has more than 1,200 shops and 400 street vendors.

Vehicle Number Astrology Meaning

The MCG had prepared a plan for the trial, 18 entry and exit points to the market were barricaded and passes have been issued to all shopkeepers to station vehicles at five designated sites, chosen by the municipal body in the market's vicinity, less than 100-150 metres from shops.

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A feeder service of 15 e-rickshaws will ferry commuters from these three parking spots to the market.

Overall, a 650-metre stretch of the market, between Sohna Chowk and Head Post office, the market's main street, had been chosen for the trial.


'We will take up the matter before the MCG officials and the local MLA to reconsider their decisions of vehicle free trial in Sadar Bazar as it will hemper our business. If the vehicles are not allowed in the market how will the customer buy things for their daily uses and how they will carry belongings,' a member of the Sadar Bazar market association said.

Vehicle Number Astrology Sign

'The move is in favour of the market shopkeepers. This trial will not only benefit citizens visiting Sadar Bazar but also shopkeepers. The market will be safe, encroachment-free, clean and beautiful,' then there will be an increase in the number of shoppers and as a result, business will also increase,' said an MCG official.