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FAQ for users

When do I pay ?

You pay AFTER the astrologer has submitted the reading, and if you wish to read the FULL answer. The fees currently is ₹199.

AstrologerVenu Swamy Astrologer Reviews

Why should I pay for a reading ?

Astrologer Venu Swamy Contact Number And Details Venu Swamy Rasi Phalalu Spot News #AstrologerVenuSwamyContactNumber #VenuSwamyRasiPhalalu #RasiPhalalu Spot News. Watch the latest video of Astrologer Venu Swamy About Pawan Kalyan. Venu Swamy is a celebrity astrologer of world fame is a consultant to the famous Actors, Politicians, Sportspersons, Film and other personalities. He connects with people on a personal level and also on a philosophical plane.

We pay money to astrologers as well to maintain quality infrastructure. So we have to charge a fees from users.

How much time does this take ?

Once you have successfully placed an order, one of our astrologers will answer your question. The average question is answered within 8-10 hours. However on days with heavy backlog (or holidays/weekends) it could take longer. If you have requested for a specific astrologer it can take a lot longer. 95% of questions are answered within 48 hours.

What kind of questions can I ask ?


Please be as specific as possible. Include all details - however mundane. Please avoid questions that are unclear or overly broad. Please avoid multiple questions in a single order. Please take care to check all details - especially birth date, birth time (am or pm) and location.

I clicked on the pay button but am unable to make a payment.

Please try again later. Sometimes astrologers are editing the answers so the payment gets disabled. At other times there are errors in the email / phone no. Sometimes the payment processor is down. If the error persists, please contact us.

I successfully made a payment but still can't read the answer.

Please be patient. There are times when the payment processor does not inform the website about the payment. We will look into it and fix the issue in a couple of hours. Please feel free to contact us.

Can I edit/update the question after I submitted it ?

No, you can't make changes to the question. It is best to delete the question and ask a new one.

Are my payment details secure ?

We use Instamojo for our payment processing. Instamojo is trusted by 200,000 merchants and millions of users. While making a payment, you are transferred to the Instamojo site where the processing takes place. GoAstrologer (or Instamojo) never stores any financial details (card no, netbanking etc) on our servers. Your payment details are very safe.

Can the astrologer see my email / phone no ?

No. The astrologer can only see your name, question and birth details only. Your email and phone no. are hidden for your privacy. You are strongly urged to not leave any personal contact information in the question field.

Why was my order cancelled ?

Orders can be cancelled for various reasons. 1) Unclear question 2) Astrologer objection 3) Heavy volume 4) Existing unpaid orders 5) Refund abuse 6) Quality control

Can I specify my astrologer ?

By default questions are public questions and are open to all astrologers. However repeat users can specify astrologer(s). Note that opting for specific astrologers can cause long delays to get a reading.

Venu Swamy Astrologer Reviews Consumer Reports

Do you have any discount coupons ?

Yes, we do offer discount coupons for special occasions. Some of them are time limited, some are restricted based on DoB, and others are valid for special days.

Is astrology a scientific method to predict the future ?

No, astrology is not a proven science. It is an opinion that you need to consider before accepting. Please read the disclaimer.

Can I leave a review/rating for the astrologer ?

Yes. You will be sent a URL to the anwer where you can add a review and rating. If you do not leave a review within 7 days - the form will be disabled. Read more What astrological sign is a male aquarius compatible with astrology.

Can astrologers see my review history ?

Yes. Astrologers can see your review history (the question and answer are hidden) to let them choose their questions carefully. If you have a history of unreasonable ratings/reviews, then the astrologers might skip your question.

I am not satisfied with the reply. Can I get a refund ?

If you are not satisfied with a reading, you will have the choice to get another astrologer to reply to the question FREE of cost. If you are still not satisfied, we will refund you the money.

I don't want to read the answer. How do I stop the reminders ?

Venu swamy astrologer reviews

Please click on the 'Delete' button to stop the reminders. This will permanently delete the reading.

Why has my name been mentioned as 'Anon' ?

For user's privacy we sometimes change the name to Anon (short for anonymous) or User001.

How long will the question be visible on the site ?

Venu Swamy Astrologer Reviews

After 14 days, the reading will get archived. After 180 days, it may get permanently deleted. The user can also delete the reading at any time. These measures are for privacy of the user.

I can't see my older questions. How do I access those ?

You can use the Archive option.

Venu Swamy Astrologer Reviews Consumer Reports

I am really depressed. Should I use this site ?

Astrology is not a replacement for a good therapist or modern medicine. If you are having depression or anxiety, please contact one of these organisations.

Astrology as a science and craft has been in the news for thousands of years. However, very few astrologers have made their way to the top of the field. Astro guru Venuswamy is one of the very few. He is renowned as a master in the subject of Astrology. With his constant perseverance and eternal dedication towards the learning and craft, he has achieved success. His popularity and fame have only grown over the years. His students and guests keep coming back to him for more knowledge.
His area of expertise lies in Politics, Cinema, and Women. He is one of the only astrologers in India to be skilled at these predictions. Astro guru Venuswamy also finds himself in the top 3 astrologers of India. These days, astrology has become a tool for some. It is like a way to the common man's pocket for certain prediction makers. But that's where astroguru's lasting experience comes in. He perceives every opportunity to be a challenge. He is interested in the intricate details of life. Solving questions and reaching answers through astrology is his core belief. He makes predictions by constantly testing and confronting the ideas of the world through the knowledge he has acquired. His support during the process would make you comfortable and allow you to express your problem openly. His given advise is fully based on the proven practices. You will be getting complete insight during the program.
The best testimonials of your expertise come from your recurring guests and students. In astrologer Venuswamy's case, it is VVIPs from around the world. Many important and powerful people visit him to gain insight and understanding about their astrology. Though he is a master in predictions, his specialty lies in political, film-related, and women related decisions. Thirty-five years of familiarity has made him an enviable name in the business.