The planet Venus governs over the Friday. Gemstone for Venus– Diamond Gemstone Diamond is the glittering image of the star Venus. Favorite Deity of Venus – Goddess Laxmi The Goddess Laxmi is the divine giver of colors in personal life through the planet. Favorite Direction of Venus –Southeast The planer rules in the southeast direction. Diamond: Gemstone for Venus - Shukra Ratna Hira The ruling planet of Diamond or what we call Heera in Hindi is Venus. Get your free gemstone report by Get personalized gemstone recommendation by our astrologer (Paid). The healing powers of gemstones is well-known in Astrology. At we will analyse your horoscope and suggest you gems according to your Birth Sign and Lagna (ascendant) and the position of the planets (Sun,Moon,Mars,Mercury,Jupiter,Venus,Saturn,Rahu and Ketu) associated with the stone in your horoscope (birth chart). Venus is associated with the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. The astrological gemstone which is associated with the positive powers of Venus is diamonds and white sapphire. Diamond is a very effective Gemstone and favorite among women as it is a symbol of beauty and feminity. CONFLICTING GEMSTONES. Sun is incompatible with Saturn,Venus,Rahu and Ketu. The gems for Sun like Ruby and Garnet should not be used with Blue Sapphire,Diamond,Hessonite and Cat’s Eye. Moon is incompatible with Rahu and Ketu. Hence,Moon gems as Pearl, Moonstone should not be prescribed with Hessonite and Cat’s Eye.

Shukra, the Sanskrit for 'clear, pure' or 'brightness, clearness', is the name the son of Bhrigu and Ushana, and preceptor of the Daityas, and the guru of the Asuras, identified with the planet Venus (with honorific, Shukracharya). He presides over 'Shukra-var' or Friday. Wife in man chart astrology horoscope. He is Rajas in nature and represents wealth, pleasure and reproduction.

Venus is feminine and gentle. An embodiment of love, he is a benefic planet and governs the refined attributes, romance, beauty, sensuality, passion, sexual pleasure, marriage, love matters, comforts, luxuries, jewelry, wealth, prosperity, art, music, dance, theater, actors, poets, musicians, the season of spring, rains and aquatic creatures. In the body he rules over the reproductive system, eyes, throat, chin, cheeks, and kidneys.

Indian Gemstone Astrology

He is of white complexion, middle-aged and of agreeable countenance. He is described variously mounted, on a camel or a horse or a crocodile. He holds a stick, beads and a lotus and sometimes a bow and arrow.

Favourite ColourLight Blue, White
Favourite DayFriday
Favourite God / DeityGoddess Lakshmi

Effect of Shukra (Venus)

Venus Planet is mainly associated with family life, taste and business/livelihood. The benevolent influence of Venus favours accumulation of wealth, jewellery, landed properties, happy home life, success in business and occupations, controlling obesity and fatness.

Mercury and Saturn are its friends and the Sun and Moon are its enemies. Mars and Jupiter are neutral in friendship to Venus even though Venus considers Jupiter its enemy. Taurus and Libra are the zodiacal signs whom Venus rules, and Venus gives good results when placed in theses signs.

When rightly aspected Venus is strong, and it brings wealth, comfort, attraction to the opposite sex in the early part of life, a well-proportioned body, and the attractive features necessary for a sensuous nature. It makes its natives tender, gentle, and considerate; lovers of jewelry, sour (pungent) taste, white dress, decoration, perfume, tasty food, and the fine arts. It inspires them to be poets, musicians, and seekers of truth and knowledge (secret sciences). The native loves the company of the members of the opposite sex, artists, and musicians.

Shukra Dasha

In Astrology, there is a dasha or planetary period known as Shukra Dasha which remains active in a persons horoscope for 20 years. This dasha is believed to give more wealth, fortune and luxury to ones living if a person has Shukra positioned well in his horoscope as well as Shukra being an important benefic planet in his/her horoscope.

Gemstone for Shukra

The Navratna gemstone for Shukra is Diamond, it should be worn in ring finger and must be atleast 1 carat in weight, Diamond is to be worn on Friday to please Shukra.

How to get rid of negative effects of Shukra, when shukra is vakri, when shukra is neech


Venus Astrology Sign

The ill effects of Venus can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.

Venus Gemstone Astrology Chart

  • Giving away in charity on any Friday, the light blue cloth, rice and Mishri (Sugar Crystals) to the poor is considered to minimize the ill effects of Venus and add the favour of the planet.
  • White horse donated in charity is also remedial measure to combat the ill effects of Venus.
  • Using white or light blue coloured clothes on Fridays may go to please the Venus Planet.
  • Bathing the idol of Lakshmi with Milk, Honey, Ghee (Indian Desi Butter Oil), Curd, Sugar - Together called Panchamrit will please Venus Planet because, She i.e. Goddess Lakshmi is the Lord of Venus.
  • Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi with white flowers and sandalwood paste (Tilak) regularly will appease Venus.
  • Donating and wearing Venus Gemstone like Diamond or White Sapphire also helps

Venus Gemstone Astrology Horoscope

108 Names of Shukra

Which Stone Is Best For Venus

Aum shukraya namah
Aum shucaye' namah
Aum shubha-gunaya namah
Aum shubha-daya namah
Aum shubha-laksanaya namah
Aum shobhanaksaya namah
Aum shubravahaya namah
Aum shuddhasphadikabhasvaraya namah
Aum dinartiharakaya namah
Aum daitya-gurave' namah
Aum deva-abhivanditaya namah
Aum kavya-asaktaya namah
Aum kama-palaya namah
Aum kavaye' namah
Aum kalyana-dayakaya namah
Aum bhadra-murtaye' namah
Aum bhadra-gunaya namah
Aum bhargavaya namah
Aum bhakta-palanaya namah
Aum bhoga-daya namah
Aum bhuvana-adhyaksaya namah
Aum bhukti-mukti-phala-pradaya namah
Aum caru-shilaya namah
Aum caru-rupaya namah
Aum caru-candra-nibhananaya namah
Aum nidhaye' namah
Aum nikhila-shastra-jnaya namah
Aum niti-vidya-dhuram-dharaya namah
Aum sarva-laksana-sampannaya namah
Aum sarva-vaguna-varjitaya namah
Aum samana-adikanir-muktaya namah
Aum sakala-gamaparagaya namah
Aum bhrigave' namah
Aum bhoga-karaya namah
Aum bhumi-sura-palana-tat-paraya namah
Aum manasvine namah
Aum manadaya namah
Aum manyaya namah
Aum mayatitaya namah
Aum maha-yashase' namah
Aum bali-prasannaya namah
Aum abhaya-daya namah
Aum baline namah
Aum satya-parakramaya namah
Aum bhavapasha-parityagaya namah
Aum bali-bandha-vimocakaya namah
Aum ghana-shayaya namah
Aum ghana-adhyaksaya namah
Aum kambhugrivaya namah
Aum kala-dharaya namah
Aum karunya-rasa-sampurnaya namah
Aum kalyana-guna-varddhanaya namah
Aum shvetambaraya namah
Aum svetavapushe' namah
Aum catur-bhuja-samanvitaya namah
Aum akshamala-dharaya namah
Aum acintyaya namah
Aum akshinagunabha-asuraya namah
Aum nashatra-gana-samcaraya namah
Aum nayadaya namah
Aum niti-marga-daya namah
Aum barsha-pradaya namah
Aum hrishikeshaya namah
Aum klesha-nasha-karaya namah
Aum kavaye namah
Aum cintitarya-pradaya namah
Aum shanta-mataye' namah
Aum citta-samadhi-krite' namah
Aum adhi-vyadhi-haraya namah
Aum bhurivikramaya namah
Aum punya-dayakaya namah
Aum purana-purushaya namah
Aum pujyaya namah
Aum puruhuta-adi-sannutaya namah
Aum ajeyaya namah
Aum vijitarataye' namah
Aum vividha-bharanojjvalaya namah
Aum kunda-pushpa-pratikashaya namah
Aum mandahasaya namah
Aum maha-mataye' namah
Aum mukta-phala-samanabhaya namah
Aum mukti-daya namah
Aum munisannutaya namah
Aum ratna-simhasana-rudaya namah
Aum rathasthaya namah
Aum rajataprabhaya namah
Aum surya-pragdesha-samcaraya namah
Aum sura-shatru-suhride' namah
Aum kavaye' namah
Aum tula-avrishabharashishaya namah
Aum durddharaya namah
Aum dharma-palakaya namah
Aum bhagyadaya namah
Aum bhavya-caritraya namah
Aum bhavapasha-vimotrakaya namah
Aum gauda-desh-eshvaraya namah
Aum goptre namah
Aum gunite namah
Aum guna-vibhushanaya namah
Aum jyeshtha-nakshatra-sambhutaya namah
Aum jyeshthaya namah
Aum shreshthaya namah
Aum shuci-smitaya namah
Aum apavarga-pradaya namah
Aum anantaya namah
Aum santana-phala-dayakaya namah
Aum sarva-ishvarya-pradaya namah
Aum sarva-girvanaganasannutaya namah