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Leo Planetary Horoscope Weekend or not, with Venus and Mercury aligned during the Sun's first weekend in your career sector you are likely to have your professional hat on. However, with Pluto at a standstill ahead of his retrograde turn on the job front next week and Mars in his first weekend in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, depicted here. Through Venus, we learn about our tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations, love life, attitude towards money, and desire for harmony and peace. Libra seeks balance, harmony, and equality. Libra is artistic and has a keen sense of balance and eye for beauty. Read your horoscope by zodiac sign for Venus in Aries, beginning March 21, 2021, and learn about the meaning in astrology.

As if to take advantage of a short
pause between Mars' departure from
your busy work sector last Friday and both
Venus and Mercury's return next week, it is your

Venus Horoscope Dates

personal life that gets a boost this week. Or at least
that will be the case once you reach Tuesday, with the Moon starting the week in your career sector, fuelling your professional instincts and imagination and giving you a read on the changing conditions across the income, work and career fronts.

Venus Horoscope Meaning

It is Tuesday's Full Moon that will give Mars' first full week in your relationship sector a boost. While drawing in support from the planets in your communication sector, falling in your friendship sector this will create a lot of positive energy midweek when it comes to personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building. Meanwhile, as the Sun, Venus and Mercury spend their first, last and only full week together in a playful part of your chart, they are on a mission to find a better balance between work and play.Calculator

Venus Horoscope

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