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Venus in 11th house unites with the energies of Saturn-ruled Aquarius sign. As the 11th zodiac sign, Aquarius naturally represents the 11th house and therefore shares common energies with it.

Does a combust venus affect your soulmate's outer/inner beauty if you have venus in 7th house in D-9 chart? My venus is combust in D-1 chart in the 6th house so it is combusted in D-9 too right? I have venus in the 7th house in D-9 and i'm an aquarius ascendant. In Vedic Astrology the houses that are concerned have more of an influence than the signs involved so by rising sign, here is the impact. If you have these exchanges in your natal chart, then they will be triggered in transit but there will be some lingering energy from the exchange in transit anyway. Venus, as being the ruler of the 7th zodiac sign, becomes the ruling planet of relationships and marriage as well. Therefore, Venus in the 11th house indicates gains and profits with the help of their life partner. If Venus is dignified, it indicates that their life partner offers lots of comfort to these natives, both moral and financial. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in vedic astrology Venus significance in astrology / Venus characteristics in Vedic astrology. Venus represents teacher of love, demons, clothing, jewelry, wealth, pleasure of life, relationships, comfort, convenience of luxurious things sort of automobile (car), air conditioning, and wonder within the house.

The condition of Jupiter and the 11th house ruler carry an important role in determining additional outcomes of this combination in question. With that being said, a strong and dignified Jupiter and 11th ruler extend auspicious results of a dignified Venus or save a weak Venus from producing negative outcomes.

Jupiter is related to the 11th house because it is the planet of abundant gains and fulfillment of desires, just like the 11th house.

The 11th house ruler becomes a guide to Venus in the given house. In terms of sidereal Vedic astrology, the condition of dispositor or guide planet is a very important factor that determines additional outcomes of this combination.

In addition to that, the condition of dispositor also decides whether the energies of this combination are manifested auspiciously or not.

The majority of the results of this combination are determined by the strength and dignity of Venus in the 11th house. A dignified Venus brings out the best of this given house and vice versa.

Results of Venus in 11th House

Increased Sensual Desires

The 11th house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona. At the same time, Venus is the planet of pleasure and rules over every sensation of the body.

Hence, regarding this matter, Venus resonates naturally well in this house. It also indicates that a person with this combination has increased desires for sensual pleasures.

If Venus is dignified and strong, it indicates that a person is able to control their desires and remain moral while seeking satisfaction. It also indicates that they are skilled in pleasing the opposite gender.

Alternatively, if Venus is undignified in the 11th house, it indicates using sensuality in bad and immoral ways. For instance, they can express their sensuality to catch other people in a trap of illusion to attain selfish and often unethical goals.

It also indicates having negative addictions to satisfy sensual needs which leads to seeking immoral satisfaction of pleasures.

Colorful Marriage

Venus in 1st house vedic astrology

Vedic astrology telugu. The ability to offer great sensual pleasure to the partner contributes to building a very cvivid, colorful, and spicy marriage.

The pleasure is not only in form of physical intercourse, but also in form of massage or sound stimulation to promote relaxation of the whole body.

When Venus is dignified in the given house, it indicates caring about the sensual needs of the partner and the ability to satisfy them. This is the foundation of a long-lasting and happy marriage.

The actual reason for long-lasting marriage is their ability to see into their partners and soothe their souls. With that being said, physical satisfaction is only a bonus. They are able to concentrate on the inner worlds of their partners which turns them on.

Venus In Ascendant Vedic Astrology Sign

Their ability to be creative regarding desires is what keeps their partner refreshed and satisfied up to countless years. Their creativity gives these natives the ability to bring something new and fresh into marriage to keep it vivid and adventurous.

Undignified Venus indicates being selfish when it comes to physical pleasures. That is to say, individuals with weak Venus in the 11th house concentrate on pleasing themselves instead of offering sensual enjoyment to their partner.

Venus In Ascendant Vedic Astrology

As a result, their partners feel abandoned, not taken care of, and remain unsatisfied at times. Over time, this may cause some loss of harmony and spark in marriage.

Highly Romantic

Individuals with this combination are also highly romantic because of two major astrological indications.

Firstly, the 11th house is of gradual growth and expansion which increases the strength of Venus over time. Secondly, Venus casts a direct aspect upon the 5th house of romance and matters of the heart from the 11th house.

In other words, a highly desirous and sensuous Venus also influences their feelings. As a result, they become very romantic and express themselves in a very romantically emphasized manner in relationships.

It also indicates that they are rather emotional and sensitive from their heart. They can get hurt very easily, but will not hold grudges for a long time.


On the other hand, it makes these natives very flirty. They are fond of the company of the opposite gender with whom they like to share feelings with.

This effect is especially proven by the fact that the 11th house signifies connections, friends, and communities. Venus in this house makes these natives fond of sharing matters of beauty, pleasure, arts, etc. with large groups of people.

Other than that, they interact with groups of people or communities with pleasant behavior and this social attractiveness makes them easy to make new friends and acquaintances.

Supportive Contacts

If Venus is strong in the 11th house, it blesses the native with supportive people who offer comfort in the form of protection from the enemies.

That is because the 11th house is the powerhouse or Bhavat Bhavam of the 6th house of enemies, litigation, fights, disputes, etc.

With a strong Venus, individuals make connections with people with whom they are able to confront and defeat their direct enemies more effectively.

In addition to that, they also come across people who help the native in creative or artistic endeavors, as the planet Venus suggests.

As the 6th also denotes subordinates, teammates, or coworkers, it indicates great support from them.

Other than that, these natives with a dignified Venus form alliances with people with the goal to bring justice on its feet regarding any area of life.

Desire For Comforts

As the 11th house is about desires, dreams, long-term goals, and aspirations, Venus in this house indicates an inherent desire to lead a comfortable life.

That is because Venus is the planet of vehicles, luxuries, and other articles that make the life comfortable.

Their desire for lavish lifestyle makes them inclined to attain beautiful vehicles, home, and other precious items, such as jewelry in order to feel secure and contented in life.

With that being said, they always strive for a more convenient life. Obtaining articles of comforts becomes their main motive to earn profits and gains.

If Venus is strong and dignified in the 11th house, it ensures that these natives attain their gains through fair and moral ways. In fact, Venus is the planet of justice because of being a ruler of Libra which denotes moral law and balance.

Other than that, a strong Venus ensures a great amount of profits and fulfillments of materialistic desires to the native.

On the contrary, if Venus is undignified, it produces a person who is willing to attain their goals through corrupt ways. This makes them extremely materialistic and greedy which is the reason for their selfishness and lack of morality.

Gains Through Life-Partner

Venus, as being the ruler of the 7th zodiac sign, becomes the ruling planet of relationships and marriage as well.

Therefore, Venus in the 11th house indicates gains and profits with the help of their life partner. If Venus is dignified, it indicates that their life partner offers lots of comfort to these natives, both moral and financial.

Venus In Ascendant Vedic Astrology Calculator

Venus also reflects some parts of the character of the life partner. In the 11th house, the life partner of the native becomes very desirous and sensuous. Negatively, it indicates that the life partner is materialistic and inclined towards earthly pleasures, rather than spiritual.

If Venus is undignified or damaged in the 11th house in any way, it gives a deceptive, greedy, and selfish life partner to the native. Such a life partner is not able to satisfy the romantic and sensuous desires of the native.

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Venus In 1st House Vedic Astrology

In astrology 1st house or Lagna represents one self. The planet Jupiter represents the Magnetic personality. The Venus artistic planet rules beauty and love. The Moon represents attractive appearance. Mercury represents the freshness. Mars is masculine and represent overall physique, also rules the 1st sign Aires of Kalapurusha Kundali.

Important houses for Attractive physique are:

1st house: Head, physique, appearance, intellect, complexion, vigor and weakness, happiness and grief, innate nature.

2nd house: Face, wealth, speech, values, family, sanskar, DNA.

Beauty should be judged by Venus. Attractiveness by Sun for male and Moon for female. Mars represents strong physique for both male and female. Saturn(Exercise) should also be good with Mars(components used in Gyms and energy also) because both of them are combinations of Gym. We go to Gym to maintain our physique. People with weak Saturn generally don’t do exercise.

Venus In Ascendant Vedic Astrology Chart

Now combinations for attractive physique:

Venus In Ascendant Vedic Astrology 2020

  1. 1st house and 2nd house & there lords should be in benefic influence.
  2. Moon-Venus conjunction should be related to ascendant and 2nd house.
  3. Seventh lord/house from moon in D-1 and D9 chart.
  4. Sun, should be strong and in benefic influence.
  5. 1st and 2nd sign(Aries and Taurus) should be in benefic influence.
  6. Mars-Venus conjunction in 8th house or 2nd house and 2nd lord should be strong.
  7. Strong Saturn in ascendant and having benefic influence gives handsome personality.
  8. Venus(in watery sign) in ascendant make females very beautiful.
  9. Sun-Venus conjunction also gives attractive personality.
  10. If these above planets owns benefic Shastiamsa, then situation will be more beautiful.
  11. Check these positions in D-1 chart and also check D-2, D-9 chart ascendant simultaneously. If both the ascendant have benefic influence of Venus and Moon then attractive and beautiful personality is promised.
  12. See the D-27 chart, a strong Mars in this chart shows very good physique. A strong and beneific Venus supports attractive physique. If above planets and 2nd house/lord of D-1 and also of D-27 are badly placed in this chart then beauty is not possible.