• Venus in Eighth House in Vedic Astrology With Venus in the Eighth Home, the native will die a peaceful death, closely related to natural causes. Sometimes the actual cause of death will be related to the throat or the kidneys.
  • VENUS IN EIGHTH HOUSE OF HOROSCOPE If Venus is located in the eighth house then the person resides abroad. If Venus is inauspicious, in eight house of horoscope then the person is a secretive patient and he/she may have many illegal relations too. Because of high sexual desire, there will be a relationship with the older woman or man.
  • The Seventh House: The House of Partnerships. The Seventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Partnership. With this house, we see a shift away from the self toward another — a partner. By cooperating with and relating to another we unite for the purpose of achieving something.
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Mar 18, 2020 The reproductive system and the Cologne area are the body parts associated with the eighth house. Effects of planets in the eighth house in Vedic Astrology. Sun- Sun in the eighth house of an individual indicates a short span of life. These individuals are good looking with great speaking qualities but would have a lethargic attitude.

Results of Venus in 8th House

What does Venus in the eighth house mean?

According to various classical scriptures, Venus in the 8th house indicates good longevity and profits from debts. It also blesses with plenty of unexpected wealth gains, enjoyment of various luxurious conveyances, landed property, and comforts. Besides all the material blessings, the 8th house Venus also indicates a passionate and devoted spouse.

Read more about Venus and the 8th house in astrology.


However, if Venus is ill-placed (fallen – debilitated) in the 8th house, it decreases the longevity and brings a danger of chronic diseases related to Venus. Additionally, there might be a danger of never-ending debts and unexpected losses.

The 8th house is considered a Dushtana Bhava or house of difficulties, losses, and many other negative significances in Vedic astrology. However, as Venus is a natural benefic planet it has the capacity to lessen the harsh effects of the eighth astrological house.

To achieve that, it should be in a favorable sign. The considered house is the natural domain of the 8th zodiac sign Scorpio, which ruler Mars is neutral towards Venus, which also equals less harmful results.

Positioned in the 8th astrological house, Venus gives its aspect on the 2nd house of accumulated wealth, assets, family, face, and speech. With this aspect, Venus connects the 8th house with the second astrological domain.

Unexpected Wealth

First of all, Venus is the planet of luxury, and in the 8th house, it is capable of giving unexpected wealth gains, as connecting with the 2nd house. As the given house carries the energies of Mars-ruled Scorpio, it indicates assets of or related to landed property and gains through them. Western eastern astrology combined compatibility.

The better the positioning sign-wise, the better the results. With that being said, exalted Venus in the considered astrological house is capable of producing immense gains and accumulate ample assets.

Alternatively, if Venus is damaged in the considered house. That means, is fallen (debilitated), associated with an inimical planet, it decreases auspicious effects regarding wealth and luxury.

And if that is the case, there might be frequent issues regarding thefts, debts, and even bankruptcy, if in business. Shortly speaking, unexpected issues may haunt from every corner, if Venus and the 8th house lord is heavily damaged in the birth chart.

Transformational Relationships

The 8th astrological house also belongs to the triangle of salvation (Moksha Trikona), which with Venus in it, indicates that the transformations, both those on a soul level and outer, are experienced through relationships and marriages.

It can not be denied that the marriage is prone to have many ups and downs, which in the first place, is the catalyst of transformation on the soul level. For a beneficial transformation, and healthy relationships and marriage, a well placed Venus in its favorable sign is a must.

Gains in Marriage

In addition to that, the 8th house is the second house from the 7th house of marriage, which indicates gains after forming a marriage union and also support from in-laws. Hence, 8th house Venus is truly beneficial regarding luxurious lifestyle after being married.

There is a large variety of options for which types of gains there can be after marriage. For instance, there might be an act of dowry, expensive gifts from in-laws, and even sudden luck after becoming united with a life partner.

As the 8th house is a spiritual house, it definitely connects two people at a deep soul level, which also bring all kinds of gains and transformational events with them, and for the better if Venus is auspiciously positioned.

Occult Interests

Venus is considered as a spiritual guru in Vedic astrology, it definitely indicates interest towards the mystical, spiritual, and everything related to the occult side in the world.

During significant periods of Venus, there will come certain interests to surface, that will motivate to study for example palmistry, tantra, astronomy, astrology, numerology, Ayurveda, and many other spiritual topics.

People with 8th house venus are indeed well-aware of invisible forces that must be very carefully channeled in order to avoid using them immorally in selfish ways.

The outcome of whether these talents and powers will be used in a good or bad direction is dependent on the sign which Venus and the 8th house lord is placed in.

Overly Passionate

As the eighth house is represented by Mars-ruled Scorpio, which represents passion and sensual drive, Venus in this house proves that people with this combination are extremely passionate.

If Venus is strong and auspiciously positioned in the 8th astrological house, it indicates enjoyment of a very sensually passionate relationship, with the flame of passion burning lots of years to come. In addition to never-ending passion, the combination also blesses with a very devoted life partner.

However, if Venus is damaged anyhow in the given house, it indicates lustful desires which may lead to mages in self, soul, and marriage.

These untamable desires may also lead to forming illicit physical relations which will give, if not tamed on time, the punishment of getting infected with diseases related to private parts of the body.

Facial Beauty

Venus aspect upon the second house of face blesses with a sweet, pleasant and charming facial beauty.

Venus In Eighth House Vedic Astrology Numerology

As Venus is located in the 8th house, it gives a mysterious and darker shade of beauty to the face. As a result, the face of native with this combination is deeply mysterious but extremely charming, magnetic and attractive.

Deep Speech Intonation

With Venus in deep 8th house, one is usually having a deeper voice with slightly intimidating and straightforward intonation in it.

This is due to the aspect upon the second house, which also signifies speech. Additionally, the voice is also sweet, magnetizing, and charming, as influenced by Venus. There are really a lot of different tones produced by sound strings of people with 8th house venus.

Mysterious Art

Venus gives an artistic touch to the depths of the 8th astrological house. That is to say, people with this combination are fond of arts that are related to mysticism and darkness. In addition to plain art, the deepness of the considered house can be applied to any form of art, from architecture to acting.

Sarala Viparita Raja Yoga

Saturn In The Eighth House

If Venus is in its own sign, either in Taurus or Libra in the 8th house, it forms a very strong Sarala Yoga, which is one of the Viparita Raja Yogas. The general results of this yoga protect from the original negative effects of the significances of the 8th house and boost the positive results.

Accordingly, people with this yoga with Venus involved are brave in their way of speaking. If the conditions are adverse, they are never backing down as they strongly support peace and harmony.

While they are not aggressive, as a natural soft planet Venus is involved, they are willing to do whatever it takes to stand for their truths and achieve compromises in harsh situations and during litigations.


In addition to that, Sarala Yoga which is formed by Venus blesses with massive unexpected wealth gains and obtainment oof many conveyances and landed properties.

These natives are enjoying luxuries to the fullest, especially after forming a legal partnership or marriage. However, there might be initial pressures and very hard phases that are required to overcome before attaining the positive results.

Besides materialistic benefits, the powerful yoga protects from chronic diseases that are related to Venus and the 8th house, which are diseases mainly related to private body parts and organs, both inner (8) and outer (Venus).

Venus In Eighth House Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

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The planet Venus or Shukra is one of the auspicious presence in the planetary placements in the horoscope charts but it provides variant impacts which could be either pleasant or even adverse at times. The placement of Venus in 8th house would bring some easy benefits to the person and would keep his/her path of life quiet comfortable and simpler.

The natives of this placement of Venus in 8th house would be endowed with financial gains from variant channels in their life path with special indication towards financial benefits from the marriage. These people would possess many relations around in the social as well as professional arenas who would bring him/her true and strong benefits even though all of them won't be much deep and strong beneath. These people having Venus in eighth house could be perceived as fortunate and blessed walkers of the financial path. They won't be asked to put much of efforts for achieving what they want and for the same, they would lead a life free from worries and without much of hurdles in their path. They won't confront the real hardship of life and would be truly fun living and vivacious in their attitude. Sincerity won't be a part of their personality.

Apart from this, the placement of Venus in 8th house would make the person quiet possessive and jealous in approach towards the relationships around. They are quiet attached in relationships for being loving and warm from the core and so on they would spread love and crave for the same but would be fearful at the core. They would fear from being hurt & betrayed in relationships for which they would have very few relationships in the early or young age. Besides this, they are quiet fantastical in their attitude towards relationships and wish to live in the fantastical arena only as simple and practical things won't attract them. They are passionate in love and are truly vulnerable inside. These people could even make out business from the arena of love.

As the eighth house is at its own a negative arena for which no planet could stay completely positive here for which Venus here will also bring some adverse impacts as comprising aggression and short temperament to the spouse of the native. Besides this, most of the negative words of the native would become true and would be harmful. He/she would have a feeling of being misfortunate and would be very depressed at the mental composure at times.

The natives of this placement of Shukra in eighth house should never give any kind of assurance for anyone else besides which the vacant 2nd house would create problems in the conjugal path if the person would marry before 25yrs of his/her age which could even include the death of the spouse. You should never accept anything in donation or for free from others or should never accept the favors from others. You would pay respect and true worship to deities and should bend your head in temples. These natives should throw a copper coin or blue flower into a gutter or flowing dirty water for continuous ten days.

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