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To book a consultation, plz contact Mr. Shantunu @ (WhatsApp enabled) Plz contact in case of any issues Email: [email protected] Mar 31, 2019 Eg: if the dasha starts from sun, it will always be followed by moon, mars, rahu, jupiter etc. Or if the dasha starts from saturn, it will always be followed by mercury, ketu, venus and so on. In short, the ordering is of the list provided above. Antar dashas within a maha dasha also follows the same order, starting with the maha dasha lord. Feb 03, 2019 Venus mahadasha is the longest, a full 20 years. If Venus is well placed this period can be extraordinary covering a lot of life’s major activities, education, marriage, children, health and profession. I have written about how to evaluate Ketu’s Mahadasha earlier, so follow the same 3 steps for Venus’s analysis.

In most of the cases 75-80%, Venus Dasha is a good one. Especially those who have undergone a harsh Ketu dasha (7 years of hell) breathe easy in the loving embrace of Venus, the planet of love.

The earliest Vedic text on astronomy is the Vedanga Jyotisha; Vedic thought later came to include astrology as well. 88 Hindu natal astrology originated with Hellenistic astrology by the 3rd century BCE, 89: 361 90 though incorporating the Hindu lunar mansions. Wikipedia is an encyclopedic reference, not a textbook. The purpose of Wikipedia is to present facts, not to teach subject matter. Articles should not read like textbooks, with leading questions and systematic problem solutions as examples. These belong on our sister projects, such as Wikibooks, Wikisource, and Wikiversity. Sagittarius sees the world as a textbook they must study from, while Leo acts as the gracious host. Both are extremely social, but it is vitally important to Leo that they feel that they are in control of the conversation. The influence of Greek ideas on early medieval era Indian astronomical theories, particularly zodiac symbols , is broadly accepted by scholars.According to Jayant Narlikar, the Vedic literature lacks astrology, the idea of nine planets and any theory that stars or constellation may affect an individual's destiny.According to Jayant Narlikar, one of the manuscripts of the Surya Siddhanta. Vedic astrology textbook. Astrology Pursuit. I have been passionately conducting researches in India's Vedic astrology since 1993. My father Sri Pingali Venkata Subrahmanyachalapathi Rao is a brilliant astrologer. I learnt astrology from him. I learnt the basics when very young, but I always had doubts about astrology's worth. Several things did not make any sense to me.

Disclaimer: This was put as a comment under one of my articles “UNDERSTANDING KETU”. I was so wowed by this that I decided to put it as is is a post for all to read and understand the ways in which Ketu plays out.

The entire comment has been a copy paste and I haven’t changed even a comma or a full stop. Please read it:

So precise and accurate. Yours was one of the first article I read when I started my down-the-hill-journey 🙂

I am a very well planned person (always have a plan A, B, C… for everything) but I have been punched in my stomach for my foolishness to assume that I have control over things, that I will make it happen! I learnt how important it is to slow down – embrace – let it be – one day at a time. Most importantly, let it flow. The harder you try the brutal it gets.

I have spent 6 (of 7 years) in Ketu Mahadasha. The last 1 year (Ketu-Mercury) has been very difficult (more like unbearable) – watched my dad over 2 days on life support, lost my grandmother, quit my job (my resignation was a moment of shock + panic for my company uptill COO but my body/health refused to deal with the enormous stress & a loser boss – he wanted me to continue to deliver on shitty projects but also step down on my title (while I was seeking promotion). Lot of out-of-the-way attempts were made by company to retain me – 3 months off, etc. HR emails me once a month to ask if I am back. Apparently, they don’t want to lose my DNA from company) , my home (I live overseas – it was ego/identify shattering moment to pack bags & return), had a heart wrenching break up (What do you do when someone tells you (literally) “I love you but I can’t gather guts to be with you” How do you deal with someone’s coward behaviour, complex issues? Last I heard he still loves me & is still a coward). This all lead to some serious physical as well as mental health issues. I did not know what anxiety was till this all started – every morning I woke up with severe attacks, lost over 12 kgs, I wasn’t able to eat or sleep (no sleep for over a week, sleeping pill failed)


Because I was going through this – my family + some close friends were always there & worried – that made me feel worse. I felt ashamed (how, when, why did I identify my life with a job and/or a relationship),ashamed of my handling (cry like a baby day & night) my confidence hit rock bottom (am I good enough)!I had lost the confidence to make a simple decision in life (like I can never get anything right). I questioned my existence and every decision ever made!

From being the most practical, realistic, objective, happy person (in family + among friends) to being fragile, lost, unhappy (rather depressed – showed hiiiggghh symptoms of that), directionless & always fearful (I remember telling my mother & a close friend – I am always afraid. I can’t understand why?!)

Venus Mahadasha Honest Astrologer 2019

Venus mahadasha mars antardasha

I am now in Ketu-Mercury Dasha. Is life better – slightly. Its not perfect (as defined by society – best job, best partner, best home – whatever the hell best means) BUT it is peaceful! All God’ grace. I still get fearful, low on confidence, fidgety days (you see – when things start to get better after rock bottom – you think – do I deserve this? is this preparation for another downfall?). These are the days when I remind myself – I believe in God. I believe there is something higher/bigger than we tiny human beings. There are cosmic energies taking care of us. I am God loving (not God fearing – there is a huge difference). So in days of doubt/lows/decision making moments – I say out loud “Dear God, Not my will but Yours be done. I surrender all my actions, decisions, emotions, thoughts to You. Guide me through”

Honestly, Ketu is one of the best Dasha to introduce you to reality of life (not society definition, lol). It surely punches you in ways that you didn’t know existed but also gets you out of rat race – brings you to point to define your path by yourself. It ruins you so bad that you doubt if you can ever be that same person or even get back in right state of mind – your identity is in past tense/completely shattered. The only way to come out of it is to let it crash you, let the storm come in – SURRENDER! Pray to God (not like in a barter system – give & take) but seek guidance.

When one is going through such times – they look for something to read or hear that says “its going to be fine, you are not the first or last one go through this” If someone is reading this article or comments here – I wish, hope & pray that God bless you with strength & patience. Know, it will all make sense eventually & you aren’t the first one. You will come out lighter, free, liberated. It teaches you to let go of the idea of “identification” with materialistic aspects of life. What comes comes, what goes goes! Move like a breeze. (These are the things that I constantly remind myself)

Om Namah Shivaye

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

Venus Mahadasha Honest Astrologer Images

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Venus Mahadasha Honest Astrologer Reviews