This is likely to be one of those 'what just happened' weeks when the dynamics change so dramatically that the conditions have completely changed, seemingly overnight and especially on the professional front. There has been no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses all year, none on the job front in eight months and none usually expected until the Sun returns in June. However, all that changed with Mars' return to your work sector on Friday but the real game changer is Tuesday's Full Moon in your career sector. From out of nowhere there is a whole new energy in play on the job and career fronts and with lucky Jupiter less than three weeks away from his game changing return to your income sector, this is just the start of a major turnaround. This week is all about energising your professional year, ahead of lucrative developments. Meanwhile, starting the week with the Moon in an adventurous part of your chart will ensure this week isn't all work and no play.

1 day ago  VICE - There's a full moon in Scorpio this week. Mars entered water sign Cancer on Friday, April 23, at 6:48 AM and things have been much more chill since then! It can be frustrating without as much spark or fight, but at least what has been irritating. 1 hour ago  Daily Horoscope: April 28, 2021 VICE - Annabel Gat. 3h. The moon enters Sagittarius today. The moon in Scorpio connects with power planet Pluto at 6:38 AM and clashes with Jupiter at 8:31 AM, finding us exploring deep and intense emotions. The moon in Scorpio. Everything with the topic 'weekly horoscope' on VICE. Weekly Horoscope: July 16 - 22. There's a sense of calm this week as we find some rest between two intense eclipses.

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  • 1 day ago  VICE - The moon is in Scorpio today. The moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus at 4:51 AM, stirring up surprises, and we’re settling boundaries as the moon clashes with Saturn at 8:47 AM. The moon opposes Venus at 1:35 PM, finding us confronting our desires, and intense themes concerning control and power are.
  • Weekly Horoscope. Read your in-depth and accurate weekly horoscope to find out more about important transits affecting this week and next week’s astrology. Mar 21 - Apr 19. You move slowly through the obstacle course at the start of the week, gathering points as.

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Weekly Horoscope April 26 to May 2, 2021

The planetary aspects listed below are set for New York time.

Virgo gemini compatibility cafe astrology chart. VIRGO, however, has a more practical, down-to-earth turn of mind, while GEMINI just enjoys playing with ideas, without needing a purpose or practical application for them. GEMINI is also more of a risk-taker and will gladly do something once “just for the experience” while VIRGO is. Virgo and Gemini are both Mutable Signs. Both are quite flexible; both are able to adapt to change at a moment’s notice. Both can be somewhat wishy-washy, however, Gemini due to their incessant intellectual ruminations and Virgo due to their penchant for analysis rather than action. Cafe Astrology offers a report that interprets the synastry or compatibility of lovers and relationships. Cafe Compatibility when Times are Unknown. If you do not know the birth times and want a quick relationship report based on birthdates, this is the form for you. Gemini represents the masculine aspect of Mercury, Virgo the feminine (Mercury itself is androgynous). Virgo wants a dependable partner and therefore uses the penchant for clear communication toward forming the perfect relationship. Gemini is more intellectually focused than Virgo but does have a gift in relating to others.

Monday, April 26

  • 12:18 pm – Moon enters Scorpio.
  • 11:31 pm –Full Moon April 2021 at 07♏06 opposite Uranus brings unexpected events, sudden, changes, impulsiveness, and rebelliousness. However, the limiting and depressing influence of Saturn is an even stronger influence. This combination of hard Saturn and Uranus aspect makes this a full moon of restrictive change.

Tuesday, April 27

  • 04:01 pm –Pluto retrograde at 26♑48 makes this a weekly horoscope of reflection about power and control issues in your life. It also brings good fortune but with regret and disgrace.

Wednesday, April 28

  • 11:42 am – Moon enters Sagittarius.

Thursday, April 29

  • 10:26 pm –Mercury sextile Neptune from Wednesday to Friday is a good time for relaxation, creativity, and spiritual pursuits. Your words become soothing and can actually be healing to others. Relationships will benefit from your more compassionate and spiritual nature.

Friday, April 30

Vice Monthly Horoscope

  • 12:15 pm – Moon enters Capricorn.
  • 03:53 pm –Sun conjunct Uranus at 10♉40 from Wednesday to Sunday brings excitement, positive change, and greater personal freedom to this weekly horoscope. You should feel a strong urge to break free from routine, doing something totally different from your normal activities.

Sunday, May 2

Vice november horoscope

Broadly Vice Weekly Horoscope

  • 05:18 am –Mercury trine Pluto from Saturday to Monday is ideal for asking for favors and talking people into things. Your powerful intellect and influence over others could be applied to sales work, debating, bargaining, or negotiating favorable business deals.
  • 03:30 pm – Moon enters Aquarius.
  • 06:38 pm –Venus sextile Neptune from Saturday to Tuesday brings sensitivity and sensuality to make this a good time for passionate romantic encounters. Your increased magnetic allure will attract a tender and caring person, quite possibly your soul mate.

Vice Broadly Horoscope

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