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Mumbai, Mar 25 (IANS) Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna have reacted to Vinod Kapri's latest documentary film '1232 Kms', which highlights the ordeal of the migrant workers during the nationwide lockdown last year.

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Talking about the struggle of migrant workers during the lockdown and Kapri's documentary film which highlights the same, Sonu said: 'It was very hard for me to see the migrant workers, who were forced to endure such tough times. We must applaud the will-power of all those who fought those conditions and undertook those long journeys just to reach home. Vinod Kapri has done an incredible job with '1232 Kms' and has beautifully captured the journey of seven migrant workers. And kudos to Disney+ Hotstar VIP for bringing to the audiences such a real story straight from the ground.'

Journalist-turned-filmmaker Vinod Kapri accompanied a group of migrant workers travelling from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh to Saharsa in Bihar on bicycles during the lockdown last year, which inspired him to capture their experience in the form of a documentary film.

Chef Vikas Khanna said: 'A lot of people did not fully understand how difficult the lockdown was for the migrant workers - people whose livelihoods depend on daily wages. As the country went into complete lockdown, they lost their jobs which meant a loss of food and shelter for them. While they endured a lot of struggle during this time, the world also got to see gestures of kindness with people going out of their way to help those in need. Vinod Kapri's '1232 Kms' has captured these struggles and the stories of human kindness very beautifully. This was definitely a story that needed to be told.' When will i meet my soulmate vedic astrology n.

Vikas name astrology sign

Vika Name Meaning

While Sonu played a major role helping migrant workers reach their hometowns during the lockdown, Vikas Khanns supplied cooked and dry ration to the needy across India.

Vikas Name Astrology Sign

Produced and directed by Vinod Kapri, '1232 Kms' has Guneet Monga and Smriti Mundhra's Meralta Films as executive producers. The songs for this film have been penned by Gulzar and composed by Vishal Bhardwaj. The documentary film started streaming on Disney+ Hotstar VIP from March 24.