Both of the love planets, Venus and Mars, will visit Virgo in 2021. Glow-up goddess Venus swings through your sign from July 21 to August 16, joined by her dance partner Mars from July 29 to September 14. Hello, romantic and erotic renaissance! Dec 23, 2020 It's a brand new year, Virgo. To find out what the stars have in store for the Virgo zodiac sign in love, career, and life in 2021, read the full horoscope predictions by Allure's resident astrologer.

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Virgos, born between Aug. 22 and Sept. 22, will be happy to hear that after a difficult year, the future's looking bright. If you're wondering what's in store this year for you or for your Maiden-sign child, check out the Virgo 2021 horoscope.

Ready for some good news? 'The year ahead will have both professional success and personal happiness for you, Virgo. The planets are moving in a new pattern that will certainly smile upon you,' celebrity and pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Romper. Read on for more of what 2021 holds for those pragmatic Virgos in your life.


You could start the summer on a steamy note, Virgo. 'The most majestic moment of the year for your relationships is when miraculous Jupiter, planet of fortune and happiness, moves across the sky for you,' Thomas says. This movement will occur between May and July, and you may find yourself taking your relationship to the next level, Thomas says, whether that's by getting engaged, married, starting a family, or moving in with a partner. If that feels a little soon, Thomas adds, 'it's more likely that the discussions of such things will take place then, but the follow-through in these areas would come in 2022.'

Don't feel too discouraged if you start to get cold feet about some of these big decisions toward the end of the year. 'Venus will go retrograde on Dec. 19 in your 5th house. So you will be closing out the year reevaluating your needs and desires when it comes to love and romance.' Be sure to follow your gut, but don't let the fear of commitment cause you to miss out on a great thing.


You're going to work hard this year, but it will pay off (literally). March 21 through April 14 is a prosperous time for you, lucky Virgos. 'During this time you can see a return on investments,' Helene Cierzo, founding astrologer at Heart House Astrology, tells Romper. 'Your partner could get a bonus or you could even receive some gifts during this time. When Jupiter crosses your 7th house cusp from May 13 to July 28, you may receive an offer about a new business partnership. If you deal with clients, you may also attract more clients during this time, or land a very wealthy one!'


Working out and starting a fitness routine may feel less like an obligation this year, and more like something you actually love doing. You could tap a friend to become your fitness pal, and instead of meeting for drinks, meet up for a spin class or a walk. 'Saturn is asking you to really get disciplined with your health routines this year. The best way to deal with Saturn is to do a little every day. So choose something and stick to it. Whether it is daily yoga practice, or daily walks, just make the time and you will eventually see the results,' Cierzo says. In the process of helping yourself, you may find you're helping those around you, too. 'You will find great happiness in serving the people that you love and establishing stability, security, and a routine in every way,' Thomas says.

You may get an email, text, or a DM from a past flame or an old friend toward the end of the year. There's a chance for a reunion between the two of you, either to give the relationship another shot or have a productive conversation which may help you move on. 'You are one of the luckiest zodiac signs to reunite with someone from the past — whether for closure or another chance. Spend the year assessing if this is the healthiest decision for you,' Thomas says.



Well, Virgos, buckle up for a wild year professionally. A lot will be asked of you, but you will be able to rise to the challenges and exceed your own (very high) expectations of yourself. 'Your work life will become busier and more intense than ever before. If you feel that your 'day job' just isn’t fulfilling you anymore, you will rapidly shift to find something that provides more sustainability,' Thomas says.

And while you may be called to put all your energy into work, don't forget to carve out space for self-care and time to spend with the people you love. 'You are set to have a tremendously busy year, so make sure that you assess your work-life balance,' Thomas adds. But making strides at work, and doing work that is fulfilling will be a major part of your year. 'You’ll be especially fired up to tackle your goals in August and September, so create your vision board and launch toward it then. Venture forward into new territory.'



Good things are in store for your Virgo child this year. Thomas says they'll have a very busy year when it comes to their progress and productivity. 'They will be especially active, and their physical health will improve. They could be very busy with school and see more routine come to their lives,' he says. Your child may be a little clingy at the start of the summer, but it should pass quickly. 'From May until the end of July, they'll be extremely focused on their 'main person,' whether that be a parent or best friend, as they desire to pull close to someone who mirrors them.'

Virgos, you'll be unstoppable this year with successes in your career, bank account, health, and personal relationships. With all the productive, go-getter energy surrounding you, don't forget to make the time to relax and spend quality time with friends and family.

Virgo Horoscope Predictions for August 2021

Virgo August 2021 Horoscope is asking you to drop your suspicions and have more faith in other people. Planetary influences are favorable for commencing new ventures. Love relationships can be improved by having more confidence in your partner. You can think about planning about a baby.


Virgo personality should let go all the limitations that are holding you back. You are focused more on your meticulousness. It is time for recreation and leisure, and free yourself from the routine activities. There will be opportunities to take bold choices during the last week.

Virgo Love and Relationship Horoscope

August 2021 prediction for Virgo love relationships predicts that you will be highly dynamic and full of energy. Your friends will try to restrain your actions. You are looking for clarity in relationships in spite of being uninhibited.

Virgo compatibility will see major transformations in their love relationships. You go by your instincts and you have the cooperation of your life partner for your actions. Love life will be extremely enjoyable with plenty of action and socializing.

Single virgins are looking for flings than permanent relationships. The second half of the month is favorable for committing yourself to a good love alliance.

Virgo Family Horoscope Predictions

2021 birthday horoscope foretells that family relationships will face turmoil during the month. There will be external influences and the family environment will be full of discord and strife. Relationship between members will be far from harmonious. You should try your best to maintain peace in the family surroundings.

Children will be hampered in their academic growth due to the negative atmosphere and planets are not helpful either. Their relationship with family members and outsiders will be a matter of serious concern. Educational prospects will show a negative trend. It is the duty of senior members of the family to control their actions and guide them properly.

Virgo Health Predictions

2021 monthly horoscope for Virgo zodiac sign forecast a disturbing situation on the health front. Serious ailments tend to reappear and your stress levels will go up due to overwork. Proper medication and sufficient relaxation will be required to maintain good health.

You have to change your working habits and time your activities to remain peaceful. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are very much important to maintain your fitness.

Virgo Career Horoscope

As per 2021 Virgo Forecast for professionals, career prospects are quite bleak during the month of August. Stellar influences are not helpful and you will be putting in more effort without the likely rewards. Relationship with colleagues and seniors are not conducive for achieving your professional targets.

In the absence of any satisfaction from your career obligations, it is important to focus your attention on social service and spiritual engagements. If possible, you should upgrade your professional capabilities through advanced training.

Virgo Finance Horoscope

Virgo Zodiac Finance Horoscope for the month of August 2021 does not augur well for financial progress. What is rising sun in astrology. Business people will not be able to do well in their activities. Traders and exporters fail to make profits and meet their routine expenses. Fine arts dealers will not be able to sell their products at profitable prices.

Planetary influences are not very encouraging and this will not help businessmen to start new projects. Speculations will end up in losses and no surplus money will be available for investment purposes.

Virgo Education Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope July 2021 Pisces

Education forecasts for August 2021 for Virgo are not propitious for students. Stellar aspects will reduce your mental capabilities and coping with studies will be a stupendous task. Under such circumstances, those who are looking for higher education will fail to get admission to right subjects in good institutions.

Language and communication course students will find the going tough with their courses. Passing competitive tests will not only require more exertion, but also much more coaching.

Virgo Travel Horoscope

Virgo Sun sign Travel forecasts for August 2021 offer very good prospects and benefits from travel activities. Astral prospects are highly encouraging and there will be plenty of travel inside the country. Overseas travel will also be highly profitable in terms of business prospects and new avenues for growth.

Holiday trips with friends and family members will not only be delightful, but also very much memorable.

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