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Virgo is one of the three zodiac signs ruled under the earth element.The other two earth signs are Taurus and Capricorn.Since Virgo is the second earth sign in the zodiac, it picks up where Taurus left off and quickly arranges schedules and an impeccable building plan to be constructed around Taurus’ solid foundation.

✨ Mark down the best dates for your zodiac sign with your Virgo Monthly Horoscope! ✨ Beyond this, April has a great many other important aspects. The sun and new moon unite in your sector of intimacy on April 11, encouraging you to assess the give and take in your relationships. This can aid you in being in the best partnerships. Today's Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, March 20, 2021 Know what astrology and the planets have in store for people born under Virgo sign. Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Virgo today. 2 days ago A sign that is filled with logical and practical approach to life, a Virgo is a perfectionist by nature. They live a systematic life, extending this approach to all major aspects of their life. The Virgo would never deter from learning something new that will add to their existing talents. My Account Sign Out. Type keyword(s) to search. Today's Top Stories 1 The Year of Watches. Virgo Daily Horoscope. Virgo Weekly Horoscope. Virgo Monthly Horoscope. WEEK OF April 12 - 1 8, 2021.

Do you know the traits of a Virgo? As the zodiac’s sixth sign, Virgo personality traits include perfectionism, cleanliness and highly analytical behavior. Understanding Virgo traits can help you get along with this sign in love, work and life.


What are Virgo traits?

Have you ever met someone who was a perfectionist, a people-pleaser and even a little bit nit-picky and judgmental? Chances are, this person was a Virgo, the sign born between August 23-September 22. Learning the Virgo star sign personality and Virgo traits can help you coexist in harmony with this zodiac sign, which can be health-conscious and practical, but also uptight and overly-critical.

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Chief among the traits of a Virgo is their strong need for perfectionism. A Virgo is very opinionated and they despise laziness. They are highly productive and love analyzing a situation, but can often get stuck in analysis-paralysis as they nit-pick at all the details. Ruled by communication planet Mercury, a Virgo is an expert conversationalist. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin or Maiden, which is symbolic for a Virgo’s innocence or purity. As the zodiac’s sixth sign, Virgo loves anything streamlined and systematized.

Positive Virgo astrology traits include being dedicated, resourceful, helpful, hardworking and witty. They’re not afraid to speak their minds and voice their opinions! A Virgo can become anxious when they criticize themselves and others to the point of obsession. This is a sign that could benefit from the old adage, “Nobody’s perfect.”

Difficult traits of the Virgo sign include being preachy, self-destructive, overwhelmed, self-pitying and uptight. Virgo is a grounded earth sign and a dynamic mutable sign. They tend to talk a big game about their people-pleasing, and many Virgos secretly wish to be a hero. At times, Virgo can be narcissistic, believing that they are always in the right. They can also be extremely generous, however, always making themselves available to their loved ones when they’re in need.

Virgo Horoscope Sign Pictures

While some of these traits of the Virgo sign can make them seem overbearing, their humor and warmth is also endearing, and their charm is irresistible.

Now that you know more about the personality traits of Virgo, find out how you match with this zodiac sign.

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Comprehensive Virgo weekly horoscope on web covering Indian Virgo this week and Western Virgo this week horoscope prediction at one place. You can find your fortune in the predictions of Virgo Weekly Horoscope provided by Truthstar. It covers the various aspects of life and forecasts your future for a particular week. This week Virgo horoscope will cover all aspects of the life.

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope 26 April – 02 May 2021

You are advised to start walking and yoga, as daily routine, this will keep you fit and healthy. Daily exercising can also help you being healthy, although you will not have any major health issues in this week. You are going to get benefit from your past investments, in this week. You may also invest in new schemes, which are showing to give profit in future. While talking with your family members, you should be careful, and do not disclose your secrets, because this may increase your mental tension. You may not be able to fulfil your duties properly in office and due to this your seniors may be unhappy with you, and your image will get faded at your workplace. Due to your poor performance at workplace, there is a possibility that your promotion may be kept pending. Students of Virgo, will be appreciated for their hard work in studies, by family members and teachers. You may get honor and respect also. You are advised to be down to earth and not be arrogant due to the appreciation, you are getting, this may cause problems for you.

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope 19 April – 25 April 2021

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For keeping a good health, in this week you should have a healthy diet and fruits. You can also start morning walk. You should maintain a daily routine to keep yourself fit. There may be some issues in family and this will build a tension, and due to this you may have to spend money. But, this will not be a problem as you are in a good financial position. Rahu is present in the ninth house, and this makes you financially strong. At your workplace, you may talk to your seniors about the problems you are facing in the office. Also you can openly talk to your colleagues regarding the problems you are facing. In this week, students of this sun sign will have good results in their studies. Specially, mid of the week is favorable for you in respect of your studies. As you will focus towards your study, your performance will be outstanding, which may please your teachers also. This week is good for your studies and you have to be careful for your health.

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