Do you sometimes feel like another sign? Like, when you’re Libra but sometimes feel that mysterious Scorpio vibe? Then you may be one of those Cusp Signs – people whose birthday falls on the time when the Sun leaves one sign and enters another. Read on to learn more about the conflicts, struggles, and beauty of the Zodiac Cusp!
  • April 2021 Monthly Horoscope Overview for Virgo: Relationships are in strong focus this month, dear Virgo, but it can also be a power period for your career or role as a leader/caregiver. You are ready and willing to perform, more ambitious than usual, and energized about pursuing your goals.
  • Aug 15, 2017 Virgo-Libra with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The Water Signs will have a calming influence on Virgo Libra when they get overwhelmed or agitated. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be keen on seeing you take some “me time”. In turn those born on the Cusp of Beauty will have a positive influence on the tendency of Libra-Virgo to be moody.

This cusp sign surely is special because it’s both about fire and earth, caution and command, idealism and emotions. Leo-Virgo is full of conflicts and often feels like being torn between two extremes. Finding balance is a hell of a task for them. This is a war between the extroverted side and the introverted side.

Virgo libra cusp weekly horoscope

Back to all cusps Dates: February 15 - 21. THOSE BORN ON the Aquarius-Pisces cusp are known the natural psychics of the zodiac. Loved for their compassionate, understanding, and tolerant traits, Aquarian-Pisces tend to have more extroverted personalities than you might imagine for those with such sensitive souls.

This cusp is focused both on secrecy and communication. They know what to say at the right time but sometimes their desire for privacy and loneliness may prevail. Intimacy is important for this cusp sign but at the same time, they struggle with it. They just can’t open up quickly enough, so give them time!
Cuspers tend to have a more complex personality than other members of the Zodiac family. And, it can only be revealed through a complete soul profile. Tap to get started.

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Love When will i die according to astrology.




Virgo Libra Cusp Horoscope For Today


Given below is today's, (Wednesday, April 28) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Virgo & Libra zodiac combination.

Virgo Libra Cusp Horoscope

It is a unique situation for you which you have never experienced before. Your mind is not under control and your heart is under somebody else’s control. You may at times feel that you are powerless but you are not! You are just under the spell of LOVE. Let the emotions subside; you will take a control of yourself, till then just enjoy the aroma! You are very much passionate in love and at times that may blur your vision. So just put off the rose colored glasses and differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy! Do not be very serious over the petty issues; you should waste your time and energy on such trivial matters. Do not hold it close to yourself if there is something which you do not find easy to tackle alone. Your partner will surely understand what you are going through and will extend as much support as you need. They will be more than willing to handle your share of responsibility even in order to relieve you of the burden. The health of your children, if you have any, may be a cause of concern for the two of you. Relax. You will be able to find suitable cure and expert’s advice over this matter! However you two should also take a lot of care for yourself. Go for some insurance policies if you have not gone for them yet!

Lucky colors: Languid lavender, misty rose and myrtle green.
Lucky numbers: 1, 8, 45, 63

Virgo Love Horoscope & other signs

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