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  • Virgo/Libra Cusp Born between September 16th and 27th, you are kind and unselfish and usually but not always practical. You are able to discern when someone has a real need for help and so you avoid being unnecessarily imposed upon.
  • This cusp sign surely is special because it’s both about fire and earth, caution and command, idealism and emotions. Leo-Virgo is full of conflicts and often feels like being torn between two extremes. Finding balance is a hell of a task for them. This is a war between the extroverted side and the introverted side.

This article's content is based on The Secret Language of Birthdays book by Gary Goldschneider & Thomas Rezek.

Are you a Virgo? Or are you a Libra? Or maybe a little of both? If you were born on the cusp between these two horoscope signs, you may need to dig a little deeper to find out which sign is the “real” you.


Those born in the transition zone between the end of Virgo and the beginning of Libra will likely carry some characteristics of both horoscope signs, but the influence of other planets in the birth chart will also play a big part when it comes to determining your cosmic profile. But for now, let’s focus just on the cusp characteristics of Virgo/Libra.

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If you were born between about September 19 and September 24, you fall within the range of the Virgo-Libra Cusp, also known as “The Cusp of Beauty.” Individuals born on this cusp are ruled by both Mercury and Venus -- respectively, the planet of communication and the planet of love. Sounds like a pretty delightful combination, right? It is, indeed.

Beauty cuspers are balanced -- with sensitivities to both their internal and external worlds -- and they are deep thinkers who often are physically attractive, to boot. They are drawn to aesthetically pleasing people, objects, art and nature, and quick to keep up with the latest trends.

Virgo Libra Cusp Horoscope

But not to worry if that sounds superficial -- the Mercurian Virgo influence balances the superficial stuff with a serious side that brings out sharp analytical skills and a strong work ethic. This is especially true of beauty cuspers as they grow older.

Virgo Libra Cusp Solution Astrology


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Virgo Libra Cusp Horoscope 2020

Is there a downside to any of this? Well, occasionally these cuspers pay such close attention to detail that they can become perfectionists. Also, being so balanced and able to see all sides of a situation can result in some slightly indecisive behavior. But all this depends on the rest of the birth chart, too!