Behind the seemingly impenetrable emotional shell of the Cancer man is a vulnerable and quivering nature, but he tries not to let her out, being sure that a man should never look weak. Indeed, is it really a man’s business to be touched by the beauty of the flowers that have just blossomed or to be glad that after the rains warm weather has reigned? This is how the Cancer man thinks, who for most of his conscious life acts in front of others, trying to seem tougher and more brutal than he really is. And he is also a dreamer and a dreamer, like all people “kissed” by the Moon (this luminary patronizes the Cancer zodiac sign), but only he and perhaps a couple of people closest to him know about it. But when he meets a woman born under the sign of Virgo, he realizes that she is the one

Why does astrology work. It is difficult to say why exactly she inspires confidence in him. Perhaps because she does not demand anything from him. Before meeting her, Cancer was convinced that in relationships with men, women are looking first of all for benefits – whether material or psychological protection, but if a man cannot give his passion what she wants, her love will quickly fade away. Virgo behaves in a completely different way. She initially positions herself not as a candidate for the vacancy of the second half of brutal Cancer, but rather as a friend with whom you can talk about various topics (naturally, those that are appropriate to discuss with women), who can, at a difficult moment, give an encouraging pat on the shoulder, saying: “Hold on, I understand you.”

Oddly enough, this behavior does not take away her femininity in the eyes of the Cancer man. She can at times behave like a pampered young lady, she can sometimes get emotional and shed a tear, can amaze him with a sexy outfit – in general, she does not allow him to perceive himself as “his boyfriend”. Very soon, a Cancer man will understand that he has dreamed of such a sister all his life, however, since they are not related by family ties, he simply has no right to lose her.

The Cancer woman can bring out his playful side and show him how to enjoy himself more, so in this way the Virgo man benefits too from Virgo man Cancer woman compatibility. Earth signs and water signs traditionally go well together, and for this couple the Virgo man’s earthiness is the perfect foil to the Cancer woman’s watery depths.

Well, what attracts the Virgo woman in our Cancer moon knight? To begin with, she just likes that he sees in her first of all a person, and not a lady with spectacular external data or status. She sees in his eyes a genuine interest in her person, captures his enthusiasm for her speeches, feels an invisible, but stronger connection with each minute spent together. When she gets his favor, she wants more. And then she sets in motion all the strength of her Mercurian charm, appearing before the Cancer man as an anxious little girl in need of protection. The relationship between these signs does not flare up hastily, they grow out of friendly feelings.

The Cancer man and the Virgo woman enter into a life together with good baggage – there is mutual respect in their relationship and each of them is confident in his partner. Although there is no one hundred percent guarantee that someday Mercurial egoism will not wake up in Virgo and she will not put her interests above general ones. Most often this happens when the question arises before her: continue her career or devote herself to the family. Conservative Cancer, of course, will stand up for the family hearth, because he is always ready to take care of providing for loved ones. But Virgo may not want to sacrifice ambition for the sake of a family nest – at some point.

Of course, if her partner puts the question bluntly – he or a career, she will choose the first. But in this case, Virgo will sulk at him for a long time, and there will be no harmony in their relationship. If Cancer can approach her diplomatically, so as not to offend her self-esteem, and tries to find a solution that will satisfy the needs of both as much as possible, he can be given a medal “For the salvation of love”.

The union of a Cancer man and a Virgo woman is very sensual, lasting, prominent. This relationship has a great future – if only partners act together, not separately. To build good, trusting relationships, from the very beginning they need to understand each other, comprehend the motives of behavior, the mysteries of the soul of another person, and study his interests in life. Most likely, from the very first meeting, partners will find a lot in common between them, and this commonality will form the basis of their relationship.

A Virgo woman and Cancer man are in complete harmony with one another and this truly can be a love match made in heaven. From the first date, the Virgo woman knows her Cancer man could be 'the one'. She appreciates his depth and sensitivity. The Cancer man admires his Virgo woman's ability to refine. Cancer Virgo Compatibility When the Cancer and Virgo come together, there is a lot of care and nurturing flowing between the two. Their relationship is quite good and they make a great pair together. Both of them believe in having low key affairs and keep it quiet and simple.

A Cancer man and a Virgo woman should not try to change each other – they are good the way they are. In addition, freedom for each of this partnership means a lot, although they will gladly share part of it with their loved one. The views of each of these two are different, and they do not need to measure the actions and personality traits of a loved one by their own standards. It will be good if they together take up training, spiritual growth, try their hand at joint work or common passion – then they have a great chance to unite and become a monolithic, inseparable whole.

Virgo man and Cancer woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more. Visitor forum for questions and experiences. Virgo is an earth sign that is mutable and Cancer is a water sign that is cardinal by nature. The Virgo man Cancer woman compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts love rating. They have so much in common that there are very few reasons why the Virgo Man and Cancer Woman can’t be soulmates.

The Cancer man does not tolerate changes in his world, which he himself created. His partner, in the pursuit of orderliness and accuracy, will certainly make rationalization proposals and change their family world, which can be perceived by a Cancer man as an encroachment on his individuality. The Virgo woman can be overly critical – she easily lets go of caustic barbs and pedantic remarks towards her partner, which will soon bring the vulnerable Cancer man to white heat. The partner does not accept advice and comments – he knows better how to live, and will not tolerate such dominance in the relationship.

In turn, the Cancer man will be disappointed that his beautiful wife is not as romantic and sentimental as it seemed to him before. She laughs or ignores his dreamy impulses and romantic aspirations, because of this, the partner can suffer deeply and become depressed. Of course, the described situation in the relationship between a Cancer man and a Virgo woman is only an extreme, to which partners can reach if they do not understand each other. Fortunately, this happens very rarely, because the Cancer man and the Virgo woman strive for stability in relationships, and feel the value of their union.

To restore peace and quiet in a couple, the Cancer man and the Virgo woman need to remember the individuality of the partner. Each of them is bright and valuable precisely in its role, and can bring a lot of benefit to the family, remaining itself. A Cancer man can always rely on his stronger partner, he will feel more confident and decisive with this balanced and calm lover, who will always be faithful to him. The Virgo woman, in turn, will learn from her partner a more subtle view of things. She will be more lyrical and romantic, feeling the tenderness and charm of a Cancer man in love. The relationship between these two partners, like aged wine, gains special value over the years.

Cancer woman and Virgo man are known to be a very compatible combination of zodiac signs.

They have the potential for a lasting and successful relationship.

What’s more, they tend to have similar characteristics. Such as being loyal, kind, loving, and honest to others and to each other.

They are also both very reserved and family-oriented.

In addition, Virgo man tends to highly admire the good nature of the Cancer woman who is very patient, committed, and strong.

On the other hand, the Virgo guy is a man of great intelligence and versatility, and his Cancer woman finds him very alluring.

Because of the Virgo guy’s reserved nature in the bedroom, it is sometimes necessary for the Cancer woman to discover his hidden desires to achieve sexual satisfaction.

A Virgo man is stimulated by his partner whispering in his ear during love-making. This erotic sensation releases any inhibitions and brings fulfillment to both parties.

As this may sometimes be viewed as a sensitive subject for women, I include a link to a program that can exactly explain it. The information is supplied by relationship expert Felicity Keith in her program Language of Desire.


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Virgo Man Cancer Woman Attraction

The Virgo male is known to take his time in everything he does. He has a built-in natural ability to be good at what he does. This makes him reserved for going into anything new, especially with a romantic connection.


If you feel this Virgo man of your dreams is not showing interest in you, it may be that he is feeling a little under pressure.

Try to allow him the space to make the running and you may well be surprised how attentive he becomes.

This, of course, is a general overview of these two-star signs. If you have the hots for a Virgo man it would be wise to establish just how compatible you will be.

According to astrology, finding and maintaining the perfect relationship is not down to an accident. It is down to Cosmic compatibility through understanding each other’s needs. This is based on the solar energies of the two individuals.

When in a relationship, the Virgo man and his Cancer woman tend to focus on making each other grow and prosper. What’s more, they are able to find reliability, security, and comfort by being together.

This, in turn, is the mainstay of their relationship.

If you are in a relationship with a Virgo man, or maybe you’ve just met and are wondering how compatible you are, then this article is for you.

How Compatible Are Cancer Woman And Virgo Man?

Romance and Love Compatibility

The Virgo male Cancer female is known to create a very strong bond as their relationship progresses.

Provided they take the time to learn each other’s characteristics and make allowances.

In life, each person is different, and becoming one together in a relationship needs adjustment.

This is because they not only find affection, stability, and understanding in one another, but they also offer each other support.

What’s more, Virgo man and his Cancer woman admire orderliness and routine. These are qualities that also help their relationship to thrive.

Virgo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

In addition, where different traits come into play, they tend to balance each other out. For instance, the Virgo man is always very tolerant, attentive and understanding of his emotional, and moody partner.

What’s more, she is able to find security and stability in her Virgo partner.

To understand more about a Virgo man’s characteristics and how he thinks, you may find it helpful to read a recent review I carried out.

Anna Kovach is a devoted astrologer and relationship coach and has written a book called Virgo Man Secrets.This work delves into the psyche of a Virgo man and uncovers everything about his character.

Any woman in, or contemplating a relationship with a Virgo guy may find My Review of extreme interest!

If you are a couple in such a match, you are likely to enjoy a relationship of deep affection, passion, and devotion. However, it is important that you avoid being critical towards your sensitive Cancer partner so as to continue enjoying marital bliss.

However, it is important that the Cancer woman understands that her husband can be overly critical at times. She should, therefore, learn to accommodate his criticisms.

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Virgo man Cancer woman Sexually

Contemplating or improving a relationship with a Virgo man will involve wondering how compatible you are in the bedroom. My post, How to sexually please a Virgo man, may give more advice to those at that stage of their relationship.

Well, it is important to note that your sex life may not be as exciting in the early days as you would wish. This is because you two are still getting to know each other, and each will take time to ‘open up’.

Understanding each other’s needs will add zing to lovemaking, but a Virgo guy is slow to reveal in case he offends. It will be up to the Cancer woman to initially take the lead.

You may find it helpful to read my review of Virgo Man Sextrology. This study goes into the intricacies of how a Virgo man acts regarding sexual encounters.

The Cancer woman tends to approach intimacy in an intuitive manner. This is likely to make her Virgo man warm up to her and as a result, end up revealing his sensual side.

The Cancer woman is very good at satisfying the needs of her Virgo man. As long as she is aware of what really turns him on. Find out more about The Language of Desire here.

The Virgo man can also be very wild once he is happy that he knows he is doing nothing to offend his partner.

Virgo Man Cancer Woman Problems

Any relationship has some occasional downs, and it is no different when problems pop up between Cancer woman and Virgo man. Sometimes problems between a couple take some figuring out.

Most problems between this couple arise through misunderstandings caused by not totally appreciating the other’s characteristics. The following may help clarify any differences.

Character Differences That Need Understanding

Virgo man Cancer woman problems can arise when for instance the Virgo man has pressures of work or career issues. He is more likely to bottle up by over analyzing the situation, whereas the Cancer woman tends to react to emotion.

A balance needs to be reached between the two of you helping each other solve the problem. It is important to agree at an early stage in the relationship that any problems need to be discussed openly and, also with neither over- reacting.

The Virgo male finds it hard to deal with outbursts of emotion so the Cancer female needs to assess any situation where the Virgo man seems withdrawn. He will get around to discussing situations when he has thought things through.

To understand more take a look at Virgo Man Secrets.

Emotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of the Virgo man and the Cancer woman is quite unique. For instance, the Virgo man tends to handle his problems logically.

Virgo Man Cancer Woman Compatible Astrology Signs

This sometimes makes him appear as if he is cold and emotionally isolated. In addition, he is not so good at expressing his feelings and tends to keep them to himself.

Understanding how a Virgo guy thinks in a relationship gives his partner a massive advantage in making things work.

Because a Virgo is slow to reveal his true character a woman needs to know how to build trust.

See my review of Virgo Man Secrets, by astrology expert Anna Kovach, and put yourself in the position of controlling your future happiness.

Cancer woman, unlike her Virgo man, can be very sensitive and emotionally unstable.

However, she is able to cope with the feelings of her somewhat aloof partner if she knows what she is dealing with. She is a woman who is highly instinctive and in time will know how to figure out what he is thinking.

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Marriage Compatibility

The Virgo man Cancer woman marriage is a combination known to have the capabilities of being compatible with a long-term relationship. Their shared values of hard work, commitment, and need for security make this union work.

They have the ability to have a very successful and long-lasting marriage. One that is focused on achieving set goals and creating a nurturing and close family.

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Final Thoughts

If you are in such a match, you are likely to have a very harmonious union. The Virgo Cancer compatibility is strong because you tend to have a lot in common.

However, it is important that you avoid criticizing each other rather than talking things through.

Any relationship needs work and understanding of the other person’s point of view. A lot of traumatic situations can be avoided by understanding a Virgo man’s characteristics.

This book was written by Anna Kovach. An astrologer and relationship expert entitledVirgo Man Secrets will help you understand more about his complex nature.

I hope you found this article helpful. There are lots more on my website covering different situations that you might find yourself in with a Virgo man.

Always happy to try and answer questions if I can. You can contact me via the comments box below in this article.

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