Virgo, April 2021
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Month of April You could find that, during the buildup to the Full Moon on the 26th, your thoughts and feelings relating to love and intimacy become noticeably more profound. You have a chance to dive deeply into new passionate realms, but the Full Moon strongly implies this could feel intense as well. Virgo Monthly Horoscope for May 2021 forecasts that Jupiter will act on your marital life during the second half of the month. You should not allow professional life to interfere with your love life. Career prospects will be helped by the beneficial aspects of the Sun. This month will prove to be excellent for your love life as you see harmony return to your relationship. Any disagreements between married couples will be resolved and you will experience a new warmth and closeness in your relationship. Some of you may be pleasantly surprised as you get an unexpected romantic proposal from a close friend of yours. Apr 01, 2021 Virgo Monthly Horoscope for March 2021 March 1, 2021 By: Jenna This promises to be a big month for you, Virgo, one of the best of 2021. On the 3rd red hot Mars moves into Gemini, your tenth house of successfully achieving things that are important to you.

What does 12th house represent in vedic astrology. The monthly forecasts are usually published on the first Saturday of each month. If you'd like to read yours up to 2 weeks in advance then why not take a free trial of the 5 Star Service?

Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope 2021


Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope November

Your April Monthly Horoscope: Experience has taught you to take certain situations in your stride. Hardship? You know it so well that it hardly bothers you; sometimes you're even inclined to find its absence worrisome and unnerving. Even if I was to tell you that this month presents you with the cosmic equivalent of a yellow brick road leading towards the sunny pastures of success, you'd wonder what the catch was. So I won't say that! Nevertheless, the celestial alignments indicate that April will be better than you think. The 'Pink' Supermoon is known, in different places around the world, as the Hare Moon, Egg Moon, Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon, Seed Moon, Waking Moon or Hanuman's Moon. But, whatever you choose to call it, you'll be feeling 'in the pink' too! To celebrate, we are offering 50% OFF all your in-depth birth charts now!