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22) You are best known for your remarkable ability to create clear, instantly understandable communication. Your words sing with color—people are compelled to listen to all you have to say. The words in your vocabulary are like jewels—unique, elegantly refined—and they make your manuscripts dazzle. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed today's #Astrology video. Feel free to Subscribe & Click the Bell if you'd like to be notified for future uploa.

Your opinion will have a far-reaching impact in November. Thanks to the influence of Mercury, the others will listen to you and take you very seriously. For many, you will even become a role model and gain recognition for your long-term achievements. Your creativity will come to light, thanks to which you will continuously come up with ways to amaze others.
Virgins will also be excellent mentors this month. Your observation skills will be sharpened, and you will very quickly discover how things actually are. Your ability to comfort your loved ones with just words will be incredible.

Socialization won’t be a problem for you now, however, when it comes to some more serious decisions, you’d better stay away. In the heat of emotion, you could make a decision which you could regret a lot. November will awaken a certain dose of vindictiveness, so when you find out that somebody did something behind your back, you’ll want revenge. Remember that vengeance is not always the best solution. Virgo is a naturally diplomatic sign - consider if revenge is not below your level.

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The Sun in Scorpio
Oct 23.00:46 - Nov 21.21:26
Oct 23.
The Sun in Sagittarius
Nov 21.22:26 - Dec 21.10:48
Nov 21.

Due to your fighting spirit, you might be thoughtless or even obsessed. Be careful when dealing with other people as you might harm the ones you care about. On the other hand, you could reach great things thanks to your stamina and self-confidence. You might also feel a volatile change of your mood and reverse feelings. Others may perceive you as a humanitarian but if a situation changes you might want to be vengeful.

You will definitely enjoy calmness in this period. Your mood will be rather very positive and optimistic. Your behaviour in society will be sophisticated, self-confident or even intellectual. A potential success will lead you forward. Thanks to great discipline, you might excel at sports. However, a desire to make decisions with your heart, not brain, may decelerate you. You will feel great surrounded by family or in a stable relationship. It is also a convenient place to self-realize.

Venus in Libra
Oct 28.02:27 - Nov 21.14:07
Oct 28.
Venus in Scorpio
Nov 21.15:07 - Dec 15.17:06
Nov 21.
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During this time, you will subconsciously attach great importance to relationships and ensure they are well-balanced and harmonic. That’s the key to happiness for you. Another advantage is pleasant demeanor, you seem almost magnificent to other people. However, when it comes to serious decisions, you can feel insecure. That’s your weak-point these days.

These days, you will look for individuals with a complex and mysterious mind. You can’t resist the temptation of everything forbidden which makes you more open to taboos. Even though your feelings are more intense than ever, you do your best to hide them and keep a poker face.

Mercury in Libra
Oct 28.02:36 - Nov 10.22:37
Oct 28.
Mercury in Scorpio
Nov 10.23:37 - Dec 1.20:36
Nov 10.

If you get near two people having an argument in this period, it will be very demanding for you to agree with only one of them. Your decision making will be slower as you will need more time to consider everything. If you have to convey your opinion, your expression will be rather ponderous. Furthermore, you would not like to make enemies, you would prefer to be friends with everyone.

In this period, a great influx of mental energy may occur. You will be able to absorb information even late at night, feeling no tiredness. If your mind is focused, everything is possible. No obstacle will be huge enough for you. Additionally, you will be interested in original topics, for example sex, occultism or medicine.

Virgo September Love Horoscope

During this period, you won’t have problems reacting impulsively. You will make a good leader too. You will also be capable of persistent and purposeful love. Your energy can get you anything you long for. However, look out when there are any stressful situations because you may tend to behave thoughtlessly and even arrogantly.