1. Virgo and Pisces Emotional Compatibility 90% Although they express and handle their emotions differently, Virgo and Pisces are extremely attracted to the.
  2. Virgo Pisces Compatibility. No one can fly unless the fairy dust has been sprinkled on him. The Fish were born under a double feminine influence – the feminine Sun Sign of Pisces, ruled by the also feminine planet, Neptune.
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Virgo and Pisces are opposite each other on the zodiac wheel, which will result in a magnetic attraction between two opposite signs. To each sign, the other represents the 7th house of marriage, love, and partnership, and there is a natural sense of harmony and mutual affection in this combination.

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Romance and Love Life between Pisces & Virgo

Romance and love between a Virgo and Pisces can be delightful and enduring. Their love connection combines Virgo’s sensual grounding and Pisces’s sensitivity and vivid imagination. Both are compassionate and devoted partners. Virgo might have read many books about magical, heart-fluttering romance but Pisces will offer them a chance to experience it, first-hand. A romantic connection between a Pisces and Virgo will involve plenty of care-taking on both sides. Virgo can stimulate Pisces’s mind and discover an amazing world of fantasy that Pisces will grant them privileged access to. In return, Pisces can take Virgo to emotional depths Virgo is unlikely to have experienced previously and help them to connect with their imaginative and romantic sides.

Sexuality and Physical Compatibility between Virgo

& Pisces

Sexuality and physical compatibility between a Virgo and Pisces can strengthen delightfully once both overcome shyness. Neither views sex as recreational, and both understand the objective is to ensure the other is satisfied in the first instance. Both can be reactive sexually, so they’ll need to let their sex life evolve in order to discover who is willing to take the lead. Virgo will want to take care of Pisces, and Pisces will want to take care of Virgo. Therefore, sex between a Virgo and Pisces will always be balanced with love playing an integral part in the connection.

Intellectual Compatibility and Communication between Pisces & Virgo

Intellectual compatibility and communication between a Virgo and Pisces combine Virgo’s ability to communicate verbally and Pisces’s ability to anticipate what Virgo will say before they say it! Pisces knows Virgo has a vivid imagination and can help them to learn to harness and apply it. Virgo’s life tends to be mapped out in meticulous detail. That’s why they can become stressed when plans go awry. Pisces excels at going with life’s flow, tends not to plan ahead and relies on razor-sharp intuition to guide them. Together, they can find common ground, with Virgo showing Pisces the benefits of structuring their life better. Pisces can help Virgo to accept that plans don’t always go to plan, and it can be exciting to apply some imagination to deal with life’s hurdles.

Virgo Pisces Compatibility Astrology

Strengths and Weaknesses between Pisces & Virgo

Strengths of a Virgo and Pisces relationship can include a magnetic attraction that involves both partners knowing how to allay and soothe each other’s fears and worries. Virgo can help Pisces distinguish which of Pisces’s visions stand a chance of becoming real and those that are unachievable fantasies. Pisces can help Virgo to reach creative heights and emotional depths Virgo has dreamed of. The weaknesses of a Virgo and Pisces could involve Virgo forgetting how sensitive Pisces can be. If Virgo applies their meticulous planning abilities to their relationship, deciding what will happen by which date, Pisces will struggle to comply and lose interest. Virgo needs a partner who will be consistently reliable. Therefore, they’ll need to summon considerable patience with flighty and dreamy Pisces who will seem to operate on ‘Pisces Time’ and not ‘Virgo Time.’

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General Compatibility between Pisces & Virgo

Virgo and Pisces compatibility involves a combination of Virgo’s exceptional communication skills and sharp intellect, and Pisces’s amazingly vivid imagination. Virgo can provide stability and practicality that Pisces lacks. In return, Pisces can help Virgo to accept that the world will continue to turn without Virgo feeling so determined to achieve perfection in all they do. They both possess very quick wit and will delight in sharing astute and often hilarious observations about life. As long as trust and constant openness exist on both sides, this pairing can be magical and long-lasting.

Virgo Pisces Compatibility Astrology

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman

Virgo Pisces Compatibility Astrology Chart

Compatibility between a Virgo Man and Pisces Woman is based on strong, shared sensitivity and compassion. The Virgo Man is practical and grounded but can have boyish qualities that make him extra sensitive at times. This is likely something the Pisces Woman’s sharp intuition will detect, and both could feel a deep desire to protect each other from the outset. The Virgo Man will likely admire the Pisces Woman’s rich imagination and her intuitive abilities that can be psychic at times. The Pisces Woman will admire – and possibly feel relieved to discover – the Virgo Man’s grounded earthy qualities. As a born romantic, the Pisces Woman might believe she has met the last of the real gentlemen!

Virgo Woman and Pisces Man

Virgo Pisces Compatibility Love

With a Virgo Woman and Pisces Man, compatibility is based on shared compassion and a genuine desire to assist or support others. The Virgo Woman communicates in a thoughtful, structured and intellectual way while the Pisces Man is guided by his imagination and can create amazing pictures with his words. The Virgo Woman brings powerful sensuality to this connection, and the Pisces Man brings a deeply intuitive and romantic approach. The Virgo Woman can offer the Pisces Man some much-needed grounding and practicality. In return, he can offer her a chance to understand and embrace her emotions. When they find the right balance, this connection can shift from being Earth-bound to ethereal.