The Virgo and Sagittarius match bodes very well when it comes to a long term love compatibility. Here we have two Mutable Signs, with Mutable Earthy Virgo and Mutable Fiery Sagittarius combining forces in love. On paper it can seem like there are more differences than common ground, but the mutable nature of both Virgo and Sagittarius will help this relationship keep plugging along. Both Virgo and Sagittarius move at different speeds, and both will need to learn a little give and take when it comes to the pace of this relationship. When they can navigate those bumps, this is a match that will be mutually satisfying with plenty of heat, sparks, and real talk that keeps the love alive.

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SUN SAGITTARIUS-VIRGO While VIRGO tends to focus on the trees, SAGITTARIUS is interested in the forest. Very often VIRGO points out problems with specific details of any situation, while SAGITTARIUS would rather discuss the overall, general outlook rather than the practical details. These different approaches can balance each other. Sagittarius to Virgo Co-worker Passion in accomplishing your goals can't be seen by much different outlooks and skill sets as the Virgo and Sagittarian approach couldn't be further from being similar, however, the drive is there and a willingness to work together that is enough to make this partnership become only what can be described as. VIRGO, on the other hand, loves to analyze and criticize, and is intolerant of illogical or erroneous thinking. VIRGO is more demanding of others and confronts others when necessary. LIBRA finds these confrontations extremely uncomfortable and often embarrassing. VIRGO is much more exacting and demanding in all areas of life.

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In this match we have the Mutable Earth Sign Virgo paired with Mutable Fire Sign Sagittarius. As such this pair starts off with a mutable bond that is flexible, adaptable, and helps to nurture their common approaches to life. Neither one of these signs likes drama, and both Virgo and Sagittarius are willing to be flexible when problems arise. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and thus is ruled by an authentic nature of real talk. This is very sexy to Sagittarius who just wants a straight shooter. Sagittarius on the other hand is fiery, impulsive, and has a lot of energy to offer the relationship. Virgo will be excited by this, even if it's not their first approach to life. Virgo loves all of the new places that Sagittarius wants to take them to. And Sagittarius loves that sometimes a long night in will meet every need just fine. Both Virgo and Sagittarius are looking for a rooted but entertaining partner, and this is exactly what each of them bring to the table, in their own unique ways.

virgo and sagittarius Compatibility - The Cons

Combining Fire and Earth in the Virgo and Sagittarius love match has a lot of differences on paper that some people think can't be navigated. Fiery Sagittarius is one that moves quickly in all areas of life, and they may not like Virgo's slow and analytical approach to love. Virgo on the other hand is organized and on the critical side on occasion, and will feel pressured if Sagittarius tries to move the relationship on quicker than Virgo is comfortable with. Virgo as well is a known hermit, and even marked by the Hermit in the Tarot. Sagittarius is anything but, and will tire of Virgo's 'no' whenever it comes to a night out. Sagittarius also has a low threshold for criticism, and will flee from the union at the very first sight of it, as handling problems in love is not exactly Sagittarius marker or claim to fame. Virgo on the other hand may find Sagittarius too flighty for them as a result.

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The Mutable energies in both Virgo and Sagittarius are what will help to keep this relationship alive. Both as Mutable Signs are flexible and adaptable to almost any situation. As such, because we have Fire and Earth energy in play here, both are going to need to exercise their flexible bones, a lot. Grounded in the Earth, Virgo will be the one that has the least amount of problems with this, but can they stick it out for the long haul? Virgo will find themselves giving Sagittarius more than a few second chances. So long as Virgo is okay with this, this match has a chance. But how many times can Sag push the envelope? Sagittarius will need to be careful with this one if they want to keep Virgo around. Which they do! If they can communicate through these problems with some real talk, the Virgo and Sagittarius love compatibility has a real chance for some sizzling success.

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Virgo sagittarius compatibility cafe astrology compatibility

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Virgo Sagittarius Compatibility Cafe Astrology Compatibility

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Scorpio and Virgo:

A first date between Virgo and Scorpio could be a movie and dinner at a quaint cafe. Both of these zodiac signs like movies. Virgo likes the quiet, intimacy of cafes and Scorpio loves people watching. Dates with Virgo are easygoing, and both will feel an unspoken bond.


Underneath Virgo's cool surface lies a passionate lover. Over time, Virgo opens up and shows a creative but structured successful star sign. They are wary of relationships and are vulnerable to power-games. Distrust can be appeased by a partner's stability.

To attract Virgo, show stability and don't pull any surprises. Display your personal success and converse intelligently about current events, facts only. Virgos are impressed by virtue.

Scorpios are demonstrative, intuitive and passionate. Immensely curious and successful, there will be few dull moments in this love match. Imaginative Scorpios can be a bit dominating and get seriously upset when they don't get what they want.

Virgo Sagittarius Compatibility Cafe Astrology

To seduce a Scorpio be prepared to invest time. Scorpios have to be sure a potential love mate can be trusted for life. They like being surprised by their lover's intellect and being told about things they've never heard before. Display genuineness, and no pick up lines.

Virgo lovers also take time to be trusting and comfortable with their partner. Once established, sex will be enjoyable and sensual. But, if Virgo will forego endless analytics in the bedroom, sex would be explosive. Scorpio is a fearless lover and will take Virgo along for the ride to unknown places. Virgo will certainly learn about eroticism in the bedroom.

The shy and reserved Virgo likes the strong personality of Scorpio but cannot match the emotional intensity of this lover. Great friendship is pretty much assured, but a love match could be questionable. Virgo is fussy and critical. Scorpio tires of Virgos continual analysis of the world.

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