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Sun square Ascendant natal causes relationship difficulties when people try to hold you back or stand in your way of success. In one-to-one relationships, the main problems are that your needs are not compatible with theirs. Unfortunately, to reach your goals you may have to sacrifice a friendship or learn to put up with stressful conditions.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope Susan Miller

Early in life, you may sacrifice your needs and ambitions to keep a relationship going. On the other hand, you may change yourself or your goals to fit in and to have companionship. While this may keep other people happy it will lead to building dissatisfaction and resentment.

You will come to realize that you need to be true to yourself and not live as others wish you to live. If you keep trying to please others just to maintain harmony you will lose their respect and end up being used and abused.

Your path is not an easy one with many trials and errors in learning to relate to others and being self-confident. Setting ambitious goals will force you to strengthen your character and live your own life. With professional success will come great satisfaction and pride. You will earn the respect of your peers and healthy, stable relationships will follow.

HoroscopeVirgo Weekly Horoscope Susan Miller

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Sun Square Ascendant Transit

Virgo Horoscope Susan Miller 2021

Sun square Ascendant transit means you will spend a lot of your time and energy dealing with other people. Unfortunately, a tendency towards selfishness can lead to you trying to dominate others or others trying to dominate you. You may end up wasting too much of your time and energy trying to get your own way to make sure that what you are fighting for is worth it.

Self-awareness is the key to dealing with this competitive energy. If you really believe that your intentions are in your best long-term interests then push ahead with confidence despite the initial backlash. In most cases, however, people will feel so threatened by your actions that they will work against you. If these people have power and authority over you then the best course of action is tactical retreat or compromise.

When will i become pregnant horoscope. This interpretation for Sun square Ascendant transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Ascendant.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope Susan Miller

Sun Square Ascendant Celebrities

Elizabeth Taylor 0°10′, Ian Thorpe 0°16′, Al Pacino 0°19′, Michelangelo 0°27′, Cary Grant 0°31′, William Henry Drummond 0°43′, Erik Menendez 0°45′, Charles II of England 0°50′, Joe Pesci 0°51′, Susan Miller 0°52′, Agatha Christie 0°57′, Amelia Earhart 1°03′, Carrie Fisher 1°10′, L. Ron Hubbard 1°10′, Bernadette Brady 1°14′, Paul McCartney 1°19′, Whoopi Goldberg 1°19′, Iggy Pop 1°23′, Nancy Reagan 1°31′, Denzel Washington 1°39′, Vincent Price 1°40′, Irene Cara 1°48′, William Lilly 1°55′, James Woods 2°10′, Pablo Picasso 2°55′.