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According to the “WAP” interpreter, when she became a stripper, it didn’t sit right with her at the beginning. “There were times when I was crying, like, ‘Oh my gosh, if my mom or my dad. The horoscope primarily captures the planetary positions, the time and place of your birth and analyzes the data to create your generic life chart. By reading your horoscope, you get to know your strengths, your weak points, and various other predictions that help you plan your life well in advance and figure out the solution to upcoming obstacles.

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Horoscope is Kundli in Hindi, and Birth Chartin English. In Tamil, it is known as Jathakam. Horoscope or Kundali is a basic tool to represent Astrology.It is basically a snapshot taken at the time of birth of a child, or a graphical representation of planetsat the time of a child's birth. Usually, Earth is the third planet from 'Sun', which is in the centerof the solar system. However, at the time of prediction, we take Earth as the center, because geocentricsystem is being followed under Astrology rather than Heliocentric. Astrologers use either Janam Kundali(Birth/Natal Chart) or Prashna Kundli (HoraryAstrology) while predicting about the life of an individual. As we all know that 'Experiencemakes a man perfect', likewise, practice and efficiency are required to predict the events of life.

Astrology is very old like Vedas and the astrological predictions are made on the basis of Birth/Natal Chart. It delineates the position of planets placed in the heaven. It is a diagramdesigned graphically for the planets at the time of birth. The main motive of Astrology is to tell youabout 'stars' message', which is reflected by your birth chart. It would be very helpful for you inorder to analyse numerous factors and situations in your life.

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Birth Chart tells the folded story of cause and events in your life. Birth chart reading also revealsstrength and weakness of your soul and shows the progresses in your life at various points. It alsoguides you about your next suitable steps in life.

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The entire world is running according to well-positioned plans or patterns. These patterns are basicallydefined by God, before taking birth in this everlasting world. We all have to follow these predefinedpatterns arranged in a chronological order. One, who actually understands the purpose or meaning oflife, is known as an Astrologer. Astrologer is the one who guides you about your life. She/He must understandthe meaning of his/her life as well as native's life.

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Our life and body are being administered by the Planets or Stars posited in the heaven. For your convenience, you should be aware about your Kundali orhave a reasonable and imaginary picture of your entire lifespan. Here, we have come up with differentlanguages for you to get detailed analysis of your Kundali. You can find it in English, Hindi, Tamil,Malayalam and Kannada. You can also use our free online personal horoscope software tool to know aboutyourself. Simply fill out your birth details and get personalised horoscope based on your Kundli orBirth Chart: