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Weak moon remedies in astrology
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Moon is considered as the queen among the imperial stars. This is the most influential planet in Vedic Astrology and it delivers a strong effect on our horoscope. Sun is the cause of our actions but the moon is the cause of our reactions. This is the only reason why the Moon holds more importance than the Sun in Astrology. Moon controls our mind, emotions, feeling, reactions, anger, and mother.

As the Moon shows the more nurturing parent in astrology and it shows how you take care of yourself as an adult, a weak Moon is a very painful thing to have in your birth chart. It is a sign that you didn’t get the empathy and love you needed as a child. Jun 18, 2018 Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Moon in Astrology in 7th House: Moon may cause mental disharmony on an emotional level with wife/husband. Also, the native will get involved in frequent arguments with their partner. As result, it gives an imbalanced marital life. Also, the native will get defeated by his enemy. Nov 12 2017 Finding Weak Planet in Astrology. Find Weak Planet, Vedic Astrology Secrets; 3 Comments; As I’ve already started to discuss on the topics related to weak planet & how they can effect in our life specially health diseases or any bad events but the question is how to find out weak planets in your birth chart, then this article will help you to find out weak planets in your birth. When we talk about moon a image which comes in mind is of mother or nani so the first characterstic of weak moon is that a person does not have confidence as well as if a person has to take decision he or she will not be able to speak or feel hesi. In Astrology, great importance has been given to Moon. Moon is said to be the fastest planet and after lagna it is the moon which moves faster. Therefore, it has a great impact on us. Weak Moon can lead to depression, anxiety, emotional and mental illness/stress.

Moon Effect on Astrology

Weak moon in astrology chart

A strong Moon in our horoscope is able to control the mind. It improves love and marital relations. But if the moon is weak in our horoscope, then it can lead to mental disorders. This is the main cause of a lack of interest in anything. The weak position of the Moon in our horoscope brings too much confusion and stress in life. Here are some symptoms of a weak Moon in our horoscope.


Weak moon in astrology calculator
  • You may not able to achieve much prosperity.
  • You may get easily tensed even with small issues or problems.
  • Your speech is bitter with a weak moon.
  • Your education and reputation may not give you any profit.
  • You may not receive love, passion, and affection from your companion.
  • You may not clear in expressing your emotions. Sometimes, you may hide or conceal things.
  • You may experience blood pressure-related problems.

Weak Sun In Astrology

Not necessary that all symptoms may affect your life. If you are affected by some of them, then you may have a weak moon in your horoscope. You can wear a pearl to reduce the ill-effects of the weak moon. Other remedies to reduce these ill-effects from your life are given below.


How To Strengthen Weak Moon In Horoscope

Weak Moon In Astrology
  • Moon represents the mother. Those, who are under the effect of a weak Moon, they should respect their mother and never quarrel with her.
  • The person should not indulge in the dairy business.
  • Keep pets and feed them with milk daily.
  • Avoid spending time in solitude. Practice meditation every day, for keeping your mind calm.
  • Donate silver once or twice in a year.
  • To reduce a weak moon effect, a person may wear a pearl.
  • Donate milk and avoid consuming milk on Mondays.
  • Create a Shiva from silver. Offer milk to Shiva lingam and recite Shiv Chalisa.
  • Consume coconuts and wear white clothes on Sunday and Monday.
  • Don’t bee egoistic about your donations and always say thanks to those who accept your donation.

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Weak Moon Remedies In Astrology


Weak Moon In Astrology 2020

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