Vedic astrology provides answers to all the questions related to wealth and property, which are governed by different houses. Each house represents a different angle of this category, each relating to the wealth and property of a person, either directly or indirectly. Wealth in Astrology: Planetary Combinations as Mentioned in the Ancient Classical Texts of Vedic Astrology These wealth causing combinations in astrology are popularly called as ‘Dhana Yogas’ or ‘Raja Yogas’. Dhana means wealth and ‘Raja’ means King. It is believed that by having these Yogas one can have immense wealth equal to a king. Whenever you want to judge a person's wealth in astrology, you have to look at their 11th house; what planet is sitting in that house, what planet rules 11th house and what planets are aspecting the 11th house. In Vedic Astrology there is something called Dasha, which I explain in my book. Your Vedic astrology chart may help you understand how to grow wealth. Vedic astrology uses your exact time, date, and place of birth to draw up a highly accurate and personalized astrology chart. The placement of the planets in each of your 12 houses can help you spot astrology wealth indicators. Here are some of the basics to get you started.

Dhana Yoga in astrology is one of the most coveted planetary combinations that everyone is interested to hear. Etymologically, the Dhan means wealth and Yoga means combinations or addition.

Many people have been struggling to meet both ends meet. However, some are lucky enough to have ample of wealth from birth to death.

It is impossible to have plethora of wealth without having Dhana yoga in your birth chart. Before discussing all about Dhan yoga in astrology, I would like to explain the definition of wealth.

What is the necessity of the wealth?

The wealth is an integral part of the human being. It is impossible to lead a quality life without wealth and money. Almost 80% problems can be solved by means of wealth. However, wealth is not everything.

Whatever might be the definition of the wealth, money and asset in the society, it is obvious that without money life is sarcastically bleak.

I am sharing few gospel truths here.

Without wealth the father does not accept the son.

Without wealth the brother separates brother.

Without wealth the wife runs away with other man.

Without wealth the doctor does not treat you

Without wealth the police will not give you justice.

Eventually, you are useless, shameless, diseased, depressed class of person whom no one cares due to your empty wallet.

The most helpful person will also be callous and indifferent towards you.

And fortunately, you got huge money back, started earning and restored the previous story of your wealthy life; the people who hated will instantly come back.

Your run away wife will come back, brother will be like Lord Rama and father will be extremely compassionate and now ready to make a will for you.

The restoration of wealth is possible and you can have glamorous career, profession and business if you have Dhana yoga in the Kundli.

Value of wealth differs from person to person

You might have ample of wealth but unfortunately no knowledge. Money can of course buy knowledge. However, to buy knowledge or intellectual resources you should have knowledge.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s net worth is 2 crores. The net worth of Mukesh Ambani is US$41.5 billion in 2018. However, PM Narendra Modi looks to be more powerful as he is the king maker.

Here we can say, Narendra Modi is a richest person as he has power and influence.

Mahatma Gandhi was not having any house and money. However, he was a powerful man. Can we compare Dhirubhai Ambani with Mahatma Gandhi?

I would like to share my experience for travelling Switzerland and 10 European countries, when I was having INR 1800.00 only.

I am of opinion you should have the combination of wealth, knowledge and influence that is called Dhan Yoga. Of course, you should be lucky to have Dhan yoga in your natal chart.

How Dhana yoga forms in the chart

The science of astrology is not as natural as arithmetic. In arithmetic 4 and 4 makes 8. However, in astrological prediction 4 and 4 makes sometime 8, 9 and sometimes 7.

Wealth In Vedic Astrology

Sometime, I am surprised with dazzling success in the prediction. And, I am sometimes embarrassed with drastic failure in the prediction.

Hence, it is extremely important to be very careful about the calculation of horoscope.

The wealth generally is considered from the 2nd house. However, we should take other factors of the horoscope while considering wealth from the chart.

The careful calculation of the chart can surely indicate if you will be wealthy and prosperous.

Although the 2nd house in the chart denotes wealth, it is extremely important to calculate ascendant, 4th house, 9th house, 10th house and 11th house.

Apart from this, we should also consider the planet Jupiter that rules over your wealth.

The planet Venus has also a major role in getting material achievement in life. So, you need to tax your brain as to how to check Dhana yoga in astrology.

September 2012. I am going to share some of the combination that creates Dhan yoga in your birth chart.

  1. If the Lagna lord and 2nd lord conjoin together, Dhan yoga takes place.
  2. If lord of the 2nd house is placed in the 11th house and 11th house in the 2nd
  3. If the lord of the ascendant is placed in the 10th house, the native will be wealthier than his parents.
  4. You will be rich if the lord of the 2nd and 9th house has mutual exchange.
  5. When the lord of 2nd gets associated with 5th, 9th and 11th
  6. When the lord of the 5th house gets associated with 9th and 11th lord and its house
  7. When 9th lord gets associated with 11th lord or its house.

Planets and Dhana yoga in horoscope

I am sharing some information about the planets and its position in your chart. This planetary position can bring immense wealth to you.

  • If the planet Sun is placed in the 5th house and Jupiter, Moon and Mars is in 11th house
  • If Moon is in 5th in own sign in Cancer and 11th lord Saturn in the 11th
  • When Mars is placed in the 5th house and Venus is in 11th in own sign.
  • When Mercury is posited in the 5th house and Jupiter, Moon and Mars is in 11th
  • When the planet Jupiter is posited in the 5th house and Mercury in 11th in own sign.
  • When Venus is in 5th house in own sign and Mars is placed in the ascendant
  • When the planet Saturn is in own sign in 5th house and Sun and Moon remains in the 11th house together.

Famous people and Dhan yoga in their horoscope

Bill Gates

Bill Gate is the richest person in the world. He is also the computer and internet sensation. His contribution to the modern technology can never be forgotten. So to speak, he created a history in the modern world. Let’s check what made him so influential, rich and affluent.

He is born with Gemini ascendant and the lord of the ascendant is Mercury is posited in the own sign. This denotes great influence and success in the field of computer science. The planet mercury has also created Bhadra Yoga in the 4th house.

The lord of wealth is Moon which is posited in the house of Jupiter. The lord of income or 11th is Mars which is posited in the 4th Kendra with Mercury. The lord of 9th house is Saturn which is exalted and has created Sasa Yoga making him highly popular, influential and phenomenally rich.

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest persons in the world. He is the richest in India. His net worth is US$41 billion as of 2018.

The horoscope of Mukesh Ambani is bit critical to understand his wealth. The horoscope does not look like very powerful. However, his Navamsa chart is very powerful.

His horoscope does not have spectacular wealth giving yog like Gaja Keshari yoga, Panch Maha Purush yoga and Raj yogas creating by the lord of Kendra Trikon yoga.

The lord of 2nd house (Wealth) is Jupiter which is posited in the 10th house in a friendly sign. The planet Jupiter is own signed in the Navamsa chart. The lord of 9th is Moon that is getting aspect by Jupiter in the 2nd house. The moon is own signed in the Navamsa chart. The 4th lord is Saturn is posited in Capricorn in own sign in the Navamsa chart. These are the specialties in his natal chart to become rich and a business magnate.

Amithabh bachhan

No one can deny the No. 1 celebrity status of the Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan. He is not only a notable actor but also the richest man in Hindi film industry. Let’s discuss about his planet position in the birth chart that has made him popular and affluent.

The lord of the 2nd and 11th house is Jupiter that is posited in the 6th house in exaltation. The Jupiter is also exalted in the Navamsa chart.

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The lord of the 9th and 10th is creating Raj yoga and Venus is creating Neech Bhanga Raj yoga in his birth chart. The planet Venus is in own sign in the Navamsa chart. Although the planet Sun is in the 6th house, it is posited in the own sign in the Navamsa chart.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra the Miss World 2000 is now Nick Zonas Partner. Priyanka Chopra is well-known across the world for her beauty, knowledge, intelligence and for her outstanding richness. Finally, she has been the headlines in the news these days due to association with the Nick Zonas.

Let’s discuss what Priyanka Chopra’s birth chart says.

Priyanka Chopra belongs to Aries ascendant and Taurus moon sign. The ascendant is getting aspect of Jupiter. The lord of 2nd house is Venus that is posited in the 3rd house and getting aspect of 9th lord Jupiter.

The lord of 4th house is Moon that is exalted in the 2nd house. The lord of ascendant and 10th lord Saturn is conjoined together creating very powerful Dhana yoga in her horoscope.

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Jeff Bezos

You must have known Jeff Bezos due to his ecommerce empire. He is the founder of the ecommerce giant Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men in the world. Let’s discuss about his horoscope in a nutshell.

He belongs to Pisces ascendant and Sagittarius moon sign. The lord of the ascendant and 10th lord Jupiter is posited in the 1st house in own sign.

The planet Jupiter and moon have created Gaja Keshari yoga in the Jeff’s natal chart. The lord of 2nd and 9th house is Mars that is posited in the 11th house with Saturn creating powerful Dhana Yoga in his chart.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is an American business tycoon, investor, philanthropist and speaker. He is notable worldwide and household name due to his investment proficiency. He is one of the topmost richest men in the world having net worth US$ 84.4 billion as of November 2018.

I would like to put focus on his horoscope as to why he has been so wealthy.

The lord of ascendant and 2nd house conjoined together. The conjunction of ascendant lord and 2nd lord creates Dhana yoga in the natal chart. The lord of the 9th is posited in the ascendant.

The lord of the 10th house is posited in the own sign. The lord of the 11th house is Mercury and posited in the own sign. Although Venus is in debilitation it is in Vargottam as it is posited in the Virgo in both Lagna chart and Navamsa chart.

Aishwarya Rai Bachhan

Dhana yoga can be imagined even without seeing the horoscope of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Aishwarya Rai is the Miss World 1994. She is an actress and model and of course the daughter-in-law of Amitabh Bachchan.

Let’s check what is the planetary position in her chart that made her super rich?

The lord of 2nd is posited in the 7th house in own sign. The planet Mars has also created Ruchak Yoga in her birth chart. The Ruchak yoga makes the native opulent, influential and notable.

The lord of the 9th is in the 2nd house and 11th lord is posited in the ascendant that has made her highly affluent.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is one of the most popular Bollywood actors who have developed by leaps and bounds. Recently, he tied the nuptial knot with silk siren and Bollywood’s pencil beauty Deepika Padukone.

I am going to discuss about the horoscope of Ranveer Singh in a nutshell.

The lord of the 2nd and 9th house is Venus that is posited in the own sign. The 10th lord Mercury is posited in the 11th house. The mutual aspect of the Lagna lord Mercury and 4th Jupiter has made him rich, popular and notable. Although 7th lord Jupiter is debilitated in Lagna chart it is exalted in the Navamsa chart.

The planet Jupiter has also got Neecha Bhanga Raj yoga as the depositor of the Jupiter is Saturn and it is exalted in the 2nd house. That is why Ranveer Kapoor found her soulmate very beautiful and outstandingly rich.