Let us know the important vedic astrological combinations which make a man rich and wealthy. This is also called wealth astrology that gives importance to 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th houses and their lords. Let us observe the Dhana yogas or Wealth yogas in Vedic astrology horoscopes of richest people like Bill Gates, Rockfeller, JRD Tata horoscope etc.

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  • If in a person’s horoscope, Jupiter and Venus are placed in the 7th house, then this indicates rich and well-settled spouse than the native. Apart from above mentioned planetary combinations, there are lot other factors which need to be considered for analysis of financial gains through marriage.
  • Maharishi Parashar is the father of Vedic astrology. He has given certain pointers to ascertain the degree of wealth in a horoscope. We know that there are twelve houses in a chart, the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are called as Kendra or the Central houses. These indicate the delineation of a horoscope.

There is no doubt a person will become rich if he has:

Chinese astrology signs. Sep 19, 2020 You will get a wealthy spouse from this placement and your spouse will have some kind of deep knowledge of financial matters. Venus in 9th house: If Venus goes to 9th house then it indicates that the native will be very much fortunate and luck will favour for this native. Your spouse will prove lucky for you.

1) Will to set goals
SpouseWealthy spouse vedic astrology horoscope 2) Intelligent planning to reach the goal
3) Hard working nature to execute the plan
But these are not enough to become rich. There is one more element,that is luck. We can find thousands of people with the above mentionedqualities, yet lagging behind in life. The reason is lack of luck. Whatis luck? It is the effect of good deeds done previously either in thislife or in previous birth.
How can we astrologically judge a person has sufficient luck to becomerich? First of all, the person should have potentiality to set goalsfor himself. This can be judged from Ascendant and Ascendant lord.Next, the person should be intelligent enough to carry out theplanning. This can be found from 5th house, and its lord. The place ofwealth is 2nd house and its lord is giver of wealth. Finally, whetherwe gain profits and amass wealth is indicated by 11th house and itslord. For all these things to happen, we need luck. This is adjudgedfrom 9th house and its lord.

So then what are the important astrological combinations which make a man rich?

  • Relation between Ascendant and 11th lords, either by combination or by aspects.This is called ‘Lakshmi Yoga’ by Indian astrologers, which is a symbol of a rich man.

  • Relation between 5th and 9th lords. If they are strong and in benefic places the person will be more wealthy.

  • Relation between 2nd lord and 11th lord by way of aspects or combination. Ifthey are placed in quadrants or trines or in exaltation, the person will be equal to ‘Kubera’, the god of wealth.

  • Relation between 5th , 9th and 11th lords or bhavas.

Vedic Astrology Signs

For example, the above all combinations can be seen in the world’s richest person: Bill Gates horoscope.
  • Ascendant, 2nd and 11th houses are aspected respectively by their owners or occupied by their owners.

  • Ascendant lord having relation with 2nd and 9th lords.

For example the above two combinations can be seen in RockFeller’s horoscope.
  • Ascendant in 2nd house, 2nd lord in 11th house, and 11th lord in 2nd house - iscalled Dhana Yoga, means a good combination for wealth.

  • Ascendant lord and 2nd lord exchange their places.

  • 9th and 10th lords combine either in 9th house or 10th house.

  • 9th lord and 11th lords exchange their houses.

  • Benefics in quadrants and trines, where as malefics in 3-6-11 houses is said to make a person a king.

  • Ascendant or Ascendant lord is aspected by several benefics.

These are only some of the important combinations mentioned in standardtexts. There are other combinations. But any how the places 1-5-9-11and their lords greatly influence a person to acquire wealth. Forexample, in the horoscope of Indian Steel king and one of the richestpeople in the world, JRD Tata, we can find the following combinations:

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Report

  • 5th and 9th houses are aspected by Jupiter, the most benefic planet.

  • 5th, 9th and 11th lords in quadrants.

  • 2nd and 11th lords have mutual aspects.

  • 2nd and 5th lords combine.

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