Our hands are an enormously powerful energetic tool. By knowing on which finger one should wear a ring one can enrich their energetic capacities, change any life circumstances and get anything they desire.

Wearing Silver Ring In Thumb Astrology In Hindi

Wear a silver ring on your thumb for this can help in combating the negative energy. Install a Shree Yantra in your house, and place it on either a white or red cloth, and worship it every Friday. This will help you invite wealth and prosperity. Try not to hurt or misbehave with women. This answer page contains the Wheel of Fortune cheat database for the category Same Name. Get Answers Faster Using Filters Special Thanks to Everyone Who Has Provided Their Word Puzzle Solutions Submit Your Game Solution No Answer? Please Continue reading →.

Wearing rings can also enhance the biofield and strengthen the energy flows all over the body. For these purposes, rings have been in use for centuries beginning from the very ancient times. At some point, these rules were not in use anymore.

Right now we can reveal this secret because the following rules will help you to improve any sphere of your life. And if you try all ways of wearing rings, you will obviously see some changes in your life. Just try and then tell your friends about what you've found out!

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#1. Ring on a thumb

Wearing the ring on a thumb is supporting physical health enhancement and energy level renewal. In case if you want to win a struggle with some chronic and long-term illness, it is recommended wearing a silver ring without any gems. But to keep oneself in good physical shape one can wear any ring.

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Which finger to wear silver ring for good luck

#2. Ring on a forefinger

Wearing a ring on a forefinger is advised for people who want to be promoted and build a successful career. The ring on the index finger is increases the personal influence capacities, self-esteem and confidence. It is also develops authoritativeness and strength of character, which is often necessary to build up a successful career.

#3. Ring on a middle finger


A ring on a middle finger is necessary for those who would like to find the Right Person and begin a happy, strong and serious relationship. One should wear rings made of precious metals. The ring on the middle finger will attract the necessary person’s attention, will increase and strengthen empathy, sensuality, and love. This finger makes people more charming, it soothes any tensions in relationships.

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Wearing Silver Ring In Thumb Astrology Today

#4. Ring on a ring finger

If wealth is strongly desired then one should wear a ring on a ring finger. It definitely should be made of gold. The ring finger is the finger ‘responsible’ for the wealth and money flow.

#5. Ring on a little finger

Wearing a ring on a little finger is for the increase of intuition, biofield harmonization and deep understanding. It is recommended wearing rings made of silver, gems or copper and never made of gold.

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