1. Western Astrology Vs Sidereal Astrology

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I, as an astrologer, mainly use the sidereal zodiac, the lesser used zodiac of western astrologers. Western Sidereal Astrology, from the way I use it, is basically the same interpretive methods as in tropical astrology, but using the sidereal zodiac.

Confusion may come from the fact that Hindu astrologers mainly use the sidereal zodiac, but the sidereal zodiac itself is a separate thing from Hindu astrology. While Hindu astrology has a whole other interpretive method and is basically it’s complete own version of astrology, wildly different that western astrology, the sidereal zodiac is basically a way of calculating the sign placements in the sky by lining them up more closely to the actual constellations by using fixed stars. Now, it doesn’t match the constellations perfectly as constellations range in size, but each zodiac is evenly split into 30º, but it is closer to the actual positions than tropical is. Tropical astrology is based on the seasons, by the way.

Another confusion may be that sidereal astrology “includes the 13th sign, Ophiuchus” but… it DOESN’T. At least not to 99% of western sidereal astrologers, because as I said it resembles more closely to the actual constellations and is not an exact replica of them.

Western Sidereal Astrology

Also, by the same interpretive methods I mean the first house still means the same stuff, Taurus Moon still means the same thing, and Cancer North Node means the same stuff in western sidereal astrology! Virgo horoscope compatibility.

Western Astrology Vs Sidereal Astrology

Finally, how do I calculate the sidereal chart? I used the Lahiri calculations personally, but there are other calculations, such as Fagan/Bradley but Lahiri is what I’ve found accurate. Which moves the zodiac back by 24º, as opposed to Fagan/Bradley which moves it back nearly 25º. So, unless you’re in the last few degrees of your sign, it shouldn’t really matter as much to you. And same goes for the rest of your placements.