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The basic concepts of Astrology needs self study on your part and hence here we will assume that you are well equipped with the basics and proceed with this assumption. There being 12 Zodiac Signs and 12 Houses is an accepted and undisputed assumption all over the World.
In the Vedic context 27 Stars or Nakshatra's or Constellations are also being considered to be assigned in association with the 12 Signs and Houses. There are numerous methods of dividing 360 degrees into 12 parts or houses to which the 12 Signs & 27 Stars are assigned. Each Star thus gets 13d-20m out of the 360 degrees. In any house or Sign a part of the Star spills over into the next house or Sign as per the calculations involved.
In simple terms each house is allocated 2-1/4 stars. Thus when a Planet is said to be placed in a house it shall be placed in one of the Stars as per its current location in degrees. This is still a part of the Vedic concept. The variable factor in Vedic concept was only the Planet visiting a House and moving into the 3 Stars allocated to the house. The House or Sign Lord and the 3 Star-Lords were fixed due to equal house concepts.

Weather and horoscope. The Basics of the Astrological/Zodiac Signs There are 12 astrological signs. The twelve signs of the Zodiac are each divided into several sets of groups, or numbers. They are divided into two's (dualities), three's (triplicities), four's, (quadruplicities) and six's (polarities).

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  • In basic astrology terms, the elements express the indispensable nature of the different signs. + Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) Fire is positive, assertive, energetic, enthusiastic, impulsive, inspirational, courageous, powerful, passionate, and initiating.
  • Understanding the basics of astrology. Astrology studies the ever-changing pattern of the planets and stars in relation to human experience. Astrologers examine planetary positions at the moment of a person’s birth in order to discern themes, characteristics, and interests that may be emphasized over the course of that person’s life.
  • Learn the astrological basics and what they represent: the 12 signs of the zodiac; the Sun, the Moon, and the planets; and the 12 houses of the horoscope.