An astrological “age” shifts about every 2,150 years, when the Earth’s rotation moves into a new zodiac sign around the spring equinox. There’s some debate about when the Age of Pisces. The Age of Aquarius: Present day to 4000 AD Of course the age of Aquarius is the age of Reason and Science. Since the Constellation of Aquarius started approaching the Vernal Equinox for the past 200 years, we became industrialized, mechanized and now highly technological civilization! If the New Age is the beginning of enlightenment, the Age of Aquarius is the age of absolute enlightenment. We are still walking and we must find our way there. Uranus enters Aquarius in the year 2023 and perhaps we will get a more concrete clue as to what the next era will be.

  1. What Astrological Age Are We Currently In
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By Sandra Weaver

Precession causes much more than just changes in our view of the night sky. When a Mayan Great Cycle or Astrological Age changes, it affects everything on earth, including us. This may surprise you but if you really think about it, the full moon has been proven to have dramatic effects on a person's mood. Many doomsday propheciesare based on these sometimes massive cycle changes including the Mayan prophecies for 2012.

The common thread that creates the uncanny resemblances between the Greek/Egyptian Astrological Ages and the Mayan Great Ages is the ancient people's knowledge of precession. Our ancestors were much closer to nature than we are today, and they realized over time that what happened in the cosmos above affected events on the earth and all life below.

Add to this the Hindu yugas and you have a number of galactic and planetary indicators that point to great change coming in and around 2012. The fact is, it has already begun.

An astrological age is defined by the constellation of the zodiac in which the vernal equinox lies. Astrological ages change because of a phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes. One complete period of this precession is about 25,925 years.

I'm not going to give you the heavy technical data about precession. There's lots of information available already. Instead my concentration will be on the

So what is precession?

The stars and constellations appear to slowly rotate around the Earth. This is caused by the earth's own rotation within the greater rotation of the universe. Like a wobbling top, the orientation of the Earth's axis is slowly but continuously changing as it traces out a conical shape over a 25,625 years cycle. This picture was created by Vectorized by Mysid in Inkscape after NASA image.

About every 2,160 years the sun moves into another new zodiacal constellation. The years between constellation changes, which are caused by precession, are approximate because constellations are of different sizes. Other planets cause planetary precession due to their gravitational force on the Earth. This occurs because of the small angle to Earth's orbital plane, the ecliptic. These factors cause the plane of the ecliptic to shift slightly, so the Sun crosses the Equator at a little different point every year.

The Age of Leoca. 10,970 BC to 8810 BC, The Golden Age.

It was believed by many geologists that the Sphinx was constructed in the 4th Dynasty but that theory has been dispelled because the erosion patterns on the Sphinx are not of sand and wind, but clearly of water. So it's much older than earlier thought. What is most interesting is the construction of the Sphinx pre-dates civilization. Humans were still hunter-gatherers at this time. Since civilization as we know it didn't exist then, who built it? Hmmmmmmm!

The fact that the Sphinx is in the shape of a lion with a human head gives it major astronomical significance. The Sphinx appears to have been created just prior to the beginning of the Age of Leo, the lion. Leo was the pre-dawn constellation in the eastern sky during the spring equinox an hour before dawn where the sun rose. The Sphinx gazes directly east where the constellation of Leo would have rose through precession of the equinoxes in 10,970 BC to 8810BC.

Global warming was a major event at this time causing melting of ice caps and a rise of 300 feet in sea levels. This rise in sea level eroded the Sphinx. This all makes sense when you realize that Leo is a 'Fire' sign and is ruled by the Sun astrologically marking global warming. It was also during this time that carved stone oil lamps with a continuous burn were invented, which represents light and heat.

The Age of Cancerca. 8600 BC to 6450 BC - The Age of the Great Mother.

The feminine was revered at this time as the creator of all life..birthing, nurturing and protecting. This is the age of the goddess and is ruled by the Moon. Cancer is a water sign and people started to realize the connection between the tides and the moon. Massive loss of coastal areas was still in effect on earth from the elevated sea levels.

Civilization and the domestication of farm animals like pigs, goats and bees began at this time. Various food plants were also domesticated starting the agricultural era. Cancer is associated with the home. People started to settle into permanent dwellings.

The transition seems to have been everywhere with the development of civilization in Sub-Sahara Africa between 9000-7000 BC. These areas went from being largely nomadic hunters and gatherers to a settled domesticated lifestyle.

There's evidence of the widespread use of boats representing Cancer's water sign. An increase in the making of pottery signifies the protective vessel, which is one of Cancer's archetypes.

The Age of Geminica. 6450 BC to 4300 BC - The Age of Communicate, Trade and the Twins, duality.'

The role of men and women in reproduction was starting to be understood.

Adam and Eve came into being at this time, presenting duality and the division between the masculine and feminine energies within. The transition was starting to move away from the feminine as the revered symbol.

Language and symbols were coming into being, making this Age a time of writing. Trade between cultures started to accelerate. the constellation of Gemini was seen as two people holding hands, which could have been symbolic for trade and communication as well as duality.

The wheel was used for the first time for transportation. Shakti Energy (Milky Way), and how the energy moves through the signs and the chakras was starting to be understood. Yahoo astrology compatibility tools. Also, how the Universe is the same as the body was recognized. All are connected.

The Age of Taurusca. 4300 BC to 2150 BC - The Age of Earth, Agriculture and the Bull.

Bull worshiping cults began to form in Assyria, Egypt and Crete. The building of pyramids began signifying the bull through solidity, stability, and attempts at eternity. Figures on Egyptian pyramids and temples had bull's horns at this time.

Avatars were now here, and there are more attuned individuals or spiritually realized people.

Taurus is associated with the smelting of copper, tin, and bronze. Swords came into being in the early phases of this era. Papyrus was invented enabling improved writing techniques. One can envision within the Taurus glyph the image of the partially unrolled scroll.

Many of the traits representative of Taurus start to appear such as stubbornness and strength. But on the other hand, sensuality can also be seen as in the Ancient Egyptian civilizations. In fact the sacred bull, the Apis, was the Egyptian symbol of life.

The followers of Moses worshiped a golden calf when he descended from the mountains with the ten commandments in this time period.

The Age of Ariesca. 2150 BCE and ending about AD 1. - The Age of War, Fire and the Ram.

People revered the sun in Egypt. Aries represents a Fire symbol as well as bold actions. The Ram is the patriarchal society of butting heads. This age is known for courage, initiative, war and adventure. The Chinese, Persian, Greek and Roman empires expanded during this age. Aries is associated with the metal iron, which was smelted and made into swords at this time, replacing bronze.

There was an upsurge in originality with the development of the sciences and the arts.

The earliest attempts at the idea of one God came into being with Akhenaten, an Egyptian Pharaoh about 1350 BC, when he decreed the Sun God Aten, as the supreme deity. Freud felt that Moses was inspired to embrace the idea of one God who favored his people through Akhenaten's lead.

Hackear, the goddess who dressed like a man, built Carnack temple in Egypt. She knew the age of the goddess was coming to an end and masculine dominance was coming in. Luxor temple was built at this time. It's the body of a human with the different chakras.

And, it's possible that during the transition from Taurus to Aries, Moses condemned his people for worshiping the golden calf. It was Moses who used his will to part the Red Sea.

The sacrifice of Abraham's ram occurred most likely at the end of the Age of Aries.

The Age of PiscesRecent Age just ending: AD 1 to AD 2150 or less - The Age of Monotheism, Spirituality and the Fish.

The Age of AquariusBegan about 2012 or will possibly 2150 - The Age of Freedom, Technology (especially electricity), and the Water Bearer.

There is some dispute about when the Age of Aquarius begins. Some astrologers place it as far out as AD 2600.

To read about the changes that occurred during the beginning of our present Great Age, in my article on the cultural changes around the world in 3100 BC.


The goal of God/The Universe is to create a perfect human being through our evolution of consciousness. At the beginning of each new age, the tendencies from history are reset and replayed. These tendencies are reintroduced with the values of the new Astrological or Great Age in a continuous cycle.

These precession cycles will continue till the goal of the divine is achieved. There are negative as well as positive traits to each Astrological sign and Mayan Great Age. It's up to us to figure out which we choose to live by..the positive or the negative. What we choose will be our experience.

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Age of Cancer: 8640 to 6480 BC
Cancer rules: Food, Agriculture, Houses and house building, Community, Motherhood, and Family.

This age hosted the Neolithic Revolution and the invention of agriculture around the world. The traditional dates for the Neolithic Revolution are 9000 to 6000 BC, a rather exact fit for the Age of Cancer.

The traditional area for this new activity was the Near East. This was part of a matrix that included Eastern and Mediterranean Europe, and the Nile river valley. Another agricultural matrix began as early as 9000 BC in Southeast Asia, up into central China. New Guinea and the Rajasthan desert area of India was also a part of this matrix. And in the New World agriculture was being invented from the Yucatan in Mexico and Central America down the west coast of South America through Peru.

Houses were built and people settled into permanent year around communities, giving up the roving life of the hunter-gatherer. Scores of communities were settled throughout the Near East, leaving us ample record of their lives in the dry air of the deserts of the Middle East. There is little record of community living in the wetter climates of Southeast Asia or Central America, where building materials likely had rotted away thousands of years ago.

Age of Gemini: 6480 to 4320 BC
Gemini rules: Movement, Trade, Communication, Hand/eye coordination, the Mind and ideas.

The Age of Gemini opened up new vistas for exploration and interaction across large distances. Across the Near East we see an explosion of crafts industries with huge stone and bone industries creating a wide variety of articles, a statue industry and a bread industry. Gemini Age man began using his mind and his hands to create a more interesting life for himself.

The ceramics industry is the most remarkable of these industries in part because of the decorations used. Although ceramics were created before this age, it was right at 6500 BC that they exploded both in excellence of craftsmanship, and in the sheer numbers of vessels created. Almost immediately, everywhere, they were created with abstract decorations on them that led, over time, to beautiful polychrome glazes with a wide variety of abstract symbols for decoration. Ceramics also appeared in Europe, the artic fringe of Eurasia, in China and the Malay Peninsula.

What Astrological Age Are We Currently In

These symbols, such as crosses and swastikas carried a new Gemini religious symbolism with them. Art during the Age of Cancer was representational. As we enter the Age of Gemini abstract symbolism quickly replaced representational art as the predominant form of art. Abstract imagery carried much more meaning and information for the Gemini mind.

Essentially all of our modern language families were created here. Experts agree that the proto-Indo-European language was begun around 5000 BC. This is the parent language of almost all of the languages spoken today. Other experts indicate that a parent to the Chinese language was created around 4800 BC in China.

The Gemini individual began to explore beyond the boundaries of the local village, and over the course of the age a huge trading network was created by 5000 BC that extended from the Mediterranean Basin through the Near East and up into southern Russia. In Gemini fashion the main commodity traded was information and knowledge. A similar trade network was created in the Archaic Culture in North America that extended out from the New England area west to the Yellowstone and south to the Caribbean.

Age of Taurus: 4320 TO 2160 BC
Taurus rules: Money and wealth, Monumental building, Permanence, Solidity.

Sometime after 4800 BC, the U’baid people in Mesopotamia moved out onto the harsh, resource poor river plains of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. There they invented money as a means of trade, and invented banks and banking to support the use of money. Their trading villages were remade into market towns. Their banks soon began to float loans and collect interest. Bartering gave way to the development of a money economy, along with business and banking, and the use of copper as a universal medium of exchange, the first known coinage. Money was deposited into these early U'baid banks to be applied, much as we do today, towards projects of civic improvement, which would in turn make more money. By 3500 BC these new U’baid towns were rich with imported goods. A whole new basis for community living was created. Indeed the sole archaeological indicator for growth during this age was the incremental increases in wealth found at these and other sites around the world.

The religions of this age were bound to the ideal of money and wealth. The gods showed their favor in a very Taurus way by showering wealth and goods on those who worshipped them. The temples became the center for the collection and redistribution of wealth, and priests were the administrators of this activity. The earliest examples of writing were temple business accounts listing what was coming into the temple warehouses, and what was being given out. Although writing is traditionally a Gemini quality, we can see here that Taurus was solidifying Gemini thought, in a very practical Taurus way, into a permanent Taurus business record.

Taurus spiritual thought revolved around the ideal of creating heaven here on earth by building cities in a hierarchal fashion to mimic the perceived structure of heaven. Towns were built with their walls facing the four directions. Temples were built as the center of town. Over the course of centuries they were constantly being rebuilt over the old foundation. Eventually these temples grew into huge mountainous pyramid structures called ziggurats in Mesopotamia that could be seen from miles away. The Egyptian pyramids were built at this same time. New finds in Peru have found huge pyramids being built there at this same time. In this same process towns grew to become cities.

Cultures began to organize themselves along hierarchical lines as well, creating class structure. India’s caste system began at this time. Most calendars give starting dates around 3000 BC as they began to organize time and the year around the equinox and solstice dates. Holy days were set so that a natural cycle of rituals marked the passage of time. In this way time was honored as hierarchical and sacred.

The Scorpio opposite energy can clearly be seen here as well. Scorpio rules death and rebirth. The Pharaohs of Egypt and the ruling Ens of the various city-states in Mesopotamia were buried in huge monumental tombs. With them they took much of their wealth and usually all of their servants so that they would be comfortable, in Taurus fashion, in the afterlife. Similar burial practices were found in the Archaic Culture in North America dating to this same period.

Age of Aries: 2160 to 0 BC
Aries rules: War and fighting, Challenge, Individuality, Independence.

Aries marks an important shift in world consciousness. The older matriarchal ideal of Taurus monumental solidarity, where everyone had his or her defined place in society, was the antithesis of the incoming Arian ideal of individualism. Around 2500 BC mythologists note a world wide mythic solarization happening where the new young hero god rises up and defeats the older Goddess, thus inaugurating a new order in heaven. Patriarchal paradigms replaced matriarchal paradigms everywhere, and men took over the running of society. Hero mythologies were created honoring these new gods and the masculine warrior ideal.

Aries brought with it war on a huge scale. This age was one of continual fighting. Empires were created. Sargon of Akkad created the first known military empire around 2300 BC. Following him, conquest became the norm, with a long list of empires being created through conquest, and then being conquered by another, until the rise of Rome in the first century BC. The ancient Greeks came to epitomize this energy and their Olympic religion glorified the warrior mentality. Gods and goddesses fought with each other. They chose sides in human wars so that they could take part in the glorious human battles being fought.

The Biblical Old Testament is an Aries tale. It was first written down around the 7th century BC, well into the Age of Aries. Although God is said to be a loving god, references to the older Taurus age mentality, he is portrayed in the written account as stern, jealous, and vindictive. In Aries fashion he is fighting for his own ascendancy over rival gods. He is pictured as a general leading his army of “Chosen People” in conquest of the “Promised Land” of Canaan. Those who do not follow his commands or commandments are punished or threatened with punishment for insubordination. He is often portrayed as smiting the enemies of his chosen.

In China, the militaristic Shang Dynasty overran the peaceful Lung Shan culture around 1850 BC inaugurating a long history of warfare. They were in turn overrun by the more powerful Chou Dynasty in 1122 BC. Recent finds in Peru have unearthed a city called Casma dating to 1500 BC. The pyramid temples have images of war and fighting carved into their walls.

Age of Pisces: 0 BC to 2160
Pisces rules: Transcendence, Spirituality, Contact with Other Worlds, Fear, Prophets and Prophecy, Dissolution, Dreams, Illusion, and Lack of Direction.

The Age of Pisces has been an age of great world religions, starting as early as 700 BC. The eras of an age mark a transition point where new energies are felt that lead to new directions that will welcome in the new age. This happens about 700 years before the new age begins. We notice that around 700 BC the Prophetic Revolution began the process of changing a local Semitic religion into the great world religion of the Hebrews. Around 500 BC Lao Tzu introduced Taoism to China. The Buddha was doing the same thing in India. Hinduism was also undergoing a Pisces shift. The warrior gods such as Agni were demoted while Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were all elevated in importance as gods of a new transcendent reality beyond the mortal relative world. These were all religions of transcendence.

Judaism led to Christianity and Buddhism spread to encompass most of the Orient. These religions spread beyond national boundaries to become the first multinational organizations in history. National governments became theocracies, the secular arm of society working at the behest of the spiritual paradigm they represented. Europe was the Holy Roman Empire, a Christian empire following Christian precepts. Islam was created at the outset to also be a religious Moslem governing body. The same was true for Tibet. It was a spiritual nation.

War was turned inward in this age. The enemy was no longer just an external force or challenge. It was internal, and there was seen to be a great battle between good and evil, God and Satan that was constantly tearing at our souls.

The Church battled amongst itself while trying to create a set dogma for correct belief. The Inquisition was established to weed out incorrect thought and belief. Women were persecuted, tortured, and burned for the irrational belief that they were pagan and associates of Satan. Pisces fear rose to great heights to overshadow the compassionate and loving message of Christ. As a sad result Christianity ended up becoming the most violent institution in history.

What Astrological Age Are We In

In the Orient fear was focused in a different but equally Piscean direction. The great Satan was replaced by the idea that this earthly existence, the Wheel of Life, was a prison, and that we must transcend or escape to a higher heavenly awareness in order to be happy and free. Pisces rules imprisonment and escapism.

The great wars of this age were religious wars. The Crusades were fought to wrest the Holy Land from the Moslems creating a basic militaristic division between Moslem and Christian that still affects us today.

Age of Aquarius: 2160 to 4320
Aquarius rules: Brotherhood, Utopia, Genius and Science, Immortality, Hopes Dreams and Wishes, Revolution, Electricity.

Although we are not in the Age of Aquarius yet, we can see what is happening historically as we close in on that age. 700 years prior to Aquarius takes us back to the fifteenth century. This was the time of our Renaissance. Science rose up to rival religion as the new Aquarian paradigm. Along with this was a new focus on humanism and the human potential.

What Astrological Age Are We Living In

In addition, the Aquarius Era was from 1800 to 1980. This era saw the Industrial Revolution and the revolutionary advances of the Twentieth Century. Science and technology have revolutionized our world.