What Astrological Sign Is March

Astrological symbol: Fishes. This symbol is representative for those born February 19 - March 20, when the Sun transits the Pisces zodiac sign. It suggests the Divine Consciousness and ambivalence. The Pisces Constellation is located between Aquarius to the West and Aries to the East and has Van Maanen's as the brightest star.

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  • Ancient astrologers believed that each astrological sign of the zodiac influenced a specific part of the body. The Man of Signs was created to visually represent this belief. Astrology has played a role in the predictive power of almanacs since the earliest days of their publication, thousands of years ago.

March 21 – March 31

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March 1 (1st)Pisces
March 2 (2nd)Pisces
March 3 (3rd)Pisces
March 4 (4th)Pisces
March 5 (5th)Pisces
March 6 (6th)Pisces
March 7 (7th)Pisces
March 8 (8th)Pisces
March 9 (9th)Pisces
March 10 (10th)Pisces
March 11 (11th)Pisces
March 12 (12th)Pisces
March 13 (13th)Pisces
March 14 (14th)Pisces
March 15 (15th)Pisces
March 16 (16th)Pisces
March 17 (17th)Pisces
March 18 (18th)Pisces
March 19 (19th)Pisces
March 20 (20th)Pisces
March 21 (21st)Aries
March 22 (22nd)Aries
March 23 (23rd)Aries
March 24 (24th)Aries
March 25 (25th)Aries
March 26 (26th)Aries
March 27 (27th)Aries
March 28 (28th)Aries
March 29 (29th)Aries
March 30 (30th)Aries
March 31 (31st)Aries

Pisces Feb’ 19-Mar’ 20

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Gifted with a wild imagination, Pisceses have an unrivalled talent for story telling or anything artistic for that matter. They also have a great capacity for love and the depth with which they feel sometimes makes them extremely sensitive. So be very careful when relating to a loved one born under the Pisces zodiac sign as a harmless remark can prove to be incredibly hurtful to them. Wapo horoscope.
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Aries March 21 – April 19

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Arieses are generally bubbling with vitality and have a great sense of adventure. Pioneers by nature, they are usually the first to venture out on a risky project. For instance, when day trading first came on the scene, most of those involved were Aries.
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