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Libras may be represented by the scales, but you sure know how to throw people off-balance when you walk into a room. After all, your ruling planet is Venus. So, you’re blessed with beauty, charm, and grace, just like the goddess of love herself. As an air sign, you’re also naturally gifted in the art of verbal seduction. In the bedroom, you're very generous and more than willing to fulfill your partner’s fantasies. Since Libras are all about fairness, you need sexual partners who are just as into giving as they are receiving. As you've likely experienced, that isn't always the case. Fortunately, the three zodiac signs most sexually compatible with Libra won't disappoint.

'Venusian and coquettish, Libra is the lover of the zodiac,' Valerie Mesa, resident astrologer for a Latinx dating app, Chispa, tells Bustle. 'This air sign is irresistibly charming and in love with love. Governed by the goddess Aphrodite, Libras feel their best when surrounded by beauty. Since they're blessed with the art of seduction, turning them on won't be as easy as you think. Falling in love with Libra isn’t the problem – it’s getting Libra to fall in love with you!'


For Libras, beauty, culture, poetry, candlelight dinners, mental stimulation, and charming atmospheres are major turn-ons. Mesa says that sex isn't one of the most important things to them in a relationship. But if their partner takes the time to romance them and look good for them, Libra will happily reward them for their efforts. With that said, here are the three zodiac signs most sexually compatible with Libra, according to Mesa.

Libra Compatibility With The Zodiac Signs: From A To Z. Aries Man and Libra Woman Long-Term Compatibility. Libra is an air sign - free-spirited, idea-oriented, and playful. As such, Libra natives are looking for partners who approach life from a 'fun' perspective, are good conversationalists, and who are almost always positive. Their inherent nature means they are usually best matched with fellow air signs or alternatively, complimentary fire signs. In a word, the Libra and the intellectual Gemini will be a perfect match. No.2: Libra & Aquarius Since both of you are under the air signs, you are born delightful, unhurried and calm and can keep a harmonious relationship with everyone.

The Compatibility of Libra With Other Signs


Libra & Aries

When Aries and Libra fall madly in love with each other, they tend to solve any issue that gets in their way. With Aries’ energy, passion and strength, and Libra’s patience and sense for needs of others, nothing seems impossible ..

Libra & Taurus

Taurus and Libra are two sides of Venus, difficult to reconcile. If they win the odds and manage to find mutual understanding, they will become a beautiful image of tender love ..

Libra & Gemini

Gemini and Libra are a strange couple, both of them intellectual, floating high above the ground, but different in so many ways. They need to accept each other’s nature completely and be open to each other’s differences if they want to be happy together ..

Libra & Cancer


Cancer and Libra can enjoy their connection of Venus with the Moon only if they both have enough individuality to live their own lives separately. They should share only emotions when together, without expectations or judgment ..

Libra & Leo

Leo and Libra need to find the perfect balance of respect and responsibility in order to enjoy their time together. When they do, they will have a very creative and productive relationship that can last for a very long time ..

Libra & Virgo

What will be my future astrology free. Virgo and Libra become way too rational when they get together. Their best chance lies in patience of both partners and the instant display of emotions ..

What Signs Are Compatible With Libra Woman

Libra & Libra

Two Libra partners are both in search for their other half, tactful, kind, just and often strict to one another and people around them. Their relationship needs a lot of respect and built intimacy in order to work out ..

Libra & Scorpio

Compatible Zodiac Signs Libra

Libra and Scorpio make an intense couple, as they awaken the darkest sexual side in each other. Their relationship cannot be satisfying if they both don’t build up their own lives independently ..

Libra & Sagittarius

The intensity of emotional contact and intimacy between a Libra and a Sagittarius will mostly depend on other factors in personal charts, but they will most certainly enjoy their sexual relationship ..

Libra & Capricorn

When a Libra and a Capricorn partner fall in love, things will depend greatly on their timing. If they meet when they are open for each other’s emotional natures, they will stay together for a long time ..

Libra & Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius go as well as much as a control freak and a chaos addict, a healthy meal and a junk one. Still, they form a strong intellectual bond that could help them overcome any problem they stumble upon ..

What Astrological Signs Are Compatible With Libra In 2020

Libra & Pisces

Libra and Aquarius both belong to the element of Air, and they will usually fall in love fast, get together fast and in many cases – break up fast. If they cherish each other’s individuality the excitement could last for a long time ..

Libra Compatibility with other Signs

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