Astrology Cusp Meanings Aries Taurus Cusp. This is the first cusp horoscope that the zodiac signs experience if we are to go in order. Starting from April 19 and ending on April 22 the Aries Taurus cusp is the one that starts three days when the sign is about to change from Aries to Taurus. According to Jamie Partridge of Astrology King, this Full Moon falls in the sign of Cancer and is linked to the planet Uranus. And that can only mean one thing: change is about to come your way.

( – The snake symbol isWhat is your general knowledge about snakes? presented worldwide. This animal symbolizes the transformation of energy from lower vibrations to higher levels of our mind, body and spirit.

That dream interpretation comes from the Western astrology where the sign of Scorpio sign is represented by a scorpion, snake and eagle. Snake dream interpretation in Islam According to Islam, the snake is a vicious creature and a symbol of oncoming trouble or unknown danger. Numerology is the mystical study of numbers What does each number in Numerology mean? Numerology often goes hand in hand with astrology and can help clarify nuances in astrological signs. What Chinese astrology does is point out the basic characteristic and elements that define our personalities and behavior as well as the time and place in which we live, and it can lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves and of those around us. Chinese astrology provides much information about which signs make good lovers and friends.

People have positive and negative associations about the snake depending on the culture and religion. Remember the story of Adam and Eve? Besides duality, the snake is also a symbol of renewal. This meaning is connected with snake’s ability to shed its skin and grows it. In symbolic interpretation casting off the skin means releasing of the old ways of thinking that didn’t bring improvement to our life. On the other hand, the new skin means rebirth and new beginning.

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As one of the rare self-aware animals it is also connected with dealing with perception of the physical realm. While it slithers across the earth the snake can feel the vibrations or heat beneath it and translate the energy of the other beings to choose the right direction. If we feel the vibrations we can also make the right choice in our life.

The snake brings many hidden messages when it comes to dreams. If we could understand them in a right way maybe we could be able to choose the right directions and make better decisions. We hope this article will help you interpret your dreams about snakes better and “feel the vibrations”.

Table of Contents

  • Meaning of dreams about snakes
  • Things to consider when dreaming about snake
  • Dream work basics

Snake symbol in different cultures and religions

Before we start interpreting different dreams about snakes let’s see from where those interpretations are coming from. From the perspective of culture and religion, snake has many different meanings you can discover, especially related to goddess lore. The snake can be found as a symbol in almost every culture or religion. In the most of them it represents a primary life force and is related with gender supremacy for both the male and female. It is also a symbolic bridge between lunar and solar associations and between water and fire.

Some tribes in the culture of the Native American Indians the snake is a masculine symbol associated with the phallus of lightning that represents a powerful medicine staff. Other tribes associate this animal with creation (mothering) and lunar (moon) symbolism. Regardless of meaning depending on the tribe, the snake was highly respected in Native American’s culture and it was used in rituals to invoke and element of pointed focus and weighty influence.

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In the culture of the ancient Celts, the snake symbol was interpreted from the aspect of its behavior and life cycle. For them this animal was a symbol of secret knowledge and transformation. The snake meaning in the Celtic culture is connected with observations of the European viper or adder that was the only type of snake along with the grass snake that was able to resist the colder climate in that part of the world. The Celts made the relation between the snake and transformation because of its ability to shed its skin.

When it comes to occult meanings of the snake symbol in Celtic and the other cultures we can say it is related to sleuth-like ways of snake. You have probably heard about the expression: “slippery as a snake”? This has nothing to do with slippery, but the way how this animal can dart quickly into hiding places high and low.

Because of its ability to camouflage it also symbolizes hiding, secrets and shadow realms. It represents the talent to maneuver under the radar. It is seen as a friend of people who are ready to lay in wait and then strike when the opportunity appears. The connection of the snake with the shadow realms comes from its ability to live in dark for the extended periods of time. The way the snake softly moves into the embrace of the sun was seen in many cultures as a perfect moving in rhythm of natural forces.

For those who believe in Tarot the snake is a symbol on the Magician card and means the authority over energy. The Magician card points to the energy that resonates behind the veil and the power of the unseen and utilizing that power.

In the mythology of Eastern India the snake is called “naga” and it is related to the element of water. The water in this part of the world is a symbol of emotion, love and motion so the naga represents a feminine aspect and embody nurturing, benevolent and wisdom. In the culture of Eastern India the naga is also a guardian of big treasure and fortune. As you can see, these meanings reinforce the snake’s symbolism of fertility, renewal and cleansing. In India naga is kind to people and becomes ticked off only when people act badly. In their myths naga strikes down and eats those who commit bad deeds.

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There is also Hindi discipline called Nagayuna. It is based on the naga and it is a practice to seek to achieve loving harmony between physical and ethereal. The purpose of Ngayuna is to strive to better ourselves by calmly easing into places of personal balance within the cosmic balance. This can be achieved by special ancient techniques. We don’t need to do it in a temple and to stick to strict rituals of Nagayuna’s practitioners and have a real-life naga. We just have to adopt the Ngayuna way of harmony and balance. According to Hindi, the snake can help us reach that balance in our minds and hearts. If we call it, the naga will come into our energy and help us.

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In the culture of Babylon and Mesopotamia the snake represents the creature that can live forever. This belief comes from the snake’s ability to shed of its skin and always look refreshed and young after each shedding. That is why this animal is a symbol of renewal, rebirth and reincarnation. There was the ocean goddess Tiamat in the religion of Mesopotamia associated with chaos and symbolically represented as a snake. Thus the snake is also connected with chaos, the primordial waters and creation.

Sumerians considered a snake as symbol of healing for centuries. Their god of underworld called Ningishzida was related to snake because of its ability to crawl on its belly on the earth. That is why the symbol of Ningishzida was two intertwined serpents reflecting the harmonization of two opposing forces or energies. This symbol existed long before Greek god Hermes who was a guide for the dead leading them to underworld. Hermes was also represented as a rod with two intertwined snakes.

The entwined snake many times is a symbol of balance, equanimity, regeneration and union. This symbol is also related to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine who was utilizing snakes in medical treatments. That is why the two polar snakes are the staff of Asclepius and a symbol for the medical community. Today’s medical symbols with two intertwined snakes are coming from Greek mythology.

Besides Hermes, there are also many snake images in Greek mythos like the one where Hercules conquers the snake as a young boy and the Minoan Snake goddess holding a snake in each hand and symbolizing strength and wisdom.

In Greek mythology the snake is also connected with the monsters as well, like Medusa. Regardless of her scary looking, it is rarely known she is a sign of feminine wisdom.

Egyptians had many goddesses wearing crowns fitted with cobra at the front. You can also see the snakes in their hieroglyphs. Egypt’s upper patron goddess is Wadjet featuring a cobra-headed female. In this case the snake is a symbol of immortality, wisdom and vision.

Ancient Romans had the genius loci, special guardian spirits that guarded a select location were presented as snakes. From there comes the symbol of the snake as an otherworld protector.

In central Italy there was the Marisian healing goddess called Angitia whose name means “snake”. That goddess was related to snake charmer, snakes and witches.

The Virgin Mary can be seen on some icons with her foot on the head of a snake. That represents her purity and how she didn’t succumb to the devil’s temptations in her life. In case you see the Virgin Mary with her foot on a snake in you dream that can be a sign that you are defying temptation or you should do so in your life.

We had to explain in this part of the article the historical ties between snakes and humans as the introduction to different meanings of dreams about snakes because when we dream of snakes we are actually dreaming about some ancient memories of the collective consciousness.

Meaning of dreams about snakes

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes ?

As you could see from the previous part of this article, the snake energy had a great impact on the human psyche for centuries through culture and religion from the world myths about snakes as protectors of the realms, symbols of fertility, wisdom, hiding to cosmic snakes among the stars who watch over us from the heavens. That wasn’t changed even today and snakes still take up a lot of human headspace.

Dreams about snakes have deep messages and they happen to us only when something very serious is pressing our mind, body and spirit. We also want to mention at the beginning that dreams about snakes don’t have to be nightmares.

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When it comes to dreams about snakes it is very important how you feel after waking up from the dream. Was it amusement, anger, sexual arousal or something else? Do you feel about your dream like some premonition? The way you feel the snake in real life also affects the meaning of the snake in you dream. Do you have a phobia when you think about snake or you like it? Or are you neutral about snakes maybe?

If you are afraid of snakes you should be aware of this emotion and ask yourself in there was something you were afraid of in the waking hours. Maybe there is something you prefer to avoid that requires your immediate attention?

On the other hand, if you like snakes, try to remember if there was something in your waking hours that you were enthusiastic about?

Also it is good to analyze the action of the snake in your dream. The meaning of your dream will also depend on snake’s movement, action and the landscape where it was. In the next part of this article we will explain you the meaning of the dreams considering the snake and its environment.

Meaning of dreams about snakes in grass

As you know, the snake naturally slithers around in grass and there is a fear that the poison snake can suddenly attack you and that you can’t even notice it. Considering this association, dreams about snake in grass can mean something sneaky, untrustworthy, sinister, hidden, potential danger, unforeseen strike or attack “below the belt”.

In case you like snakes, your dream about the snake in grass can mean some desired traits to incorporate into your daily life or to act like a snake with flawless motion and self-control in some particular situation.

Dreaming about snakes in water

Water is a symbol of the chaos and if there is a snake there, it means creation of the universe. The snake can sometimes appear emerging from the cosmic egg.

Water is also a symbol of emotions and with the snake as a symbol of wisdom that means the wise control of your emotions or wisdom coming from the emotional experiences.

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There is one more meaning of water – subconscious mind. If the snake is in water in this context means diving into the subconscious for a period with the goal of self-exploration in order to be wiser than before.

Dreaming about snakes in bed

One of the most horrible nightmares that happen in dreams is about a snake coiled up nice and tight that sucks up your body heat. In those dreams you have a feeling you are in danger, you are recognizing vulnerability, or a fear to make a move because you will be bitten. That means you are doing or will be doing something that will incite a sense of vulnerability or danger.

Snakes can be also related to phallic symbols because of the shape of their bodies. That is why they are a symbol of sexuality. The way you feel snake in bed in your dream can tell you how you feel about intimacy, sex and someone crossing into your personal space. This kind of dreams can also mean a hostile feeling towards your romantic partner.

Dreaming about snakes and sexual arousal

Besides the sexual meaning of dreaming a snake in your bed explained above, according to Sigmund Freud dreams about snakes are the sign of sexual repression and they are connected discomfort with male genitalia. On the other hand, in many ancient cultures the snake is a sign of fertility. For example, the Hopi Indians had every year a dance to honor the union of Snake Girl and the Snake Youth because they believed they can renew nature’s fertility.

Dreaming about a pit of snakes

In case you see yourself in a dream falling into a snake pit it can be a sign you are out of balance, insecure or unprotected in your waking life. According to some researches, these dreams often happen to people who are trying to climb the corporate ladder or anyone with the intention to be in position of leadership.

Dreaming about being bitten by a snake

This dream can have a few meanings and it is very common when it comes to snake dreams. The clear meaning is a potential danger from something toxic in your life. It can also be a sign of the temptation of some temptation that you aren’t able to avoid.

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The moment the snake bites you is a moment of your full attention. Therefore that can be a sign you need to be more aware of the things you were neglecting in your life. Otherwise you will find yourself in some troublesome situation.

The dream about being bitten by a poison snake can mean that a poisonous situation has a physical effect on you and you can feel frozen or paralyzed in a situation as you reject to make necessary change to free yourself from self-imposed restrictions. Zdnet celtic astrology compatibility. As you know, when poison snake bites you, the poison makes tremendous change in your body. That is why it can be a sign of dramatic change, physical or spiritual transformation.

It is also important to remember the location of the bite. The snake is also representing a healing so that can mean you need to give that you might develop some health issue related to that part of the body or pay some special attention to it.

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Dreaming about being chased by a snake

This type of dreams in considered very interesting because it connects chase symbolism with the symbol of the snake. We have to tell you that not all the chase dreams are uncommon. The creature or a person chasing you can be a symbol of one or more people you are currently dealing with when you are awake.

You should also take into account the word “snake” when someone wants to describe the character of some person. It often means someone devious, sneaky and evil. This dream can be a warning to think about the people you are working with and who you can trust.

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The other meaning of this dream can be you are in condition where only you can help yourself by facing it head on or you are feeling nervous, anxious, stressed or vulnerable.

Dreaming about snake and fire

The snake poison relates this animal to the element of fire and everything that element represents: creativity, passion, sexuality, purification, destruction, ambition, compulsion, motivation and the spark of life and creativity.

Dreaming about snakes wild and tame

If your dream was about encountering the snake outdoors, that can mean some unpredictable behavior or a danger. Remember the story about Adam and Eve encountering a talking snake in the Garden of Eden? Therefore, a wild serpent is not just the indication of temptation but also of lies, misleading information, gossip and poisonous words.

On the other hand, if your dream was about having a pet snake you love, that mean you will increase your wisdom.

Dreaming about snakes and the shadow self

The snake can be also a symbol of “The Shadow”. According to Jungian psychology, largely negative part of each person is that we refuse to acknowledge and that becomes a part of our unconscious. Carl Gustav Jung says the shadow becomes more dense and blacker the more you avoid it. In case you are dreaming about the snake, it can be The Shadow part of yourself coming from the unconscious seeking from recognition. That can be a signal for you that you have to embrace a bit of your shadow nature in order to achieve personal growth.

Dreaming about snakes from shamanic viewpoint

According to shamans the snake totem brings fire medicine and can teach us how to purify and transform our life. For them this animal symbolizes the cord that connects the soul to the body and keeps it tethered. If you dream this totem it is a sign to pay attention to teachings of the snake in your life.

Dreaming about rainbow serpent

The rainbow snake is considered as a creator in Aboriginal Australia. This people believe that rainbow serpent lives beneath the earth and rises up to create the mountainous landscape. In case you dream about colorful snake, according to them, it means you feel a need to reconnect with the earth.

For Aborigines this serpent is considered as a healer as well and through ritual it can pass on the abilities on you. So if you can dream about the rainbow snake you should also think about if your subconscious is giving you a sign to get started with personal healing.

Dreaming about baby snake

If there is a baby snake in your dream that can be a sign you are underestimating the threat. In case you kill the snake or it is already dead, that means the treat has gone or that you have overcome it.

Kundalini awakening

Kundalini means “the coiled one” and it refers to the powerful energy coming from the base of the spine where the root of chakra lies and has the ability to open the energetic wheels. The wheels are then able to run along the spine from the root chakra to your head and beyond. That coiled energy is reflected through “the sleeping serpent” that when awakens can cause a spiritual awakening. In case you see in your dream a sleeping, coiled serpent that can be a sign of your sleeping energy and future spiritual transformation.

A snake handling

There is a religious practice known as a snake handling where the practitioner believes that if he maintains a solid faith in God, the God will protect and keep him safe from receiving any bite from the snake he is handling. A handler also believes if he is bitten or he drinks the snake venom, the God will take care that noting bad happens to him. If you see a snake handler in your dream that means your subconscious is foretelling a test of faith in your real life.

The Trickster Snake

The snake can be also a symbol of trickster energy. It is related to some sly, mischievous and cunning person. This animal served as a symbol for trickster to represent the devil in the Christian-mythos and in the some other stemming from alternative mythology. In case you see the snake in your dream as a trickster you can expect a situation where someone is creating chaos or behaves mischievously. If you see the snake in your dream this way you should think about who can be a trickster in your life and what the motive of that person to act like that is.


Ouroboros is a name for a sea serpent that swallows its own tail and encompasses the world’s ocean that way. This snake is a sign of life, death and rebirth. If it comes to your dreams you should think about what you are shedding from in your real life and also what reborn or renewed is.

Snake as a zodiac sign or birth totem

If we have a dream about snake, that can also refer to some person that has a snake as a zodiac sing or a birth totem. That dream interpretation comes from the Western astrology where the sign of Scorpio sign is represented by a scorpion, snake and eagle.

Snake dream interpretation in Islam

According to Islam, the snake is a vicious creature and a symbol of oncoming trouble or unknown danger. In case you are chased, bitten by the snakes or having them in your home, it means something horrible in your life requires immediate attention.
On the other side, if you are the owner of the snake in your dream, that can mean personal power or your ability to overcome some difficult situation.

Chinese snake dream interpretation

Chinese zodiac describes the snakes as intelligent but also mysterious, manipulative and sneaky creatures. In comparison to Islam or Christianity, the snakes don’t have the same evil connotation.

If you see in your dream a snake transforming into a dragon that can mean a personal growth and the snake is the sign of power and strength. In case the snake is trying to attack you, the meaning of your dream will depend on how you capable in dealing with challenges are.

Snake dream interpretation according to Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were psychoanalysts. In comparison to Jung who believed they tapped into a collective conscious based on Shared archetypes and cultural symbols, for Freud the dreams were expression of the personal unconscious.

Freud was interpreting the dreams by asking dreamers what their personal experience of snake was during childhood. His questions were like: “Were you frightened by a snake as a child? “Did you have a beloved snake as a pet?” According to the answer of a dreamer, he was interpreting the dream. Jung was discussing the archetypical meaning of snakes like religious ones we explained above.

Things to consider when dreaming about snake

There are three things to consider when dreaming about snake:

  • The type of the snake that appears in your dream;
  • The snake color, its environment and action;
  • Dreamer’s personal associations to and experience with the snakes and a feeling about them in you real life.

Types of snakes in a dream

If a garden snake comes in your dream, that can be a symbol of someone or something that you are fear that is harmless.

If you see a boa constrictor in your dream, it can be related to someone or something that is strangling or restricting your movements or ability to act or move.

In case there is a rattlesnake, cobra, viper or adder in your dream, that can mean you have someone or something evil or negative, unhealthy in your life.

A dream about cobra can mean being hypnotized or captivated by someone’s charm.

Meaning of the snake color

If there is a yellow snake in your dream, it can be an advice to proceed with something with caution.

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Green snake symbolizes a sign that you are safe to go forward with no reason to be afraid.

In case you have a red snake in a dream, it can be a warning to stay away or stop what you are doing.

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White and gold snake is related to fortune of money.

The black one or snake in some disgusting color is a warning to be careful.

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How to enhance your dream interpretation?

There are two main tips for better dream interpretation.

The first tip is that remember that the presence of a snake in your dream means you are symbolically receiving a wake-up call from your unconscious. That kind of dream means you have to pay attention to something important that you were avoiding or that has escaped your awareness. The right dream interpretation can help you to discover what it is what you should do about it.

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In case you are dreaming about snake, the interpretation of your dream can encourage positive transformations in your life. The snake symbol can be interpreted as a two-sided coin: in case you have a negative feeling in your dream like a fear, apprehension, anxiety or confusion, that can mean an opportunity to realize something positive that can be useful in your real life.

The second tip is to try to recall the presence of the snake like it was in your dream. In that way you will be able to get information about qualities that could remind you of a situation, a person or maybe your emotional state in your real life. This is how you will find the right meaning of the snake from your dream and relate it to something that happens or preoccupies you when you are awake.

Dream work basics

The dream work basics we will explain you in this article can be applied to any dream, but it is especially useful when it comes to dreams about snakes. There are special questions you should ask yourself to analyze snake dream. That way you will be able to interpret the symbol and define its meaning in your own terms.

What Does Astrology Mean In The Bible

When you dream about snake you are getting a message that leaves a strong impression. Regardless of what kind of snake dream it was, that is a sign to pay attention to the message your dream is giving you in the form of images and symbols.

In order to start your dream interpretation in a right way it is good to record the dream, search for the dream meaning in dream meanings dictionary and personalize the meaning of your dream.

Record the dream

Regardless of what you are dreaming about, it is good to record your dream before you start its interpretation. You can write it down or record it on a voice recorder. It is good to do it as soon as possible. The best time is when you wake up in order to minimize the loss of the content because the memory of the dream quickly fades away.

Search for the dream meaning in dream dictionary

In order to start with your dream interpretation it recommended looking for an explanation in the dream meaning dictionary. The snake is one of the hardest dream symbols to interpret so it is good to look at all the possible meanings so you can have different perspectives.

Personalize the interpretation of the snake dream

The next step is to connect the dream interpretation with your real life. In order to finish your dream interpretation you should create your own meaning for the symbols and messages especially when it comes to this animal symbol. Then you should ask yourself some special interpretation questions explained in the text bellow.

Special dream interpretation questions

Snakes are considered as a rich dream symbols with many different meanings that can vary depending of what’s happening with your life, feelings, cultural background, etc. The following questions can help you to reach a deeper meaning of the symbolic message you received through your dream.

What is your general knowledge about snakes?

The appropriate dream analysis will help you emphasize generic associations you have about the snakes and relate them with the elements from your real life. You should read about general characteristics of the snake as an animal and analyze how you relate them to your dream and life. The most usual interpretation of the snake symbol is related to a fact that it sheds its skin when it grows. This feature is connected with transformation and leaving the old things in your life behind.

How did the snake from your dream look like?

If you want to interpret your dream better, you should try to remember the snake’s characteristics. How it looked like? How the snake behaved? Did it have a special intention? Try to relate the characteristics of the snake from your dream with the characteristics of people or aspects of some situations from your real life.

What is the role of the snake in your dream?

The most usual interpretation of the snake is that this animal represents something or someone who has a strong influence in your life regardless of that is someone you know or it is some situation. The snake in your dream can also be a warning about some adversarial person or situation in your life.

What are your feelings about the snake from your dream?

Regardless of what you are dreaming about, you shouldn’t neglect general feelings or atmosphere in your dream. You should analyze your feelings about the snake you saw in your dream when you wake up. If the feelings are negative, that can be a sign to look at how you are deceiving yourself or other people in your life. On the other hand, if they are positive, you should look at positive transformations in your life and changes and the chances to grow and expand.

What symbolic snake meaning grabs your attention?

Try to know more about symbolic meanings of the snake in spiritual traditions, religions and myths you are familiar with. In this way you will be able to interpret the archetypal meaning of your dream.


The dreams about snakes can have a lot of different meanings, positive and negative depending on many factors like your perception about snakes, life experience, religion and cultural environment. The snake dreams are complex and multi-layered. In case you really want to interpret them in a right way it is important to try to record your dream, search for the dream meaning in a dream dictionary and personalize the interpretation of your dream and connect it with your real life situations and persons around you.

What Does Astrology Mean In Science

DoesThank you for taking the time to read this article !

Category: Space Published: March 23, 2013

Public Domain Image, source: Christopher S. Baird.

Hardened scientists will tell you astrology doesn't work. Believers will tell you it does. Who is right? They are both right. It depends on what you mean by the word 'work'. Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individual's mood, personality, and environment, depending on when he was born. Astrologers print horoscopes in newspapers that are personalized by birth date. These horoscopes make predictions in people's personal lives, describe their personalities, and give them advice; all according to the position of astronomical bodies. A survey conducted by the National Science Foundation found that 41% of respondents believe that astrology is 'very scientific' or 'sort of scientific'. Let us break the original question into two separate, more specific, questions: 1) Does the position of astronomical bodies affect a person's life? 2) Can horoscopes make people feel better? These questions are both very different. Both can be determined scientifically.

Does the position of astronomical bodies affect a person's life (beyond basic weather)?
No. The position and orientation of the sun relative to earth does cause seasons. Anyone who has shoveled snow off his walk in January when he would rather be at the beach can tell you that the astronomical bodies definitely affect our lives. Solar flares cause electromagnetic disturbances on earth that can disrupt satellites and even cause blackouts. The position of the moon causes ocean tides. If you are a fisher, the position of the moon can have a significant effect on your livelihood. The solar wind causes beautiful aurora, and sunlight itself is the main source of energy for our planet. But all of these effects fall under the umbrella of basic weather; not astrology. Astrology purports that astronomical bodies have influence on people's lives beyond basic weather patterns, depending on their birth date. This claim is scientifically false. Numerous scientific studies have disproven that astronomical bodies affect people's lives according to their birth date. For instance, Peter Hartmann and his collaborators studied over 4000 individuals and found no correlation between birth date and personality or intelligence. In one of the most famous experiments, Shawn Carlson had 28 astrologers make predictions and then tested the accuracy of their predictions. Before conducting the experiment, he fine-tuned the method so that various independent scientists agreed the method was scientifically sound, and also so that all of the astrologers agreed the test was fair. As published in Nature, he found that the astrologers could do no better at predicting the future than random chance. These results agree with fundamental science.

Fundamentally, there are four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force. If an object affects a person, it must do so by interacting through one of these fundamental forces. For instance, strong acid burns your skin because the electromagnetic fields in the acid pull strongly enough on your skin molecules that they rip apart. A falling rock crushes you because gravity pulls it onto you. A nuclear bomb will vaporize you because of nuclear forces. Each of the fundamental forces can be very strong. The problem is that they all die off with distance. The nuclear forces die off so quickly that they are essentially zero beyond a few nanometers. Electromagnetic forces typically extend from nanometers to kilometers. Sensitive equipment can detect electromagnetic waves (light) from the edge of the observable universe, but that light is exceptionally weak. The gravity of a star technically extends throughout the universe, but its individual effect on the universe does not extend much beyond its solar system. Because of the effect of distance, the gravitational pull of Polaris on an earth-bound human is weaker than the gravitational pull of a gnat flitting about his head. Similarly, the electromagnetic waves (light) reaching the eye of an earth-bound human from Sirius is dimmer than the light from a firefly flitting by. If the stars and planets really had an effect on humans, then gnats and fireflies would have even more of an effect. Even if the gravity of the planets was strong enough to affect you, an alignment of the planets would not lead you to win the lottery for the simple reason that a literal alignment of the planets never happens in the real world.

Can horoscopes make people feel better?
Yes. But it has nothing to do with the horoscopes being right. Horoscopes make people feel better because of a psychological effect known as the placebo effect. The placebo effect is when the belief in a useless method actually makes a person feel better. It is the belief itself, and not the method, that causes the improvement. The placebo effect has been scientifically verified. If you give pills to ten sick patients containing only water, but tell them it is a powerful new drug that will help them, and then have ten sick patients not take the pills, then over time the patients taking pills will show better health. Because of the placebo effect, a new drug must not just be proven to make patients feel better. It must be proven to perform better than a placebo. In accurate medical experiments, the control group is not a collection of untreated patients. Rather, the control group is a collection of patients receiving a placebo. The placebo effect is the mechanism at work with astrology. Many people believe in astrology. When they read their horoscope and follow its advice, they feel better. But it is the belief itself and not the astrology that is making them feel better. Many pseudo-scientific treatments – from crystal healing to homeopathy – help people through the placebo effect. Believing in a treatment that does not actually do anything may help, but believing in a treatment that does is even better. Sticking to scientifically proven treatments gives you the benefit of the belief and the benefit of the treatment's action. For instance, instead of reading your horoscope each morning, go for a walk. Exercise is proven to be good for body and mind, and your belief in its effect will also help you.