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  • Pluto knows that life is impermanent and that change is the only thing that is guaranteed. So Pluto in astrology uses its influence by encouraging us to embrace change and be able to go with the flow and allow old structures in our life to fall away. Scorpio is associated with death and rebirth.
  • What does Pluto in Scorpio mean? The Pluto in Scorpio generation is coming of age in a time of decay, collapse, institutional corruption, and societal change. Members are made of strong stuff and are up to the task.

The meaning of Pluto in the horoscope remains the same. The horoscope reports by Astrodienst remain as valid as they were before. In astrology the term planet means something different than a planet in the astronomical sense. For example, astrology also counts the Sun and Moon as planets, in Hindu astrology even Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes. Pluto is seen as the ruler of Scorpio, the sign of transformation and secrets. The prominence of Pluto in the chart represents the urge to search for that which is hidden, unravel mysteries, and even enter ‘forbidden territory’ so to speak. This can relate to secret societies, spirituality, the. On a bad day, Pluto can bring out power struggles with others and triangular relationships. (PSA: Love triangles do not necessarily mean a third IRL person is involved.) (Although, yes, it can.

The meaning of planet Pluto in Astrology and in the zodiac signs: What does its position in your birth chart mean and how does your Pluto sign affect you?

Pluto! To some, the name alone causes goosebumps.. Maybe because in mythology this name is interwoven with the god of the underworld. Death, rebirth, transformation, sexual instincts, subconscious, wealth-domination, fertility, are just some of the keywords to interpret this planet.

What does Pluto mean in the signs in astrology?

It is called the generation planet because it takes years to pass from zodiac to zodiac. A complete astrological cycle takes about 248 years. It shows us what characterizes the new generation, what the new role of man is, what the old will undo and what the new will build. This is the role of that planet; the death of the old and the rebirth of new forms of life and existence.

But on the other hand, have you noticed that some people have a particular magnetism, exude a sexuality, and are captivating when they move around without doing anything, just by their presence? This gift is one of the positive impacts of this planet, depending of course, on its location and the views it forms on our free birth chart.

Pluto in Aries

In this position, Pluto causes distresses because its introvert and absolute nature contrasts with the impulsive and extrovert nature of the particular sign. In this position, the planet is pushed into a dynamic expression although most likely is conveyed in a selfish and wrong manner. This translates to a person with revolutionary ideas, a tendency for leadership, and a strong will with perseverance. On the other hand, we have a sincere person who lives their life with intensity and passion.

Pluto in Taurus

The Taurus relates to material and emotional possessions. Pluto in this position makes a Taurus absolute with perseverance to achieve economic power. The planet searches for security. When it passed over Taurus in 1884, it made substantial rearrangements to the notion of money. Money was scarce to the majority and this deprivation caused the subsequent revolution. In addition to their need of material possessions, the individual is also distinguished by a possessive attitude towards their sexual partners. With a good overview, they can become a successful entrepreneur.

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Pluto in Gemini

When Pluto passed Gemini, we saw major changes in the field of communication. We entered the 20th century, the age of technology. People with this zodiacal position of Pluto are characterized by a need for a deeper understanding of the truth either of themselves or of others. The period begins with the need for self-knowledge. Talents that are associated with the zodiac position are writing and speaking, anything that is directly related to communication. If their views are negative, they may have a sensitive or shaken nervous system.

Pluto in Cancer

In this position Pluto settles into a family lifestyle and tries to impose it through the power and influence of family towards a child. However, the individual is distinguished by a special intuition. The generation with Pluto in Cancer has acted as a hindrance to the development of their children, having tried in every way to create a dependent relationship and, most importantly, forced on their children their own dissatisfactions. (1912-1938). They are the parents that are characterized by the phrase: 'I sacrificed for my children ..'.

What are the zodiac signs as parents in astrology? Find out how each sign responds to being a parent.

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Pluto in Leo


When talking of Pluto, always keep in mind its influence that operates on an unconscious level. It shapes the minds of entire generations of which the results are only evident years later. When it passed through the sign of Leo, it brought up important issues of life such as children, love, and creative expression. Also (1939-1955) its tendency for domination and infliction appear directly through World War II. Old great powers, such as England and France are restored, and we have the birth of new great powers, such as the US and the former Soviet Union always under the threat of a nuclear war, also a characteristic of Pluto; the power of nuclear energy.

Pluto in Virgo

Pluto's passage to Virgo at the end of the 1950s marked a new era in technological development and created the conditions of human dependence on machines. Slowly, workers are displaced from factories and machines are preferred over humans for productivity and durability. However, the positive side of this position of Pluto is the rejection of subordination in the field of labor as we see profound and radical changes in professional expression, the conquest of labor rights and the improvement of working conditions. What still stands out at that time is contraception and sexual liberation with the hippie movement.

Pluto in Libra

The institution of marriage disputed, refusal to be trapped in dependent relationships. Sex was debunked resulting in the loss of perhaps the most powerful escape route, love. More than ever people feel alone, even when in a relationship, because can now understand the lack of meaningful communication. This difficult and painful stage, however, was deemed necessary in order for people to move to a new model of erotic-emotional expression. Leo king astrology youtube. Divorce is legalized in many countries and easier to get. The women's equality movement is justified.

Pluto in Scorpio

In 1983 Pluto was in this position. It marked a dramatic turning point for mankind as people turn inward to face themselves. Mysticism, metaphysics, psychology, and philosophy of self are some of the areas of knowledge through which humans entered a new concept of life, beginning the process of researching and answering major existential questions. The generation with Pluto in Scorpio is the generation that transformed the planet; the generation of Indigo children. Let’s not forget the direct relation of sex and money to the sign of the Scorpio. The spread of AIDS and the emergence of large banks and brokerage firms appear at that time.

Pluto in Sagittarius

What Does Pluto Signify In Astrology

Pluto here sows supreme ideals and creates really powerful conditions for man to find the reason for his existence. Communication is no longer a limitation, someone can work from all corners of the globe at the same time. With this position in Sagittarius, which as a sign is related to religion, we will see the revival of some fanatical religious tendencies around the world. Religious terrorist attacks occur in cities around the world. On the other hand, however, people feel the need to research and discover the truth.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto entered this position in 2008 and will remain until Spring 2023. This period in Capricorn will mark perhaps the most powerful confrontation between material and spirit. Material artifacts and their manufacturers have been idolized in every way and will attempt to interfere with creative and spiritual expression. All the old ways on which man has been trapped for many years are being torn down and, as we have already seen, there will be great upheavals and overthrows of old systems of power and authority.

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Pluto in Aquarius

This period may mark a new beginning for society and for man through the combination of self-knowledge and science. Issues that we are talking about now only on a theoretical level will likely be scientifically proven. Man will be possessed by the need to build on the ruins a new world with ideals and new perceptions of life, such as its participation in large social groups for the common good. Great scientific discoveries or communication with other cultures or other forms of life from other planets will be made possible.

Pluto in Pisces

Man has already passed into another consciousness; matter can no longer stand in the way of personal and planetary evolution. Energy is more refined, finer, and its applications to the material will be beyond imagination yet in line with our current perception. The human species is refined and the ideal of love is conquered for man through its application in all areas of upgraded life on earth. People will be more interested in mysticism, religion or philosophy, but from a different perspective than we know today. They will be more concerned about their fellow man and be able to accept others despite their particularities.

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This article discusses the role of Pluto in Astrology, the last of the Generational Planets, as well as its role in the development of the soul. It is said to be a higher octave of Mercury’s ray of wisdom, and they share a similar style glyph.

Time to Transit Zodiac = 248 years

Time in Each Sign = Pluto spends about 21 years in each sign (varying from 12 to 31 years) due to its orbit characteristics.

It’s orbit lies at an angle of about 17.5° to the ecliptic and is so eccentric that at times it comes nearer to us that Neptune:

Pluto could be a comet as it is made up of rock and ice, very unlike the Gas Giants before it (Neptune, Uranus). Comets, like asteroids, add something new to, or transform established patterns.

Pluto’s position in the natal horoscope represents beginnings and endings, especially when aspected with the luminaries (Sun, Moon) or the angles. In the progressed chart it is often associated with major change such as marriage, the childbirth/pregnancy, a new career and emigrating to a different country.

Glyphs of Pluto

Sun Promise Report 2021 Astrology

The glyph used to represent Pluto are shown below:

The left glyph shows a circle within a crescent which are above a cross. The crescent (soul) is upward pointing and receptive to the influence of divine wisdom or spirit (circle). This evolution of the soul is grounded in our daily karmic experiences (cross of matter), but this evolution of the soul comes at a price as the transformation experiences in our life to achieve this can often be traumatic as we have to let go of things we are attached to.

The right glyph is a combination of the letters of Percival Lowell, who formed the beginning of the effort that led to the discovery of Pluto 14 years after his death in 1961.

Mythology of Pluto

In Greek mythology Pluto (Roman: Hades) was known as god of the underworld, capturing the beautiful maiden Persephone, making her live with him in his kingdom for 6 months of the year, before he released her again bringing spring and summer to the earth. I have discussed further detail in the mythology of Pluto in the article on the Three of Cups of the Thoth Tarot.

In the horoscope, the meaning of Pluto is very similar in that it can represent beginnings and endings.

Pluto and Mercury Association

What Does Pluto Mean In Astrology

There are some similarities between the glyphs of Mercury and Pluto, and this is reflected in their close association:

Mercury (Hermes) was supposed to conduct the souls of the departed to Pluto (Hades):

Mercury is concerned with the gaining of knowledge, communications, spoken and written word and Pluto is viewed as a ‘Higher Octave’ of Mercury. Since Pluto’s discovery there have been tremendous advances in communications, and these might have already have evolved intointer planetary or inter-galactic communications. There are also novelists and dramatists that have Pluto predominantly placed in their chart ( building on the word association of Mercury).

However, most modern astrologers view Pluto as a higher octave ruler of Scorpio, a sign of birth, death and secrets.

Pluto in Astrology Keywords

The Ray of Pluto in Astrology

Balanced Pluto Ray

(i) Survival Instincts

  • The need to protect our homes, family, county, and fundamentally transform the world into a better place are all positive Pluto traits.
  • People pulling together during a disaster to save whoever they can. It is us, risking our lives in the face of violence and oppression, to save the ones who mean the most to us.

(ii) Positive Transformations

  • Environmental movement of 2019,
  • Civil Rights Movements of 50’s in US.
  • Revolutionaries that take money and power from an oppressive regime and liberate themselves with the choice to choose their own leadership.
  • Pluto will take everything that you think you need away from you, just to show you that you’ll be fine without it.

(iii) Death and Rebirth

Leo In Chinese Zodiac

Pluto severs the silver cord which binds the soul to the physical body, and at the appropriate time allows the soul to reincarnate for another life experience.

(iv) Mysitcal Experiences

Interest in the afterlife, spirituality and reincarnation has increased since the discovery of Pluto. Its influence is often seen in the chart of those that are destined to influence a wide group of people, and those on the spiritual path to Initiation.

Its is also associated with secret societies of occult matters and other paths with secret teachings which are not for the masses.

(v) Application of Sexual Instincts

What Does Pluto Mean In Astrology

Being associated with the sexual or creative forces, Pluto like Mars, gives a strong urge for self-expression. This gives qualities such as courage, independence and drive when positively expressed, and cruelty, vengence, greed and the need for power when negatively expressed.

Imbalanced Pluto Ray

Pluto does not tend to operate at speed but is there in the background over a period of time until it’s effects become obvious, and then it often causes traumatic change.

Negative Transformations

1.Within Generations

Pluto also governs power itself, including struggles between people and countries for domination, and of course, personal power. Examples include:

  • Racial prejudice in the US and the Civil Rights Movement,
  • Nationalism of Germany during Hitler’s reign.
  • North Korea Despots

Pluto was discovered in 1930, a period of economic depression and rising fascism. These reflect both the depths and intense power with which this planet is associated.

2. Within Individuals

Within ourselves, we keep certain aspects of our character a secret. We know that if anybody knew about our sexual depravity, our violent urges, how we plan on working the system to gain an advantage.With Pluto, you play your hand close to your chest, trust no one, and keep your plans to yourself.

Rulership and Test of Pluto in Astrology

Both Pluto and the 8th house are only interested in the deepest and most intense emotions and experiences; those that will transform us.

Pluto is seen as the ruler of Scorpio, the sign of transformation and secrets. The prominence of Pluto in the chart represents the urge to search for that which is hidden, unravel mysteries, and even enter ‘forbidden territory’ so to speak. This can relate to secret societies, spirituality, the occult and sexual taboos.

Pluto knows that life is impermanent and that change is the only thing that is guaranteed. So Pluto in astrology uses its influence by encouraging us to embrace change and be able to go with the flow and allow old structures in our life to fall away.

Scorpio is associated with death and rebirth. There’s a Sufi saying, “Die many times before you die,” and Pluto’s lessons hold out the promise of emerging from the process a new person. We might not think we exist without the ground beneath us, our sense of who we are may be shaken, but if we’re brave we come to discover there is life after this kind of transformation of the lower self.

Pluto in the Horoscope

What Does Your Pluto Sign Mean In Astrology

In the chart, the position of Pluto by sign will be shared with other people in the same generation due to the comparatively slow movement of Pluto, the outermost planet of the solar system.

Where we find Pluto in the chart is where we either seek change and transformation, or have it thrust upon us if we refuse to accept our deepest needs.

The House position of Pluto is key to understanding which area of life will enact the most dramatic transformation. It’s often the area that you grasp for with the most longing. The birth chart often points to a lifelong meditation on some issue. We often have to undergo a difficult letting go process and build faith in life itself, for miracles to occur.

Pluto in aspect to other planets in the chart colors those energies with obsessive qualities, power struggles, the need to find deeper meanings, and willingness to explore and examine.

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