Saturn in astrology and principle of Evolution

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Saturn is often called the karmic planet, the taskmaster, and the cosmic corrector. When Saturn travels through the houses of the zodiac in our charts, it touches on specific areas of our lives.

Saturn’s good side is that it gives reliable perspective. It’s downside is harshness, lack of fun, dullness, heaviness and seeming restriction. Wherever Saturn is located in your horoscope, by house, is the area of life that you find hardest, or where you have to really ‘work’ at. 285SharesMars conjunct Saturn natal gives a strong determination and sustained effort in the pursuit of goals. Your Mars desires, sexuality and creativity are positively influenced by Saturn’s discipline and strong work ethic. The darker side of Saturn can also influence your desires but this by no means translates to negative qualities. Sexually, this can mean. What does Saturn in the 5th house mean? Saturn in the Fifth House makes you want to be the life of the party even when you’re the killjoy in your most defensive moments. You want to be admired and loved for who you are, but you are unsure of your true worth. The Fifth House is obsessed with creativity.


The principle of evolution assumes three basic factors, namely the birth, development and transformation. Formation can be judged in advance if we know the direction of evolution. Maharishi Kapil said that the direction of evolution is known to us. The world is the result of imperfection or dis-equilibrium and the direction of this evolution is the achievement of perfection that has been lost due to ignorance. In other words the sage stipulated involution or going back to the source. With this view in mind we analyze briefly some facts of astrology.

The natural zodiac has been divided into 12 signs or rasis. The first sign is a fiery and movable sign called the Aries. To shoot out from something else you need fire or strength. lts lord is Mars, all energy. Mere birth is not necessary for evolution. We need a desire for change. Thus the first sign of the zodiac indicates both the requirements. It 21 was the soul or the part of the soul that shot out from its parent soul. Matter is necessary for evolution because soul in itself is fixed. The second sign is the re fore material or earthy. When force is there along with the requisite material there is needed to be a will to take action. The 3rd sign is airy sign having mental qualities required for the formation of will.


What Does Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Mean In Astrology

What does 11th house represent in vedic astrology. The 4th sign is Cancer where soul gets satisfaction as a mother after giving birth to her child. Saturn does not appear as the lord of any sign. The next four signs indicate development. Saturn is not to be the ruler of the next 4 signs of development also. In the next four signs the decay or dissolution takes place. In the foursignsat the stage of development the soul enjoyed as well as suffered.

The joys and satisfactions were all transitory and not permanent. Even these transitory enjoyments pre-supposed sufferings. The soul had some remembrances of its earlier state when it was one with the Soul Absolute. Dissatisfaction from the present state of affairs started. It became deeper and deeper and turned into frustrations when earlier memory started vibrations at the unconscious level.

Saturn planet in astrology

The 9th sign is governed by Jupiter the planet of wisdom. The symbol of the 9th sign is half horse and half man with bow and arrow in his hand. The life of having material wants and obtaining satisfaction is the life of a beast represented by the hind part of the horse. There is an urge for something higher and permanent. This desire for a change is not an idle wish but a fiery desire for it.

The 9th sign is a fiery and movable sign. Saturn has not appeared so far in the process. Saturn governs the 10th and 11th signs of the zodiac. The one is in opposition to the 4th sign Cancer and the other in opposition to Leo. The signs Cancer and Leo are governed by Moon and Sun. Mind goads him towards materialism and the soul goads him to rise higher.

What Does Your Saturn Mean In Astrology

The tenth sign is an earthy but a movable sign. The eleventh sign is an airy and fixed sign. To be brief there is an indication of the desire for change because the 10th sign is a movable sign but when it comes to making and raising a will to do it there is some hurdle which keeps him back because the airy sign is a fixed sign indicating a status quo.