On a prograde planet like the Earth, the sidereal day is shorter than the solar day. At time 1, the Sun and a certain distant star are both overhead. At time 2, the planet has rotated 360° and the distant star is overhead again (1→2 = one sidereal day). But it is not until a little later, at time 3, that the Sun is overhead again (1→3 = one solar day). More simply, 1-2 is a complete. I could not find an exact time so have set the chart for 10 pm. Mars conjunct Neptune is interesting and must be important in this chart because it is on the degree of the previous Solar Eclipse. Neptune does rule illness and Mars pain, and they make a quincunx aspect to asteroid Hygeia. The quincunx is an aspect of health, usually some imbalance. ECLIPSES: You can select any solar eclipse (partial or total) from 1801AD to 2200AD, and display its path across the earth on any map. Eclipse paths may be overlaid on top of astro-lines for any chart. STARS: You can select up to 36 stars to be displayed along with, or instead of, planets. A supplied fixed star editor allows you to enter data.

Introductionto Astrology

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Aboutastrology and thehoroscope

Youmay be at the stage of asking, 'What is a horoscope?' What isastrology all about? If so, you're going to find theanswers here. Tobegin, the horoscope is a map that appears as a two dimensional chart.It shows the position of the Sun, the Moon, and planets at the precisemoment of your birth. The Sun, the Moon, and the planets are frozen intheir position at thatinitial moment of birth. That is why this type of horoscope is known asthe birth chart, astrology chart, or the natal chart. Thischart becomes the basis for all that follows.A correct interpretation ofthesebirth positions, your astrology horoscope, exposes much about you. Itcan be thought of as the'hand' that has been 'dealt' in life. This doesn't suggest that yourlife has already been decided. An astrology horoscope can never showhow you aregoing to 'play' this hand. It's largely up to you to decide that. Whileyou usually have the freedom of choice or free will, the horoscope doesreflect the natural inclinations you have, the lessons you have tolearn, the issues to be faced, and the problems to be solved. It may bethought of as merely an abstract formula showing the energies you'vebeen given, or perhaps tasked. The use that you make of these energies,or opportunities, if you will, depends upon you, theindividual.
Astrology can provide incredible keys tounderstanding yourself, or those around you, but it doesn'tnecessarily provide clear and simplistic answers to any problems withwhich you may be dealing. Obtaining information about your horoscopemay give you some insights and understanding of the reasons why youbehave as you do.

Tohave the horoscope of another revealed allows the reader to understandthat person better. You can see and understand him or her moreaccurately, objectively, and with a much greater tolerance.Understanding your horoscope may allow you to more clearly understandand accept yourself, and therefore do what you can with your naturalattributes.AstrologyInformationAvailable hereThissite is a little bit like a textbook on astrology. It has alotof chapters and much detail. First, you'll need toget acopyof your horoscope or natal chart. There are a number of sitesonline that offer free horoscope charts. A good site forproviding a free chart is https://alabe.com/freechart/. You'll need to provide yourname,dateof birth, the time of birth (preferably from your birth certificate)and the place of birth, like city/state. If you have troublefiguring it out, you can write to me at Michael @astrology-numerology.com providing ALL of the info mentioned above, andI will try to prepare a chart for you as time permits. Remember,I live in the US where we do the date different than most of the restof the world. Here the date is usually submitted asMM-DD-YYYY. I may be a little slow getting these out if I get very manyrequests.
Afteryou obtain a copy of your horoscope, youwill be ready to dive into the many mini readings that will begin todraw a special word picture unique to you or the individual whose chartyou are focusing on today.
The site features many pages containing enough astrology content tofill a large textbook. Chapters include the Sun, the Moon andthe planets in signs; the Sun, the Moon, and the planets inhouses; info on the ascendant sign (rising sign), and the sign on thecusp of all of the horoscope houses. Learn about thecombination of your Sun and Moon, and how all of the planets in aspectbehave. There's lots of information about relationships,synastry, and the meaning of his planets in your horoscope houses. In addition to these main chapters, find plenty of pages onspecialty subjects such as retrograde planets, astrology elements, thegreat ages (age of Aquarius, age of Pisces), lunar nodes, Chiron andmore.
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What does the solar eclipse mean spirituallyDoesWhat Does Solar Eclipse Mean In Astrology

AstrologyIndex, a quick rundown, and links to the astrology you'll find here

What Does The Solar Eclipse Mean In Astrology


What'smy sign? Here's where you find out. Not just yourSun sign,but all of them; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Vernus, Mars and more. Anice reading on every one.

Astrologyhouses(house cusps)

Whatdo you mean by houses and house cusps in a horoscope? A minireadon every one of the houses influenced by every one of the signs.

Planetsin the houses

Here'swhere you find out what those hard-working planets are doing for you. What influence they have on you? Learn aboutthem inyour horoscope today.

RisingSigns/House cusps

What's your rising sign, i.e.ascendant? Learn about the ascendant and the complete cuspoverlay.


In astrology, an'aspect' is a geometric relationshipbetween two planets. Aspects are important in analyzing ahoroscope because they seem to make the two connected planets functiontogether. Read about the aspects in your horoscope here.


T-squares, Yods, Stellium and more -what is this all about?

AstrologyModes (thequadruplicities)

The mode of activity relatesto the manner that a person adapts tocircumstances in his/her environment. These modes of activity aresometimes referred to as the quadruplicities. Modes orquadruplicities are divided into three groups of four planets each.


Quickly grasp the key sense ofeach of the signs using our keywords and phrases.


An easy guide tothe most important symbols used in the astrology language. What does house or planet 'ruler' mean. Learn them in a hurry.

What Does A Solar Eclipse Mean In Astrology

Anglesof the Horoscope

Lean the popular terms for theaspects of the natal horoscope. Just where is that mediumcoeli anyway?

Astrologyrelationships (synastry)

Arewe compatible? Find out here. Get an explanationabout howit all works, look at synastry aspects, partner's planets in houses,and much more.

Astrologyelements (the Triplicities)

What Does Solar Eclipse Mean In AstrologyFire, Air, Earth,and Water, the four elements,sometimes called the Triplicities, play an important part in astrology. Find out about them.

The Sunand Moon Combinations

You know your Sun sign, andmaybe your Moon sign, andnow you can learn how they work together. On this page you'llfind144 minireadings for each combination.

TheGreat Ages

Learn how the world ischanging as we make the transition for the Pisces age to the Aquariusage.

TheAsteroid Chiron

Not quite a planet, but maybeit once was. Learn a bit about fastinating Chiron.

Hemisphere Influence

Where are the planets in yourastrology chart, which hemisphere, and what does that mean?


How can planets be going the wrongdirection?

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Sun trine Uranus natal We moon 2021. allows you to express your uniqueness in a flowing and harmonious way that does not upset others. You are very comfortable with being seen as different and your self-esteem is enhanced by this heightened self-awareness.

A very acute intuition can make you a visionary. Flashes of insight and vivid dreams can lead to creative breakthroughs and new discoveries You are a trendsetter and ahead of your time in your view of the world. You are also an agent of progressive change. Change happens quickly and you adapt very well to new conditions. You may have an interest in, and talent in the sciences, technology and in occult subjects like astrology.

The usually non-personal nature of Uranus is given the personal touch with this aspect and this humanistic side is shown through your achievements. You have a strong need to express your creative, inventive, and individual flare. You are open-minded, cosmopolitan, and progressive, and may well be a genius. You are likely to be remembered for your originality.

Sun Trine Uranus Celebrities

Astrologer Robert P. Blaschke (0º15) has a humanistic approach to astrology which is even expressed through book and business titles. He authored “Astrology, a Language of Life” and his business is called “Earthwalk Astrology”. His skill in computer technology is another creative expression where the trine gives insights into new ways of approaching old things. A more negative yet still very creative and unique expression of Uranus was found by homicidal maniac Edward Gein (0º38′). This grave robber skinned corpses and made them into masks, bowls and ornaments, and was an inspiration for the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”.

What Does A Solar Eclipse Mean In Astrology

Former general and US president Ulysses S. Grant (0º41′) was aggressive and progressive, passionate about civil rights. He fought Ku Klux Klan violence and developed and enforced civil rights laws. Muhammad Ali 0°49′ had “the Greatest” of egos and backed it up in the boxing ring. His refusal to fight in the Vietnam War was controversial, but he stood firm in his beliefs, converting to Islam. The Uranus influence also changed boxing, he developed new and unorthodox techniques which baffled his opponents. Other celebrities with Sun trine Uranus include actor Nigel Havers (0º59′), psychologist, intellectual historian, and astrologer Richard Tarnas (1º13′), actor and humanitarian ambassador Drew Barrymore (1º15′), and the lively show-off Marie Antoinette (1º28′). Anthony Hopkins 0°33′, Roman Polanski 2°21′

Sun Trine Uranus Transit

Transiting Sun trine Uranus brings positive change and excitement. Increased intuition and flashes of insight lead to self-discovery and revelations. These insights combine with increased self-confidence, to allow you to express the more unique or quirky side of your personality. Your keen perceptive skills mean that you can better understand studies of science or the occult like astrology.

You will feel like trying sometime new, outside of your normal routine. This could range from new adventures to new inventions. An excellent time to leave your comfort zone and widen your social circle with some extraordinary people.

This interpretation for Sun trine Uranus transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon trine Uranus.

What Does The Solar Eclipse Mean Spiritually


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29 August 2019
24 December 2019
2 September 2020
27 December 2020
6 September 2021
1 January 2022
11 September 2022
5 January 2023