There's a big bad supermoon on the horizon — but it's not actually bad. It's actually going to be beautiful, not only because of its size, but because it's the first supermoon of 2020, also referred to as 'The Snow Moon.' The February 2020 supermoon is going to be in the sky on the night of Feb. 8, so get your warmest blankets, sleeping bags, and plan yourself a trip somewhere you can see the sky, even if it's on your roof. Once you find out the meaning of the supermoon for your zodiac sign, you won't regret participating in this gorgeous celestial event.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty details, I can already hear some people asking what a supermoon is, so I'll knock that out first. A supermoon is a moon that's as close to Earth as it can get without flying out of its orbit, resulting in a moon that appears much bigger and brighter than usual.

This particular supermoon is going to be in the sign of Leo, meaning you are in for quite the theatrical night, once where you'll be feeling all the feels to the greatest degree possible. Here's what it could mean for you:

What Does The Super Moon Mean Astrologically

Sensitivity Turned Up To The Maximum Degree

A supermoon also occurs in conjunction with either a new moon or a full moon. The one that's occurring on Feb. 9 at 2:33 a.m. ET will be happening when the moon is full. That means you can expect to turn up the emotional effects you might feel on a regular full moon — not only because the moon is closer to Earth, but because it's in the sign of Leo, which is a highly expressive sign to begin with. You can expect to not only feel all your feelings, but to put them on display as well because Leo has absolutely no problem doing that.


1 day ago  THE first Supermoon of the year will appear tonight, appearing 30% brighter than a full moon at apogee (basically the most distant point from earth). Named the Pink Moon in. 2 days ago  In Green Bay, the super pink moon will rise out of the east at 7:29 p.m. Peak illumination will be around 10:33 p.m. Before the moon sets in the morning at 6:17 a.m. 1 day ago  The beautiful Pink Supermoon can be seen here above Stonehenge Credit: Nick Bull/ Tickled pink. According to Sarah Jane Brown, an expert from PsychicWorld, tonight's Pink Supermoon is a great time for fertility, change, new growth, and adaptability, which are major themes in spring. 'To generalise across the globe, this Supermoon is a time to focus on release. Thank you for bumping into me that day in the hallway. I never thought I could be happy again and then I met you. You changed everything for me. You quite literally saved my life. I love you so much. — Elena to Stefan in I'm Thinking Of You All The While I loved her more than I ever thought I could love somebody else.Stefan about Elena in I'm Thinking Of You All The While This is the.

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Tonight's Full Moon Power

Secrets Revealed

Having a full supermoon amplifies the spiritual effects of a regular full moon, meaning there could be things that come to light during this time that put an end to something. This could be a relationship, a job you are stuck in, or something else that just isn't working or isn't right for you. Full moons are a time of harvesting, of pulling up emotional weeds, and cutting the cord on behaviors, habits, or relationships that are no longer serving you. Just try to remain calm. It may feel as if you've taken two steps forward and one step back, but in fact, you're truly taking one step back and six steps forward. Whatever the full moon ushers out of your lives is a sign of major growth to come.

Super moon meaning astrologically

Themes Of The Supermoon

This supermoon is going to be shining a light on particular Leo-based themes, such as how much confidence you have in yourself, along with your ability to experience joy. Your happiness versus what you’re doing to experience genuine happiness is something to reflect on during this time. Themes related to your personal authenticity will also resurface, whether it be romantically or personally. Assertive Mars, the planet of action, aggression and red-hot passions, will be in harmony with this lunation, which means it will inspire you to live your individual truth, no matter what it costs.