What Horoscope Is November
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  • Scorpio Daily Career Horoscope: Career Today: No planet will influence the career sector, which will give you relatively free rein to organize yourself as you wish. It will turn out pretty well, because you will be swarming with new ideas and you will spare no efforts to bring them to fruition.

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What Horoscope Is November 26

No one had ever proven that there was such a thing as electromagnetic waves until Piscean physicist Heinrich Hertz (1857–1894) did so in 1886. He was the innovator who first transmitted and received controlled radio waves. Alas, he didn't think his breakthrough was useful. In 1890, he confessed, 'I do not think that the wireless waves I have discovered will have any practical application.” But other scientists were soon capitalizing on his work to communicate long distances. Radio broadcasts were born. I will encourage you not to make a Hertzian-type mistake in the coming months. Always follow through on your initial labors. Have faith that the novelties you dream up will eventually have practical value.
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What Horoscope Is November 26

Artist Richard Kehl tells this traditional Jewish story: God said to Abraham, 'But for me, you would not be here.' Abraham answered, 'I know that Lord, but were I not here there would be no one to think about you.' November 4 Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio Birthday Horoscope Of People Born On November 4 IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ON November 4, you are an intelligent Scorpio who loves to talk!You are likely to tell it like it is, without hesitation of hurting someone’s feelings or any repercussions.