Everyone in the world seems to be curious about how to make a Cancer woman fall in love with you and how to know if a Cancer woman likes you. Now, our main topic today is the Cancer woman compatibility, but we couldn't help but start thinking first about what is it about Cancer women that makes them so intriguing when it comes to love..

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Cancer woman in love

Well, for starters, they make incredible partners. They're loving, caring, romantic and they love cuddles. But and that's a big but..they don't trust easily and they're very patient so they don't like to be rushed when it comes to falling in love. But, once they're in, they're most definitely it in and they give you a big piece of their heart.

How to Make the Cancer Woman Fall in Love with You?

CANCER-LOVE MATCHES Cancer June 21 – July 22 From the element of Water come the star signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces CANCER WITH CANCER two Water signs. Amazingly, this can start with. Best Zodiac Love Matches for Cancer Taurus: Steadfast and passionate, Taurus is a fixed sign that can help ground cardinal Cancer. Both Taurus and Cancer are very connected to their physical bodies, and share an intense, almost psychic, sensuality. Choose another Zodiac Sign. Mar 21 - Apr 19. Apr 20 - May 20. May 21 - Jun 20. Jun 21 - Jul 22. Jul 23 - Aug 22. Aug 23 - Sep 22.

Now, on to what we're here for, who is the best match for a cancer woman, and why? Let's talk about the Cancer woman's compatibility when it comes to love, sex, and even communication.

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Horoscope Matches Yahoo

The best matches for Cancer woman:

Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman

What brings these two together is their understanding and care towards stability and setting goals, because the Capricorn man is very ambitious. Their physical and sexual chemistry is really high, but what they struggle with is communication. But a Capricorn man is dedicated in a relationship and they usually stand untied in the end.

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Is Cancer And Cancer A Good Match


Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman

This is an iconic duo in the zodiac world. This couple dynamic is strong and has been known to succeed despite how firey and intense it is. They both understand each other and despite a Cancer woman being careful, they tend to fall in love really quickly and deeply The Cancer woman is patient with the Scorpio man's intensity and sensitivity. They also know when to give each other space. They're both their really intimate and they have great sexual chemistry.

What Horoscope Matches With Cancer

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman

What Horoscope Matches With Cancer

We know the Cancer woman loves to mother and take care of people, so a Pisces man is definitely a gift for her. They both love 'love' and passion and commitment. The Pisces man is also loyal and he loves to be taken care of and comforted.

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman

On paper, these 2 are a wonderful match because they're actually so similar, but the similarity is both a curse and a blessing. They definitely argue and bicker a lot, but mostly with the little things and less in the dangerous life-changing territory. They're both incredibly loving and they love to pamper, so there's definitely a lot of spoiling of each other.

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Taurus Man and Cancer Woman


The Taurus man is a great match because they both really care about sharing experiences with their partner. The Taurus man takes things slowly which she needs and appreciates but once they're in they both love classic cheesy and beautiful romance, which helps keep their chemistry, comfort, and sex life on fire. They're also both socially intelligent and he's very patient, which can be helpful with her mood swings.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman

This Cancer on Cancer relationship tends to last because there's a sense of understanding and a lot of similarities. However, things tend to need excitement and spicing up, so they should often try to find some different interests to make things exciting. A Cancer woman's compatibility with a cancer man when it comes to love, sex and communication are all equally high, so that's a great thing. They also both love their home, pampering, and hosting people, so it's hard to find clashes there.

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Horoscope Matches Friendship

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What Horoscope Matches With Cancer Scorpio

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How to Make the Cancer Woman Fall in Love with You?