What is cusp in vedic astrology 2020

House and cusp lords are calculated through the Placidus system of western Astrology. Hence it is a one of the major deviation of KP Astrology from Vedic Astrology. Therefore, this technique is commonly used by many Astrologers due to its easy applications. Venus mars compatibility astrology. The KP or cusp chart will show the benefits that you will reap during the dasha bhakti of that planet.

Born On The Cusp Astrology

There are many points of departure and points of differences between the traditional system of astrology and the Krishnamurti Paddhati, which can be considered as differences in the method of offering prediction rather than an entirely different body of astrological knowledge. Krishnamurti Paddhati is basically a unique system of offering accurate predictions, correct up to the nearest minute, for the happening of an event by using certain tools and techniques invented by late Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti that are not to be found in the traditional or Vedic system of astrology. KP is not a different body of astrological knowledge. In other words, in KP we also use the same 9 planets with their same significations. We make use of the same 27 constellations with their natural significations and we use the same Zodiac with its 12 signs from Aries to Pisces with their natural significations. As far as the zodiac and its signs, planets, stars (constellations) and house (or bhavas) are concerned, there is no difference in the way how the traditional astrology and KP considers them for their natural signification. The astrological attributions and significance of Sun, Moon and all the other planets is the same in KP as it is in Vedic astrology. The astrological signification of the 12 bhavas or houses is the same for KP as it is for the traditional/Vedic system. Therefore, the natural signification of the sign Aries giving a fiery element, portion of the head, body structure etc. are used in the same manner in KP as it is used in traditional astrology. Similarly, the signification of the sixth bhava or house as the house of service, disease, first maternal uncle younger to mother, open enemies, hard work etc is taken in the same manner in KP astrology as it is in traditional astrology.